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For The Higher Goal
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Starwood
Case # 71
Initial release date 15. VIII 2020.
Partner(s) Mia Diaz & Leonidas Lupo (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
End of the Krause Family
(in Krause Street)
One Star Less

For The Higher Goal is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 163rd case of the game and the 71st case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Starwood, a district of Fario.


With finished business and discoveries about a hypnotizing movie Chief Filipovich sent the player and Mia to Starwood in order to find out where the movie is before the awards starts. Upon arriving to the district the team decided to start off with the most iconic spot - a district sign. As they climbed up the player noticed a bloody silhouette and they approached closer. Upon their approachment the tam noticed the dead body of a familiar camerawoman Zara Churckerman.

After the team sent body to Matilda they started the investigation by marking a faded movie star Eleanor Littlewood. As the team progressed further they discovered reasons to suspect a teen movie star Lexi Sufangs but also a famous actor Bryce Argent. After the autopsy, Matilda said how the victim stabbed the victim with a spear through the chest, impaling her on the sign and leaving her to bleed out. As well she said how the spear got a soil on it's handle and how she concluded that the soil is a gardening soil leading her to a discovery that the killer liked gardening.

The team then jumped to the starwood street to recap the case as they got a call by Abbi saying how the victim was supposed to appear at the motion caption studio. Hearing that, Mia and the player investigate the set, soon discovering that a motion caption actor Brock DeVillen knew the victim as they used to hang out together. They continued the investigation, finding reasons to suspect a notorious creepy producer Cromwell Hawett. The team soon discovered that Zara accidentally erased entire music video that Lexi tried to hard to record but also that Agent and the victim had an argument after she caught the victim him in the circles of some shady people before discovering that the victim almost by accident poisoned Eleanor by giving her a shrimp cocktail that she was heavily allergic too.

With all that discovered, the team returned to recap the case before Arif approached in panic, saying that Cromwell published a very explicit pictures of the victim with the "#revenge". Disgusted by his acts, furious Mia ran towards Cromwell who just smirked, saying that if she wants to be one of his mistresses she will need to wait on what Mia, losing her temper kicked him on the "place" before asking for the reason behind pictures on what he with a painful smirk said that he gave victim everything and she betrayed him by loving someone else and not him. They then continued the investigation and found that Brock was the cause of one loss in the victim's family and that she recently found about that.

With all evidence found the team was ready to arrest Brock. Upon admitting his crime he said that killing Zara was the only way that would keep him in Starwood. He said how he and Zara were in a relationship but not because of love but because of public image. He said how he always dreamed to be a mega actor and future face of Starwood bu that he needed a reputation for it. Knowing that, he decided to find someone who desired a same faith in order to boost each other, eventually finding Zara. He said that the two got along and that faking that they are in love wasn't so hard but hoe recently Zara got into more scandals with Cromwell the creep, one of them being sexual, he knew that he couldn't let his reputation to go down and wanted to stop Zara from destroying his chances. He mentioned that he also had idea of killing Cromwell but that he gave up due to Starwood hierarchy. Mia and the player then arrested him and took him to the court where Judge Gilmore sentenced him to 45 years in prison.

Following a trial, the team returned to the station to see where to find a notorious movie when at the moment Bryce appeared at the station, saying that he has urgent thing to confess. Bryce confessed that he was packing things for his new movie shot and found his old diary where he marked that after their last encounter he was approached by that LUMIA group who promised him a role in the new movie that would've be a big hit and said how he accepted butt hen entries in his diary started to be strange, mentioning strange prayers and worshiping, drug usage and Zemiq. They the requested the diary from him that he gave to the team who was quickly sent to Jason who said that the handwriting is the same but like it was written by two personalities, progressing to say how many entries mention an Starwood sign. The team searched the area, finding and fixing the statue who oddly looked like Stella Gibbs. after Jason looked closer he said how Starwood in the last year started to adore Stella to the rank of deity, making sense due to her involvement with LUMIA and operations leading but that he also found a strange substance that Karen said how it belongs to Eleanor. They questioned Eleanor who with a slight smile said that she lied a bit and that she is not a faded actress as she got a role int h mysterious movie who gave her opportunity to return to the big screen. She also said how the same was offered to the victim who instead betrayed the company. Armed with the new discovering and assumption that everyone speaks about the LUMIA's hypnotizing movie they searched the victim's room again, finding the small part of the screen who was given to her by Cromwell. Upon being investigated Cromwell said that he is the one who directed the movie but that is not important as the movie is just a normal movie. As Mia tried to get to him he told her that is better is they stay away as his power is very big, remembering her what he did to the victim's post-mortem reputation.

In the meantime, Lexi approached the team, asking for help. She then told the player and Leonidas that she needs to take a photoshoot for her new studio album "Black Romance" but that she lost her make up vanity case when she was recording a CGI motions for me music video. After searching the studio the team found the case she needed but also discovered a weird lookign invitation that futher examination showed that it was addressed to Aurora Sufangs, a photographer who also is supposed to shoot Lexi for the new cover. After the photoshoot the team interrogated her who said that that the creepy producer Cromwell invited her to the birthday of his close friend who is soon to retire from the movie industry. She then said how she wanted to reject but that on the end accepted, telling the team that they can come if they want.

After everything, the team informed Chief Filipovich about what they found, saying how the movie conspiracy goes deeper and that more and more people got involved into it. Chief then said how e is more concerned about what they did to those people then the number of involved in the project as he said that the team needs to follow leads. Furthermore, he said how he is proud on the team and everything they did so far before saying the player and Leonidas to get well dressed since they will need to blend in the crowd in order to investigate this case further.



  • Zara Churckerman (Impaled with a spear on the Starwood sign)

Murder Weapon

  • Spear


  • Brock DeVillen



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer reads Captain Simple & Lady Pretty.
  • The Killer likes gardening.
  • The Killer eats scones.
  • The Killer has scratches.
  • The Killer is 36 years old.

Crime Scenes

Starwood Sign Bloody Grounds Starwood Sign Bonus
Victim's Control Room Victim's Computer Tables Victim's Control Room Bonus
Motion Capture Studio Green Screen Area Motion Capture Studio Bonus