Francisco Fluxford
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1958
Nationality American
Residence Fluxford, America
Family Unknown Father (Mayor)
Profession Chief of Police
Affiliation(s) Fluxford Special Agency
Appearance(s) Season 5: Fluxford
Hello [PLAYER]. I'm Fransisco Fluxford, Chief of Police of the FSA. Before you ask, yes my dad is the mayor, and I'm not as shabby as him. I'm more 'hip' and 'snazzy' with the kids...

Too much?.. Alright.

—- Fransisco, after greeting the Player
Fransisco Fluxford is a main character in the fifth season of Criminal Case, acting as the police chief for the Fluxford Special Agency.


Fransisco is known to be a 60 year old chief of police. He has blonde, messy hair, green eyes, black aviator glasses, a scar above his right eyebrow. He also has a blue and white striped scarf over a beige colored jacket and a blue and white buttoned up striped shirt. It is known that his father is the mayor.

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