Franca Capecchi
Biographical information
Full name Franca Capecchi
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Nationality Italian-American
Residence Concordia U.S.
Profession(s) Pseudo Boss (Formerly)
Affiliation(s) Italian Gang

Franca Capecchi was the killer of her Mother-in-Law Nina Capecchi, in Ground Breaking (Case #32 of Rising Shadow).

At the climax of the investigation Franca was revealed to be the killer, and also revealed to be in contact with the creator.

The only problem is that she refused to disclose the identity and only stated that the creator would be waiting at the Nullville Police Department, and almost exact replica of the Concordia Police Department.

The team headed there to see what they could find while Franca was sent to trial, she received a life sentence.

Murder Details

Killer and Motives

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