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William Price: Hello and welcome to the Whitevale, <Rank> <Name>! I'm Chief Price, and I run the Whitevale Police Department.
William Price: It's nice to meet your acquaintance! I'm sure you're going to enjoy working with us! I'm delighted to have you on my team.
William Price: You have been assigned to work with Patricia Bennett. She's a fine detective. Oh, here she is! <Name>, meet Patricia. Patricia, meet <Name>, your new partner.
Patricia: Hey there! Nice to meet you, <Name>! I'm sure that we're going to get along like peanut butter and jelly! I'll show you some tips when you're working with me!
William Price: And <Name>, I would also like to introduce you to Michael Collins. He's a junior officer but I think you should meet--
Michael: Oh, I'm so sorry that I bumped into you! Chief Price, you wanted to see me?
William Price: Oh, Michael... How many times do I have to say that you must always watch where you're walking? Sorry about that, <Name>, Michael can be clumsy but he's helpful.
William Price: Anyway, Michael, I would like you to meet our new recruit! Say hello to <Name>.
Michael: You're the new guy?! It's a pleasure to meet you! If you need me for anything, just give me a call. I'm always glad to assist anybody here!
William Price: Patricia, why don't you kick things off with <Name> by showing them the local landmarks? Maybe it will be a nice opportunity for you two to get to know each other better!
Patricia: That's a great idea! Sure thing, Chief. Come on, <Rank> <Name>, let's go to the beach first! It's the most beautiful spot in town! I'm sure you're going to love it!

At the beach...
Patricia: So, <Name>, do you like the beach? I find it so serene. I guess that's why they called it the Serene Beach.
Patricia: Ah, the sun is shining. The birds are singing. I always loved coming here when I was a kid. I'd always build sandcastles but they would always get washed up by the water.
Ahhhhhhh! Oh, my God!
Patricia: Did you just hear that? Oh, no. There's a dead body on the shores of the beach! Come on, let's investigate before more people start noticing it!

Chapter 1

Investigate Seaside.
Patricia: Oh dear God, this man has no face! Jeez, look at all those bite marks. Wait a second, no one in Sandy Beachside has this stupid haircut except for Darren Thomas!
Patricia: He's a professional surfer here in Sandy Beachside who became famous simply by riding one of the biggest waves in history! But now, he's dead.
Patricia: Whoa, something's fishy here. No pun intended. There's a piranha still feasting on Darren's face! Ahhh, kill it! Kill it! I'm too young to die now!
Patricia: Oh, you got it, <Rank> <Name>. Sorry about that screaming. I have a fear of piranhas so I can assume right now that this case is going to be really unnerving!
Patricia: But wait, there's no piranhas in the entire city of Whitevale so how the hell did these piranhas get in the ocean? I never encountered an attack when I was small.
Patricia: That's probably true, <Name>. This could be a murder we're dealing with here. Let's send the body to Elizabeth for autopsy. She's the coroner, by the way.
Patricia: You picked up a broken phone as well? Good work, <Name>, you're a natural! Let's see if you can piece it back together.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Elizabeth Simmons: It's a pleasure to meet you, <Rank> <Name>, I'm Elizabeth Simmons, the coroner of the WPD. Patricia, I hope that you got the cheesecake for tonight!
Patricia: Yes, of course I did. <Name>, every night, all of the members of the WPD go to the Purple Moon bar and we just eat cheesecake and have a few beers.
Elizabeth Simmons: Anyways, your victim's face was eaten alive by piranhas which means that they're your murder weapon!
Patricia: Well, obviously. How did you find that out?
Elizabeth Simmons: I extracted some DNA from the bite marks on your victim's face and they all belonged to the Red Piranha! The same one used to murder the victim! Gosh, I sure love my job!
Elizabeth Simmons: Considering that there's no piranhas in all of Whitevale, the only person who has piranhas is a certain Marvin Gunner. He's a marine biologist who lives near Sandy Beachside.
Elizabeth Simmons: I should warn you that this man is disturbing. He keeps all kinds of aquatic animals in his home! The man has his own lab where he keeps them as pets!
Patricia: I hope that this Marvin guy doesn't have piranhas as pets. If he does, I am SO done! Let's go interrogate Marvin, <Name>.

Examine Broken Phone.
Patricia: I have never seen anyone repair a phone that fast! You're more faster than me when I repair broken stuff like this! Nice work, <Name>!
Patricia: So, this is our victim's phone. Of course. The damn thing's locked. Say, you're good at repairing. Are you, by any chance, good at hacking? Could you hack this code?

Examine Victim's Phone.
Patricia: Ah-ha! I knew you could hack the code! Like I said, you're a natural! So, let's take a look at our victim's phone.
Patricia: Let's take a look at the photo album. Hmm, there seems to be a picture of Darren and--
Patricia: His girlfriend?! I totally forgot to mention this to you! Oh, brother. We have to tell Angela Tucker that her one true love is dead. Wish me luck, <Name>.

Inform Angela Tucker of her boyfriend's death.
Patricia: Ms Tucker, we're here to inform you of the murder of your boyfriend, Darren Thomas.
Angela Tucker: Oh really? Somebody got rid of this little annoying and egotistical pest after all!
Patricia: OK, that's not really the reaction we expected from you. Why feel no sorrow for the death of your boyfriend? Was he disloyal to you?
Angela Tucker: You can say that. We were just regular boyfriend and girlfriend until he abruptly became a professional surfer by surfing that big wave!
Angela Tucker: He spent the majority of his time surfing and he never spent at least five minutes with me! He only cared about fame and money and not me!
Angela Tucker: The only reason why I was still his girlfriend is because my parents disowned me and Darren supported me. Now that he's dead, I own all of his money now.
(After talking to Angela)
Patricia: Seriously, I have never meant such a cold-hearted woman before! She wasn't even phased by Darren's death!
Patricia: You're right, <Name>, Angela did mention that she inherited all of his money which gives her one hell of a motive.

Question Marvin Gunner about his piranhas.
Patricia: Mr Gunner, a man named Darren Thomas was washed up on the shores of Serene Beach with piranha bite marks all over his face.
Patricia: Since there's no piranhas in all of Whitevale, you are literally the only person in the entire city with access to piranhas which makes you suspicious.
Marvin Gunner: Oh, please. If you think I killed Darren, you're out of your mind. I found several piranhas while I scuba dived in the underwater coral reef. I was surprised that I found so many!
Marvin Gunner: I kept them safe in my fish tank. This morning, I fed my little babies. There was ten of them but when I came back this morning, there was only two! Someone stole them!
Marvin Gunner: See, there's only two right over there in that fish tank! I guess whoever stole them must be your killer because I would never use my babies to kill a human being.
Patricia: Uh... yeah, I see them. Oh, gosh. Umm, Marvin, may we have a look around for clues? Since the killer's been here, they might have left clues.
Marvin Gunner: Sure. Go ahead and look. I have nothng to hide. But be careful when you're near Sally, my octopus. She loves to squirt ink.
(After talking to Marvin)
Patricia: Okay, I can do this. I can overcome my fear of piranhas and I will find something in this lab. I just hope I don't get squirted on by "Sally".
Patricia: Elizabeth was right: Marvin IS a disturbing man. Anyhoo, let's just search this place before I pass out.

Investigate Biologist's Lab.
Patricia: It's strange. I couldn't find anything around the lab. Did you find anything, <Name>?
Patricia: You found a fish scooper? Wait a minute, how else could the killer remove the piranhas from the tank?
Patricia: By using this fish scooper, of course! There seems to be some sort of sticky substance on the handle of the scooper. Can you collect a sample?
Patricia: We should take a closer look at that newspaper article. It seems to be faded but we should be able to reveal the text in no time by using carbon powder!

Examine Fish Scooper.
Patricia: I'm surprised how much slime you managed to extract from this fish scooper. Let's send it to the lab for analysis.

Analyze Slime.
Christopher Washington: Hi there! My name is Christopher Washington. I take care of all of the forensic analyses. I analyzed that slime that you got from that fish scooper.
Christopher Washington: It turned out to be a mixture of mostly palmitic acid and cerotic acid. In other words, beeswax. Your killer obviously had some beeswax on their hands while handling that fish scooper!
Patricia: So our killer is in contact with beeswax! Let's write this down. We're one step closer to catching this killer!

Examine Newspaper Article.
Patricia: So you revealed that text from the newspaper article? Seriously, how do you do these things so fast? What does the article say?
Patricia: This article headline is a couple of months old. There's a picture of the victim joining a protest by the looks of it. And there's a woman beside her. Hmm, Darren actually protested when he was famous?
Patricia: Let's send this article headline to Douglas for analysis. He should be able to help us know more about the victim.

Analyze Article Headline.
Douglas Benson: Hi, <Name>. I'm sure we're going to get along just great! I'm Douglas Benson, the tech expert. If you ever forget your password to your phone, send it to me and I'll crack it for you.
Douglas Benson: That article you sent me was dated back two months ago. Your victim participated in a protest against the clear cutting of the Taylor Forest.
Douglas Benson: The woman beside him is the head of the protest. Her name is Jennifer Green, she's an ecology activist.
Douglas Benson: It's kind of ironic how her last name is "Green" and she's an ecology activist, don't you think?
Patricia: Sure. Let's go have a chat with this Jennifer Green!

Question Jennifer Green about the victim.
Patricia: Jennifer, we found a newspaper article dated two months ago when a certain Darren Gunner participated in your protest of saving the Taylor Forest.
Jennifer Green: You know, it was a real pleasure having a famous celebrity like Darren with me to protest. I take my work very seriously and I was happy when Darren agreed to help me.
Jennifer Green: Then he started to work AGAINST me! He didn't care about the forest! He betrayed me when he decided to stop!
Jennifer Green: I text messaged him multiple times but he never responded back. It's not like egotistical jerks like him to respond to anyone's texts.
Jennifer Green: After he stopped supporting me, he had the audacity to litter! He sure knew how to push someone's buttons!
Jennifer Green: Personally, I'm glad Darren is dead because he can no longer litter in the forest and now if you'll excuse me, I must go purchase some champagne.
(After talking to Jennifer)
Patricia: So Darren stopped supporting Jennifer in her protest and to add insult to injury, he even littered in the forest. It's not like he was a friendly guy.
Patricia: I wonder, could Jennifer have actually killed Darren over a protest?! Well, we need more evidence so let's continue with the investigation.

At the Police Station...
Patricia: All right, so let's recap what we know so far.
Patricia: We know that our killer stole piranhas from Marvin Gunner's lab and used them to kill Darren so our killer must have put them in the waters of the beach while Darren was surfing.
Patricia: We also know that the killer is in contact with beeswax which is a good lead.<br /.Patricia: Angela, the victim's girlfriend, didn't seem to saddened by Darren's death since he never spent too much time with her.
Patricia: And then there's the workaholic Jennifer Green, who protested to save the Taylor Forest and was supported by Darren but he stopped and littered in the forest.
Michael: <Rank> <Name>! Thank God, you're here! I just received a phone call from someone who claimed to have seen your victim around the boat shop near the beach!
Patricia: Okay, so we have a new lead to go on. So what's so important about the boat shop? Everyone goes there.
Michael: You don't understand! That's where your victim was last seen before he was murdered!
Patricia: WHAT?!

Chapter 2

Michael: <Rank> <Name>! Thank God, you're here! I just received a phone call from someone who claimed to have seen your victim around the boat shop near the beach!
Patricia: Okay, so we have a new lead to go on. So what's so important about the boat shop? Everyone goes there.
Michael: You don't understand! That's where your victim was last seen before he was murdered!
Patricia: WHAT?!
Michael: I don't know who exactly told me since they didn't disclose their name but I thought that this should really help you both with your investigation.
Patricia: Well, thanks for your help, Michael. You're a great help. Come on, <Name>, let's go to the boat shop!

Investigate Boat Shop.
Patricia: Did you find anything that could be of use to us, <Name>?
Patricia: All right! You found the victim's locker! But why is it ajar? Let's search it. And you also found a broken surfboard? Well, that's going to require some repairing.
Sam Vale: Oh thank goodness that you responded to my call!
Patricia: Wait, YOU were the one that called our junior officer just now? Stay where you are, <Rank> <Name> is going to interrogate you.

Talk to Sam Vale about the victim.
Sam Vale: Yes, I called your junior officer because I can help you in your investigation!
Patricia: Really? How so?
Sam Vale: I saw some mysterious figure use one of my boats but I don't know who since they must have bought it with a month's warranty.
Sam Vale: They were carrying some sort of cooler with them when they left. When they came back, they--
Sam Vale: Oh my God, I completely forgot to use beeswax to clean the counter! Crap, I'm all out! I have to go buy some! Please, excuse me.
(After talking to Sam)
Patricia: Seriously? He just bails out on us when he was about to tell us something utterly essential to the investigation?!
Patricia: At least something beneficial came to his interrogation: we know that he's in contact with beeswax.
Patricia: And since we now know that the killer took one of the boats, we should search that dock near the beach! I hope that they left us some important clues.

Examine Victim's Locker.
Patricia: Oh my gosh, look at all those gross and sweaty surfing suits! I don't know how you had the nerve to keep searching!
Patricia: But you found a death threat? "Surf again and it'll be your last time!" Our killer must have sent this death threat and our victim must have ignored it by throwing it in his locker!
Patricia: Hopefully, our killer left something on this death threat. Let's try to find something on it.

Examine Death Threat.
Patricia: Yay, you found a clear liquid on this death threat! Let's send it to Christopher for analysis right away.

Analyze Clear Liquid.
Christopher Washington: I took a look at the liquid you collected from that death threat, and I can tell you, it was quite a riddle to solve!
Christopher Washington: It took me a while for me to find out that the clear liquid is actually champagne! It sure had my mouth drooling for some!
Patricia: O...kay? Thanks for your help, Christopher. At least we know that our killer drinks champagne.
(After lab analysis)
Patricia: Hey, <Name>, something just occurred to me. Do you remember when Jennifer Green told us that she was going to go buy champagne when we interrogated her?
Patricia: We should add that to her profile!

Examine Broken Surfboard.
Patricia: You successfully repaired the broken surfboard in a matter of seconds! I should seriously time you the next time you do things like this!
Patricia: This surfboard doesn't belong to the victim though. Apparently, it belongs to a certain Rhoda Hopton. Wait, she's the victim's rival!
Rhoda Hopton: Hey! What the hell are you doing with my surfboard? Give it back to me this instant, blondy!
Patricia: Oh, Rhoda, you're here. <Rank> <Name> is going to ask you a few questions about your rival.

Question Rhoda Hopton about the victim.
Rhoda Hopton: Do your stupid ears work? I said, give me back my damn surfboard THIS INSTANT!
Patricia: Could you just calm down and answer the question? Did you know a certain Darren Thomas?
Rhoda Hopton: What, are you blind or something? That idiot stole my spotlight when that big wave came last year! I was supposed to ride that wave but he just came in all of a sudden!
Rhoda Hopton: Soon after, he got rich and famous! I should be him right now except for the dead part, of course.
Patricia: We didn't even tell you that Darren is dead...
Rhoda Hopton: You seriously didn't think that the news got out? It's all over the Internet! You're not a very sociable person, aren't you? Now, get out of my way!
(After talking to Rhoda)
Patricia: What a priggish little brat! She almost knocked me over when she grabbed her surfboard from me!
Patricia: What's that you're holding? Beeswax lip balm? Where did you get this from?
Patricia: Rhoda dropped this? At least we know that she's in contact with beeswax. Let's write that down. And for acting like a boisterous teenager, I'll be pocketing Rhoda's lip balm.

Investigate Beach Docks.
Patricia: This rope is still attached to the pole here. The other side is obviously used to make sure that the boat won't float into the ocean...
Patricia: ...Which means that our killer handled this rope when they left! If they didn't, the boat won't budge... or the pole might have been ripped off.
Patricia: Regardless, our killer used the rope. Let's see what our killer left on it.
Patricia: And there's that torn tabloid you found. Can you repair it?

Examine Torn Tabloid.
Patricia: Wow, I'm just astonished how fast you repaired that torn tabloid! Let's see what it says: "Thomas already looking for Angela's replacement?"
Patricia: According to the magazine, Darren was seen with various young women, only a few days after he proposed to Angela!
Patricia: Why didn't Angela tell us about the victim's proposal to her? This warrants another chat with her!

Question Angela Tucker about her relationship with the victim.
Patricia: Angela, we need to ask you a few questions about you and Darren... We know there were many rumors recently...
Angela Tucker: I hate this part of a celebrity's life! All the press and the gossip... with their stories of Darren cheating on me!
Patricia: Why didn't you say anything about him proposing to you?
Angela Tucker: I thought it wasn't important. He proposed to me a week ago and I didn't believe in those filthy lies. People are willing to do anything just to make a fast buck.
Angela Tucker: I didn't want to be famous but no, Darren just had to surf that big wave! Well, thanks to him, people think I'm a joke just because I'm famous!
Angela Tucker: I'm not pretentious like Darren but people out there in the real world are just mean losers. His death actually benefited me. I got his money which is one thing on the plus side.
Angela Tucker: If we were to actually get married, he'd spend all of his time surfing instead of paying attention to me like he usually did! Now get out of my house!

Examine Rope.
Patricia: Excellent work on collecting that grease from the rope! Christopher should be able to identify what this is in no time!

Analyze Grease.
Christopher Washington: The grease <Name> collected is very unhealthy stuff, but nevertheless very popular among beach bums.
Christopher Washington: It's a mix of mayonnaise, ketchup and sausage grease... To put it simply: hot dog grease.
Patricia: You're telling us that the killer enjoyed a hot dog right before murdering Darren? How could they think of eating at a time like that!
Christopher Washington: The human psyche works in very strange ways, Patricia.

Back at the Police Station...
Patricia: Thanks to you, <Name>, we now know that our killer drinks champagne and eats hot dogs! I think a quick recap is in order.
Patricia: So Sam Vale saw the killer get in their boat and drive off where they must have dumped the piranhas out in the ocean when Darren must have been surfing.
Patricia: And then there's the self-centered brat, Rhoda, who wanted to be more famous by riding that huge wave last year but Darren stole her opportunity.
Patricia: Angela didn't want to be famous and just wanted a normal relationship but ever since Darren rode that big wave, he never spent enough time with her.
Patricia: He proposed to her but was supposedly seen with various young women a few days after he proposed. Angela wanted his attention but never got it and instead, she got the world's attention.
Patricia: Where do we turn to now? We should probably search--
Michael: Oh, my God, <Rank> <Name>, take the phone and listen! I can't listen to it anymore!
Patricia: Michael? What's wrong? What's happening?

Chapter 3

Patricia: Where do we turn to now? We should probably search--
Michael: Oh, my God, <Rank> <Name>, take the phone and listen! I can't listen to it anymore!
Patricia: Michael? What's wrong? What's happening?
Patricia: Ahhh! My ears! It's so darn loud! What did they say, <Name>?
Patricia: WHAT?! You're going to have to speak into this ear!
Patricia: You want to search Marvin's lab again? Come on, do we have to? I don't want to see that psycho's little "pets."
Patricia: All right, fine. Fine! You don't have to be so demanding about it. Who's driving, me or you?

Investigate Lab Table.
Before investigating
Patricia: This lab gives me the creeps... those piranhas keep gawking at me like a five-star meal! Just hurry this up, please?
After investigating
Patricia: What'd you find? A faded paper? I guess it's time to get the carbon powder out again!
Patricia: And you also found a pile of magazines? Time for some searching!

Examine Faded Paper.
Patricia: So the faded paper turned out to be...
Patricia: ... A research paper?! Look, Marvin was researching the Red Piranha which is the same one that was used to kill the victim!
Patricia: It's time to have a chat with our little fishy freak, don't you think?

Quiz Marvin Gunner about his research paper.
Patricia: Marvin, we found your research paper on the Red Piranha and I think you have some explaining to do.
Marvin Gunner: I thought I was going to have a nice glass of champagne until you arrived. I'm a marine biologist. Of course I'm going to research at least something in the ocean!
Patricia: How long have you been researching the Red Piranha? Maybe you were trying to capture some so that you could kill Darren?
Marvin Gunner: You watch your goddamn mouth! I don't like what you're insinuating! Why would I even kill Darren anyways? He never did anything bad to me.
Patricia: His arrogance seemed to have irritated everybody in Sandy Beachside. Did he irritate you?
Marvin Gunner: For crying out loud, if I stay here any longer, my hot dogs will burn! Fine, yes! He was polluting Serene Beach's waters which meant that animals were dying!
Marvin Gunner: He never cared for Nature and I couldn't continue my work as a marine biologist! How am I supposed to be one if every aquatic animal dies because of that a**hole?!
Marvin Gunner: So, yes. I am glad that Darren's dead. He'll no longer pollute the ocean and I can continue my research and keep my damn job.
(After talking to Marvin)
Patricia: Not only was Darren polluting the forest but the ocean too?! That man never stopped acting like a prick, didn't he?
Patricia: Did you smell what I smelled in there? Beeswax! Not only that, I found a pail of it in Marvin's desk. He also mentioned drinking champagne and his hot dogs. Let's write this down.

A few minutes later...
Patricia: Like I said before we were interrupted by Michael, I wanted to search the boat shop again. Come on, let's go!

Examine Pile of Magazines.
Patricia: Woo hoo! You found a rivalry magazine inside this huge pile! What's it about?
Patricia: Darren and Rhoda were competing against each other?! It makes sense, considering that they're rivals.
Patricia: Hmm, we should have another chat with Rhoda about this.

Talk to Rhoda Hopton about her rivalry with the victim.
Patricia: Rhoda, did you take your rivalry serious against Darren?
Rhoda Hopton: Not you two pigs again. Can you just leave me alone? I have to surf! The waves are great this time of day!
Patricia: Just answer the goddamn question, you inattentive, pretentious little brat! Did you take your rivalry serious against Darren or not?!
Rhoda Hopton: No need for yelling. Yes, I took it seriously, okay! Darren stole my one shining moment and now I'll be famous now that he's dead!
Rhoda Hopton: I already talked about this so could you just leave me alone while I enjoy some champagne and hot dogs in peace? I can't believe that Angela drinks the same exact brand of champagne! It's annoying!

Investigate Shop Counter.
Patricia: So was I right to come back here, <Name>?
Patricia: Yay, I knew it! You found our victim's bag? Let's take a look inside!
Sam Vale: All right, I'm back! Did you two seriously wait here just for me to return?
Patricia: No! We--
Sam Vale: Well, I'm ready to tell my full story now. I picked up a few hot dogs on the way back. Do you want some, Officers?
Patricia: Sure, why not? But we will interrogate you soon. So, <Name>, which objective do you want to complete first?

Ask Sam if he saw anything suspicious.
Patricia: All right, Sam. So tell us what happened when you were in here. Start from where you were last speaking.
Sam Vale: So I'm pretty sure that it was your killer who used that boat since they were running away when that body washed up on the shore.
Sam Vale: I took a picture of them but--
Patricia: You took a picture of our killer?! Where is it?!
Sam Vale: If you would let me finish, my camera was old and broken so the picture may be blurry. I put it in this memory card so here you go.
Patricia: Thank you, sir. We appreciate your cooperation. Let's send this to Douglas, <Name>. I hope that something good comes out of this.

Analyze Memory Card.
Douglas Benson: <Name>, good work on finding this memory card! There was a ton of photos downloaded onto them which is why it took long.
Douglas Benson: I found one of the photos that Sam took and take a look at this.
Patricia: Whoa, is that a zoomed-in picture of someone's breasts? Perfect, what are you doing to do with this photo, Douglas? Save it as your screensaver?
Douglas Benson: Ah-ha. Very funny, Patricia. This is the wrong photo, crap! HERE'S the photo that I meant to show you!
Patricia: Oh, Sam was right! The killer did flee carrying that cooler. But I can't recognize the killer's face! Who is that, Douglas?
Douglas Benson: I have no idea. It was extremely difficult to isolate the face since there's a glare on the photo due to the sun shining on it...
Douglas Benson: ... But, I did manage to find a bite mark on their skin! Your killer must definitely have a bite mark on them!
Patricia: Wow, that's... great work! Thanks. Let's add that to the killer's profile.

Examine Victim's Bag.
Patricia: Why are there so many surfing jumpsuits in here? Eugh, they're sweaty and sticky! G-R-O-S-S!
Patricia: Great find, <Name>, you found the victim's voice recorder! But damn, it's locked! Could you decipher the code? I'll time you. 1...2...

Examine Voice Recorder.
Patricia: You deciphered that code before I even got to the number 3! Good work. Let's listen and see what we can here.
Voice Recorder: I'm going to f**king kill you! Do you hear me?! I swear, I'm going to kill you, you heartless bastard! You don't care about anything or anyone but yourself, you cretin!
Patricia: Someone threatened our victim and he must have caught this on tape! Let's send the voice recorder to Douglas straight away!

Analyze Voice Recorder.
Patricia: So Douglas, were you able to discover who yelled at the victim?
Douglas Benson: Unfortunately, the voice recorder was practically doused in water and I was unable to identify a clear voice.
Douglas Benson: Don't worry, Patricia. I did manage to isolate sound waves from it! Just try to match the sound waves in order to identify one of your suspects!
Patricia: <Name>, I think it's time for matching! I hope you're good at this just as you are at deciphering, repairing, and searching!

Examine Voice Recording.
Patricia: You are a matching God! You successfully identified the voice and it belonged to...
Patricia: ... Jennifer Green? Why am I not surprised? Let's ask her why she threatened the victim!

Question Jennifer Green about her argument with the victim.
Patricia: Jennifer, <Rank> <Name> found Darren's voice recorder and you threatened to kill him. Care to explain why you did so?
Jennifer Green: Because he was polluting the waters of Serene Beach as well! He's the only person who pollutes in the ocean so I confronted him and yelled at him!
Jennifer Green: Nature is a sweet thing that is integral to life. Without it, we wouldn't be here today. Darren can no longer pollute the ocean and forest and that's all that matters!
Jennifer Green: Can I please leave now? I have a craving for hot dogs. Eh, I might as well buy some beeswax on the way.
(After talking to Jennifer)
Patricia: So our victim was polluting in the forest and the ocean. I'm assuming that he never stopped which is why Jennifer was so fired up about it.
Patricia: I agree, <Name>, let's keep a close eye on her.

Back at the Police Station...
Patricia: Where do we go to now, <Name>? I don't think we have any other leads! Oh, if Chief Price finds out about this, he'll freak! It's not often that it happens, you know?
Patricia: You want to search the beach again? That's a good idea actually! Let's return to the murder scene!

Investigate Seaside.
Patricia: So what'd you find, <Name>? A pile of sand? That wasn't there before, was it? Still, we should take a closer look at it.

Examine Pile of Sand.
Patricia: You found a metal box in the pile of sand? O...kay? So what do we do now, pry it open with a crowbar?
Patricia: Oh, there's a lock mechanism on it! Could you decipher it? Let's see, where did I put my stopwatch?

Examine Metal Box.
Patricia: I swear I could have put it--
Patricia: Oh, you opened it already? Jeez, you are fast! It's a good thing you joined the WPD because I probably would have been stuck trying to open this thing for hours!
Patricia: Oh, my God, did you kill it, <Name>?!
Patricia: Oh, it's already dead when you found it? Whew, that scared the hell out of me!
Patricia: Wait, do you recognize those patterns on the piranha? I recognize them. They're the ones from the Red Piranha! But what's it doing here?
Patricia: Let's just send it to the lab for analysis. Christopher should be able to tell us something about this piranha.

Analyze Dead Piranha.
Christopher Washington: Sometimes I can't stand analyzing dead animals. Especially a piranha! But I did manage to find something, guys!
Christopher Washington: I found traces of blood all over the piranha's mouth! The thing is that the blood doesn't belong to your victim!
Patricia: So one of the piranhas bit the killer? Great find, <Name>! So, Christopher, what can you tell us about the killer?
Christopher Washington: It took me a while to analyze that blood in the piranha's mouth but I managed to determine that your killer's blood type is A-!
Patricia: Great! Let's write this down, <Name>! Thanks a lot, Christopher!

(After all steps are complete)
Patricia: Well, we have enough evidence to arrest Darren Thomas's killer!
Patricia: This is our first arrest together, <Name>! I can't believe that we did this so fast! Let's go arrest that fishy freak, shall we?

Arrest Killer.
Patricia: Jennifer Green, you are under arrest for the murder of Darren Thomas! But why did you do it?
Jennifer Green: Have you been paying attention lately, Detective Bennett? Darren was polluting the waters of Serene Beach and the Taylor Forest!
Jennifer Green: Initially, he wanted to help out and I let him. We were a great team, picking up garbage.
Jennifer Green: But he had a sudden change of heart. He stopped because he thought it was boring and that doing all of this would boost his reputation! Can you believe it?!
Jennifer Green: He took advantage of Mother Nature and now he's paid the price for it! It was actually pretty easy to kill an idiot like Darren.
Patricia: How did you exactly orchestrate the murder, Jennifer?
Jennifer Green: I broke into that freak's lab and stole a few piranhas and escorted them to the beach in a cooler. I already purchased a boat from the shop so I went out into the beach.
Jennifer Green: I followed Darren when he was doing his regular surfing routine. He failed his stunt when he went pretty far.
Jennifer Green: I dumped the piranhas into the water and they were having a feast! But one of the damned things jumped into my boat and bit me!
Jennifer Green: I... killed it after that. I felt so sad for the poor thing. I went back to the docks where I saw Sam take a photo of me. I disregarded that, though.
Jennifer Green: After you two were finished searching the beach, I put the dead piranha in a box and buried it in sand and wanted the piranha to rest in peace...
Jennifer Green: ...while Darren is resting in pieces!
Patricia: You make me sick. I'm ashamed of you, Jennifer. Endangering the waters of Serene Beach just to murder a man.
Patricia: Now NO ONE will be able to swim or surf again thanks to you since bloodthirsty piranhas are in there!
Jennifer Green: What?! Oh, my God, I didn't think this through!
Patricia: SHUT UP! You're under arrest. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law...

Honorable Kingsley: Ah, so what do we have here today? An ecology activist murdered a professional surfer just because he was polluting the environment?
Honorable Kingsley: I admit, I have an infatuation for Nature, just like you, Ms Green, but what you did was WAY too far!
Jennifer Green: Darren should have not taken advantage of Mother Nature like that! You would have done the same, your Honor!
Honorable Kingsley: Don't bring me into this, young lady. I would never murder a human being if they were polluting the environment, unlike you.
Jennifer Green: Darren got what he deserved! That stupid little nothing got what was coming to him! I deserve a medal of honor or something!
Honorable Kingsley: A young man did NOT deserve to die! You released bloodthirsty piranhas into the beach and thanks to you, no one can swim in there again!
Honorable Kingsley: And the only thing you deserve is a life sentence! Court is adjourned!

Patricia: Yay, we arrested our first killer, <Name>! I'm so proud of you. You hacked, deciphered, repaired and compared your way to justice!
Patricia: Let's head back to the station. I hope Chief Price bought some doughnuts for us!
Patricia: Oh, you didn't know about the world's famous coffeehouse, <Name>? They're called Slammin' Donuts and you HAVE to try one of their doughnuts!

Additional Investigation

Michael: Congratulations, <Rank> <Name> on solving your very first case! I hope I can be like you someday!
Patricia: Yeah, me and <Name> make a good team, don't we? Anyway, did Chief Price buy some Slammin' Donuts for us?
Michael: I think Chief Price is busy right now but I think he'll get us some soon!
Patricia: That's good. <Name>, I think we should check up on Angela Tucker. She may have been unsympathetic towards Darren's death but we should still help her.
Patricia: ...Please don't tell me that we have to check up on Marvin! You know what, no. I'm not going. You know my fear of piranhas so I don't want to go.
Elizabeth Simmons: I'll go, guys! It'll be a great opportunity for <Name> and me to get along! Besides, I want to learn more about piranhas! since I never get the chance!
Patricia: Great. So it's settled then. Which person do you want to help out first, <Name>?

See how Angela Tucker is doing.
Patricia: Hi, Ms Tucker. We wanted to check up on you so, how are you?
Angela Tucker: I'm all right. You didn't have to check up on me, <Name>. I'm perfectly fine.
Angela Tucker: Actually, I need your help. I recently lost my watch and I can't find it. I'm pretty sure it's at Serene Beach since that's where I last was.
Patricia: Sure thing, Angela! Come on, <Name>, let's find Angela's watch by searching the seaside.

Investigate Seaside.
Patricia: This broken object that you found HAS to be Angela's watch! It's going to require some professional repairing so are you up for the job?

Examine Broken Object.
Patricia: I knew that this broken object had to be Angela's watch! Let's go give it back to her. I'm sure she'll be pleased to have this back.

Return the watch to Angela Tucker.
Patricia: Angela, I think you'll be happy because <Rank> <Name> found and repaired your watch!
Angela Tucker: Oh, thank God, you found my watch! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>. You're a very kind and generous person.
Patricia: Hey, I helped too!
Angela Tucker: Whatever. Thanks a lot, you two. Here, let me buy you a burger for your trouble.
Angela Tucker: And <Rank> <Name>, good luck on your future cases and have a nice time in Whitevale!

Make sure Marvin Gunner isn't doing anything stupid.
Elizabeth Simmons: Marvin Gunner, my name is Elizabeth Simmons. I work as the coroner of the Whitevale Police Department.
Elizabeth Simmons: <Rank> <Name> and me just came here because we wanted to check up on you and I wanted to inquire about the Red Piranha.
Marvin Gunner: Ah, the Red Piranha. It's such a fascinating species. I understand that you can't explore this species since they're only found in swamps and rivers.
Marvin Gunner: I'm surprised that I found some in the underwater coral! Since that horrible activist stole the majority of the piranhas, I only have two.
Marvin Gunner: Wait a minute... where's my formula paper?! Oh no, I lost the goddamned thing! <Name> can you have a look around and find my formula paper?
Marvin Gunner: Its contents are very beneficial to my career so please find it for me!
(After talking to Marvin)
Elizabeth Simmons: What are we, Marvin's maids? We should find Marvin's little formula papr so let's have a look around, shall we?

Investigate Biologist's Lab.
Elizabeth Simmons: You found a drawer? Crap, there's a lock on it. Maybe Marvin's formula paper is in here. Could you decipher this lock's combination, <Name>?

Examine Locked Drawer.
Elizabeth Simmons: Whoo, you found Marvin's formula paper! That was nice to see your impeccable skills, <Name>! Nice work!
Elizabeth Simmons: Look at this formula sheet, <Name>! This has so many complicated drawings and...
Elizabeth Simmons: Whoa, Marvin is planning to create a new species of piranhas by combining DNA structures together! But where does he get these structures from?
Elizabeth Simmons: You're right, <Name>, let's give this back to Marvin and ask about this sheet.

Give the formula paper to Marvin Gunner.
Elizabeth Simmons: <Rank> <Name> found your formula paper and how exactly are you planning to create a new species of piranha by combining DNA structures together?
Marvin Gunner: Maybe you haven't quite comprehended my job's meaning: I'm a marine biologist. I experiment as well, you know.
Elizabeth Simmons: I comprehended your job very well, Marvin, but where are you getting these DNA structures from?
Marvin Gunner: I use the DNA structures from the piranhas that I have. I MUST create more so that I can known the world over for creating a new species!
Marvin Gunner: Once that happens, I plan to be rich! I've been experimenting this for so long that I intend to make this happen! No one will get in my way, not even my wife!
Marvin Gunner: Anyways, thanks for your help. Now if you'll excuse me, I must research more in order to make my new species. Take these clothes for your trouble!
(After talking to Marvin)
Elizabeth Simmons: So Marvin is planning to make a new species of piranha by combining other piranhas' DNA structures just to become rich?
Elizabeth Simmons: Maybe Patricia was right about Marvin: he IS a fishy freak! You should keep an eye on him, <Name>. Who knows what he might do with those piranhas.

Later, at the station...
Patricia: Well, it looks like we're done for the day, <Name>! I just wish we could have gotten some Slammin' Donuts though...
Michael: <Rank> <Name>, Rhoda Hopton has gone missing!
Patricia: What?!
Michael: That professional surfer, Rhoda Hopton, has gone missing! No one has seen her since you last interrogated her during the case!
Patricia: Well, Rhoda was at the boat shop so let's search there and hopefully, we'll find a clue to where she is.

Investigate Boat Shop.
Patricia: Hey, this is Rhoda's beeswax lip balm! But what's this red substance on it? Oh no, this better not be blood!
Patricia: Just to be sure, let's collect a sample. And by "we", I mean you, <Name>.

Examine Beeswax Lip Balm.
Patricia: Perfect! Let's send this red substance to Christopher for analysis. He should be able to identify what this is and hopefully, Rhoda's okay.

Analyze Red Substance.
Patricia: So Christopher, what's this red substance that <Name> found on Rhoda's beeswax lip balm? Tell me this isn't blood.
Christopher Washington: Don't worry, Patricia. The red substance that <Name> collected turned out to be ketchup and not blood!
Patricia: How did ketchup end up on Rhoda's lip balm? Do you know, <Name>?
Patricia: Oh, I didn't remember that! We noted that Rhoda ate hot dogs during the investigation so she must have accidentally left ketchup on her lip balm!
Patricia: But where is she now? Should we go back to the boat shop and see if she's there? Okay, let's go!

At the boat shop...
Patricia: Dang, Rhoda isn't here. Please don't tell me what we have to spend several days trying to find a professional surfer! Where could she be anyways?
Rhoda Hopton: Hey, guys! How are my favorite two cops doing today?
Patricia: Rhoda?! Where the hell have you been? You've been reported missing so where did you go?
Rhoda Hopton: Oh, nowhere. I was just surfing and I feel great! How are you?
Patricia: O...kay? Come on, <Name>, let's talk to Rhoda more and ask where she was all this time.

Talk to Rhoda Hopton.
Patricia: So you were just out in the waves all this time? How long have you even practicing?
Rhoda Hopton: Yeah, I was surfing. I was practicing for about an hour. The waves were crazy! I rode one big a** one and I feel happy about myself!
Patricia: To make you more ecstatic, Rhoda, here's your beeswax lip balm. We found it here when you last here in the boat shop.
Rhoda Hopton: Oh, thank you so much! I knew I left it somewhere! Thank you both for your help!
Rhoda Hopton: Look, I'm sorry for being a huge b*tch to you guys earlier. It's just that I'm very competitive and knowing that I have no more competition, I'm just happy!
Rhoda Hopton: Again, thank you both your help and time. Maybe I'll see you two around sometime! Goodbye!

A few minutes later, at the station...
Patricia: Dang, it's been a LONG day for us both, <Name>. Oh, it's almost time to head to the Purple Moon bar and have some cheesecake and nice cold beer.
Michael: It's been real nice meeting you, <Name>. I'll see you here again tomorrow!
Patricia: Have a nice night, Michael. Are you coming with me to the bar, <Name>? Elizabeth, Christopher and Douglas will all be there!
Patricia: Oh, all right. Maybe you can come some other time then! I'll see you tomorrow, <Name>!

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