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John: What kind of toilet was that yesterday?! That thing must have weighed at least 1000 pounds! Jeez, my arms are stiff and my legs are achy.
John: I think I may need to take a few days off. Chief Clark wants to see you in his office. I already reported this to him and I think he may have found you a temporary partner! Go see him.
Matthew Clark: <Rank> <Name>, ah, good, you're here. As you already heard from Detective Robinson, you're going to be assigned a temporary partner until John can bend his fingers again.
Matthew Clark: <Name>, say hello to your temporary partner!
Jessica: <Rank> <Name>?! You're going to be my temporary partner? Oh, my God, I can't believe it. I wonder if what John says about you is true! He told me that you were an expert at repairing.
Jessica: Repairing, hacking, dusting, examining, you name it! What are we going to do together, <Name>? I can't wait to work with you!
Matthew Clark: Goddammit, this phone won't stop ringing! All day, ring, ring, ring, ring, I'm sick of it!
Matthew Clark: WHO IS THIS?!
Curtis Reid: This is Curtis Reid, the manager of the Hailstone Motel. I found a dead body in one of my rooms and I need your best detective to investigate immediately!
Matthew Clark: A body, you say? Don't worry, Mr Reid. I'm staring at my two detectives.
Matthew Clark: Looks like you two are going to be investigating a murder! <Name>, I know you're still a rookie but while investigating this murder, show Jessica the ropes.
Matthew Clark: You know what happened to Robert after all. Anyways, GO!

Chapter 1

Investigate Motel Room.
Jessica: Oh, my God! It's a dead body! I never saw one before! Jeez, what are all those wounds on his head? <Name>, what do we do?
Jessica: Send the body to Patrick? Sure, let's do that! And what is that disgusting pile of clothes doing there? Did this guy ever learn to clean?
Jessica: Oh, I forgot about that, <Name>, thanks for reminding me! We should talk to that Curtis Reid guy who reported the murder!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Patrick: Anyways, your victim was stabbed in the forehead multiple times with some sort of a rather dull object. I can't determine what the murder weapon is though.
Patrick: But, I do know that your victim and your killer were fighting since your victim has fresh scratches on his face.
Patrick: I found thick layers of salbutamol on your victim's eyelashes. It's a chemical found in asthma inhalers.
Patrick: The killer must have sprayed an inhaler in your victim's eyes to stun them. Salbutamol would blind anyone in a second. If you want, I can demonstrate on...
Jessica: Uh, we get the picture, Patrick! At least we know that our killer has asthma! Oh, I should write this down, shouldn't I? Dammit, where's my pen? Patrick, do you have one on you?
Patrick: Oh, Jessica. Here, take the one that my daughter gave me. Take good care of it and return it to me when you're done. By the way, <Name>, my little...
Jessica: Okay, let's go now, <Name>, before we start to get nightmares about high school lockers, textbooks and acne.

Talk to Curtis Reid about the murder.
Jessica: Mr Reid, you were the one who called the Chief of Police about the murder. Tell us what happened.
Curtis Reid: Well, I was just in my office when I heard noises of fighting all of a sudden. By the time I got to Russell's door, the noises stopped and I heard something open. I have no idea what though!
Curtis Reid: I saw his body in the motel room then I called the cops. The desk clerk, Karen Fox, should know something about Russell. She was working when I found the body. That's all I know, Officers.
Jessica: Thank you for your cooperation, Mr Reid. Please contact us if you remember anything else.
Curtis Reid: You know while you're at it, you can, uh... give me your number as well?
Jessica: A man dies and all you care about is getting my number?! I weigh 120 pounds, thank you very much! Now, you have a good day, you creep!
(After talking to Curtis Reid)
Jessica: That guy gives me the creeps. You know, I thought criminal investigating was fun but it's not when some freaks like Curtis try to hit on you!
Jessica: Wait, <Name>, are you saying that Curtis was trying to get my phone number?
Jessica: He could have been more specific! I thought he was talking about my weight! God, I feel so dumb! Anyways, let's talk to that Karen Fox that Curtis mentioned!

Ask Karen Fox what happened before the murder.
Jessica: Ms Fox, a certain creep named Curtis Reid told us that you would know something about Russell Welch, the man who was found murdered in his motel room.
Karen Fox: First off, Curtis IS a creep, thanks for pointing that out. Secondly, all I know about Russell is that he had a wife. I can't remember her name though. Me and Russell never talked much.
Karen Fox: He always locked himself in his room and I kept hearing his sobs throughout the night. I asked why he was crying but he didn't tell me.
Karen Fox: After his little crying incident, he started to invite hookers over to his room. Always one every night. There was always music blocking the sounds of Russell and a hooker getting it on.
Karen Fox: This happened for about four days. I don't think a hooker checked in to see Russell tonight though. I hope I was of help to you, Officers.
(After talking to Karen)
Jessica: Wow, I guess us girls think alike! But she didn't know our victim much like Curtis so that doesn't help us much, <Name>. What do we do now?
Jessica: Search the motel's entrance? Well, let's not just stand here. Let's go!

Examine Pile of Clothes.
Jessica: God, this guy needs to use laundry detergent for his clothes! I think I'm going to be sick, <Name>.
Jessica: Oh, you found a phone! Let me do the work, <Name>!
Jessica: Let's see. 1,2,3,4... no. A,B,C,D... no. I am fed up with this! Here, <Name>, show me your hacking skills because this thing is frustrating me!

Examine Phone.
Jessica: Yay, you did it, <Name>! Let's send it to Annabel for analysis and see what's on our victim's phone!

Analyze Phone.
Annabel: Are you guys going to keep sending me phones to analyze because this isn't even a challenge!
Annabel: Anyways, I looked in your victim's photo album and I found several pictures of your victim out with a few hookers.
Annabel: I also found one particular photo of a man named Alvin Daniels. He's a pimp who has ALL those hookers with him. I think your victim was paying Alvin to see those hookers.
Jessica: Wait a second, who's Alvin?
Annabel: Alvin from the chipmunks, Jessica! I just said that Alvin Daniels is a pimp who owns a lot of hookers that your victim happened to paid to see!
Jessica: Come on, <Name>, let's go see Alvin from the chipmunks! I'm so excited. I can't wait to feel his chubby cheeks!
Annabel: Oh, boy. <Name>, I am so sorry for you.

Talk to Alvin Daniels.
Jessica: Wait, this isn't Alvin from the chipmunks! This is just some fashion-dressed guy!
Alvin Daniels: Thank you, I do have a very expensive taste in fashion. Wait, who the hell are you two?
Jessica: I'm Officer Campbell and this is <Rank> <Name>. We're here to ask you a few questions about a certain Russell Welch who paid your hookers to see in his motel room. He was found dead a few hours ago.
Alvin Daniels: Don't accuse me of nothing, bimbo! Russell always paid me well to use those dumb wh*res. I ain't the questionin' kind.
Alvin Daniels: Russell did like one particular hooker though, Caroline Walsh. Always paid to see her and didn't see any other hookers for a while. I didn't care what Russell did to Caroline as long as she gives me my money.
Alvin Daniels: He said he was out of money a couple of days ago and STILL borrowed my little b*tches. He was in debt with me, yeah, but that's not why I'd kill a little piece of sh*t like him for!
Jessica: Hmm, we'll keep a close eye on you, chipmunk!

Question Caroline Walsh about her night with the victim.
Caroline Walsh: Russell's dead? Well, praise the Lord! Finally, I don't have to deal with that disgusting creep no more!
Jessica: We'd thought you would show some sympathy for a human life just taken away...
Caroline Walsh: As if! I'm glad that Russell's dead. He always hit me EVERY single time I saw him so that's why I'm not showing any sympathy!
Caroline Walsh: What is it with you cops glaring at people? I know that look. Just because I was being abused by some creep doesn't mean I'd kill him! Please leave me alone now!
(After talking to Caroline)
Jessica: How did she know that I had a suspicious feeling? That's very weird...
Jessica: Anyways, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still need to prove that she's the killer or not.

Investigate Motel Entrance.
Jessica: <Name>, you think this lipstick has anything to do with the murder? Okay, well, I hope you're right on this.

Examine Lipstick.
Jessica: Jeez, you were fast that you extracted this saliva from the lipstick before I could even get my notepad out! Anyways, let's send this to Kimberly right away!

Analyze Saliva.
Jessica: So Kimberly, what's this saliva that you analyzed about?
Kimberly: I managed to isolate some DNA from the saliva that <Name> extracted from the lipstick. I analyzed this DNA as well and I can tell you that this lipstick belongs to a certain Gwen Duncan!
Kimberly: I had Annabel run the file on Gwen and she turns out to be your victim's ex-wife! And Jessica, this means that Gwen WAS the victim's wife.
Jessica: Oh, now I know what "ex" means now! So, this means that... the victim divorced Gwen?
Kimberly: Actually, Gwen was the one who issued the divorce in the first place. If you want more answers, you should talk to Gwen herself.

Question Gwen Duncan about the victim.
Gwen Duncan: So that cheating little nothing is dead? Well, life goes on, doesn't it? I'm not going to waste the rest of my life mourning over a pig like him.
Jessica: We'd thought you would take this death more seriously, Ms Duncan. I mean, your ex-husband died. You have to show at least some sympathy for his death.
Gwen Duncan: Sweetie, get married for three years then divorce your husband who cheated on you and tell me if you'll sympathize for his death.
Gwen Duncan: Russell can burn in hell for all I care. And is that my lipstick you have in that weird bag?!
Jessica: Oh... yeah, it is. We found it at the entrance of the Hailstone Motel. Could you also tell us what you were doing there?
Gwen Duncan: A friend of mine told me that Russell was staying there. I wanted to see what this place looked like to see if he was living large and it seemed that I must have dropped my lipstick there.
Gwen Duncan: Look, can I go now? You guys are starting to stress me out with all of your stupid questions.
(After talking to Gwen)
Jessica: I have a weird feeling that Gwen might be the killer. Of course, we need proof. Ooh, I feel so adventurous doing this!

Jessica: So let's recap what we know so far about this case.
Jessica: We have a very creepy motel manager who didn't know our victim well but we do have that desk clerk, Karen Fox, who also didn't know the victim well.
Jessica: There's that chipmunk pimp and that hooker, Caroline Walsh. We also have the victim's unsympathetic ex-wife who seems to be glad that Russell's dead.
Jessica: We also know that Russell was inviting hookers to his motel room after his divorce. Hmm, we need some new leads before Chief Clark gets another fit.
Caroline Walsh: <Rank> <Name>! I need to speak to you about Russell. I heard you and Officer Campbell speaking about him inviting hookers to his motel room and it's absolutely true.
Jessica: Wait a second, what?
Caroline Walsh: The main reason why I came here to talk to you is to is this and that I was one of the hookers that Russell invited to his room.

Chapter 2

Caroline Walsh: The main reason why I came here to talk to you is because I was one of the hookers that Russell invited to his room.
Jessica: What?! Well, actually, that doesn't surprise me at all since...
Caroline Walsh: I'll take that as a compliment, Officer Campbell. Anyways, I don't want to speak to you about this here in the Police Station. Meet me at the motel if you can, all right, <Rank> <Name>?
Matthew Clark: Who was that woman who was just talking to you, <Name>?
Jessica: She's one of our suspects in this case, Chief Clark. We were just about to talk to her!
Matthew Clark: While you're at it, investigate the sewers. It's near the motel so check it just to see if our killer happened to go in there.
Jessica: Yes, Chief Clark! Right away, sir!

See what Caroline needs to tell you.
Caroline Walsh: Thank you for being discreet, Officer Campbell and <Rank> <Name>. I wanted to talk to you about Russell's nights with us hookers.
Caroline Walsh: He was just a lonely man who was always... rough with us.
Jessica: Please, spare us the details! I don't want to hear about your sexual proclivities.
Caroline Walsh: I'm trying to help you out here! Russell never cared about me. He was always telling me how I was his favorite. That's a load of bullsh*t and so was Russell.
Caroline Walsh: Alvin was of no help. He didn't care if we were abused, as long as he got his money. Well, that's completely unfair!
Caroline Walsh: Oh, jeez. I think my asthma's coming on. Give me a second.
Caroline Walsh: Anyways, long story short, Russell and Alvin were complete a**holes who took advantage of me. I hope this helps you in your investigation, <Rank> <Name>. Good luck with the case
(After talking to Caroline)
Jessica: Well, well, well, looks like the chipmunk is a bigger douche than I thought.
Jessica: We need more evidence here. You want to search the parking lot of the motel? All right, let's go!

Investigate Sewers.
(Before investigating)
Jessica: Oh my God, these sewers stink! I think I'll pass out if I stay here any longer.
Jessica: I'm serious, <Name>. I'll go wait outside and just call me once you've found something.
(After investigating)
Jessica: Well, it looks like this heel just might be our murder weapon considering that there's blood on it! But we must make sure that this is our victim's blood first! Could you possibly collect a sample?
Jessica: And that torn paper you picked up, could you also restore that? I'm getting light-headed and I don't think I want to even try repairing this!

Examine Heel.
Jessica: Yay, you did it! Let's get that sample to Kimberly right away!

Analyze Blood.
Kimberly: I analyzed that blood you extracted from that bloody heel and I can affirm you that this is your victim's blood!
Kimberly: And to top it off, Patrick compared the wounds to the heel and they're an impeccable match! You have your murder weapon, guys!
Jessica: All right! But it still sounds pretty gruesome though. Stabbed to death with a heel. Eugh...
Jessica: You're right, <Name>, how did I miss that?! If our killer used this heel as the murder weapon, then they must have gotten another pair which means our killer is wearing heels!
Kimberly: Wait, Jessica! I also found strands of blonde hair inside the heel. Your victim's hair could have easily ended up inside it but his hair was brown!
Jessica: I am amazed right now! Let's write down that the killer wears heels and has blonde hair! We're getting closer, I can feel it, can you, <Name>?
(After analysis results)
Jessica: Think, <Name>. Who do we know that wore heels? Hmm...
Jessica: Oh! There's Caroline and Gwen with their red pumps! And I think I remember seeing Karen Fox with some heels too! Let's write it down!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jessica: These sewers are starting to get to me. You repaired the paper already? All right, so what is it?
Jessica: A divorce notice?! This obviously must belong to Gwen Duncan, our victim's ex-wife! What the hell is this paper doing here anyways?
Jessica: You're right, let's ask Gwen herself!

Question Gwen about her divorce.
Gwen Duncan: Didn't I tell you pigs to leave me the hell alone?! I'm done answering your stupid questions!
Jessica: <Rank> <Name> found your divorce notice in the sewers. Could you please explain to us what it was doing there and how you exactly got your divorce.
Gwen Duncan: Fine. I'll do whatever it takes to get the hell away from you. Basically, I caught Russell cheating on me with another woman.
Gwen Duncan: I came home because I forgot my purse and I found those two in bed. I issued a divorce right away but it was going to take a couple of months to make it final.
Gwen Duncan: Russell and I both received a divorce notice and he must have flushed his copy down the toilet or something to make it end up in the sewers.
Gwen Duncan: Crap, my damn asthma inhaler isn't working. Look, please let me go. I have to go buy another asthma canister.
(After talking to Gwen)
Jessica: At least we now know how Russell and Gwen got divorced. I wonder, could she have killed Russell in retaliation for cheating on her?
Jessica: Well, that's her motive. We better keep a close eye on her.

Investigate Parking Lot.
Jessica: You found a torn photo? Seriously, why is everything torn in this city? It doesn't matter since you're a pro at repairing! I'll leave this task to you.

Examine Torn Photo.
Jessica: I knew you could repair this photo like a pro! Hmm, this is a photo of our victim and what looks like one of the chipmunk's hookers.
Jessica: Who's that person behind them? I can't see that person's face! Let's just send it to Annabel. She'll be able to figure it out in no time!

Analyze Photo.
Annabel: I analyzed that photo you restored at the parking lot and I can assure you that the person in this photo is none other than Curtis Reid!
Jessica: That corpulent freak? What's he doing in that photo with the victim and that tramp?
Jessica: Wait, before you say anything, <Name>, let's go ask Curtis.

Question Curtis Reid about his relationship with the victim.
Curtis Reid: Oh, you found this photo? So what? I just happened to be behind those two when I was working at the motel. Simple as that!
Curtis Reid: And Officer Campbell... are you still going to give me your number or do I have to... well...
Jessica: Stop changing the subject! Just tell us if you knew Russell well or not. Did he often invite hookers to his room?
Curtis Reid: Why, yes. A LOT of hookers went to his room in the past week. Here Campbell, Room 101, wear something see-through.
Jessica: You know what, Curtis? Go hug a landmine. Thank you for your time.

Later, at the Police Station...
Jessica: So, we know that Gwen divorced the victim because he cheated on her which gives her a good motive to kill him.
Jessica: We have Caroline, the hooker who was treated unfairly by the chipmunk and Russell by abuse. And then there's Curtis, who didn't know our victim well.
Jessica: What are we going to do now? We have to catch this killer before Chief Clark has our hide!
Karen Fox: <Rank> <Name>, it seems that you need some help. I'm here to offer some. I remembered one of the hookers that Russell invited over and...
Jessica: And what?
Karen Fox: And... I knew about Russell's divorce with his wife, Gwen. We happen to be close friends and she told me about it. Here's where it gets peculiar.
Karen Fox: The woman that slept with Russell was Caroline Walsh!
Jessica: Wait, WHAT?!

Chapter 3

Karen Fox: It's true, <Rank> <Name>. Caroline Walsh was the woman that Russell was sleeping with that caused the divorce between him and Gwen!
Jessica: So you know this how?
Karen Fox: When you first interrogated me, I didn't remember much. A few minutes after that, I started thinking about the hookers that came in.
Karen Fox: I paid a visit to Gwen and she told me that some blonde-haired girl with a butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder was the woman.
Karen Fox: I remembered Caroline coming in because of her hair and tattoo. That's why I came here: to tell you.
Jessica: <Rank> <Name> is going to escort you to the interrogation room because we need to know if you knew the victim well or not after what you just told us.

See what else Karen knows about the victim.
Jessica: All right, Karen. Russell was divorced by Gwen because of Caroline. Is this true?
Karen Fox: Yes, of course, I already told you! I remembered Caroline by Gwen's description of her when she was at the motel after their divorce!
Jessica: Did you know Caroline? How many times did she happen to be at Russell's motel room?
Karen Fox: Only a couple of times, I think. Russell was acting like he was a big shot just because he paid a lot of those cheap sl*ts to sleep with him.
Karen Fox: It made me sick. I mean, how could Russell do that to all of those women? That sick pervert even tried to invite ME to his room. Can you believe it?! I kept turning him down but he wouldn't leave me the hell alone!
Karen Fox: Don't get me wrong, guys. I wouldn't kill a snob like Russell for that! Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to the motel.
(After talking to Karen)
Jessica: <Rank> <Name>, did you notice Karen's heels when we were interrogating her? Let's write this down!
Jessica: Wow, I was actually observant there! So... wait! Let me say this! Let's search the other two crime scenes for more clues?
Jessica: I'm right! Whoo! Let's go before our killer tries to cover their tracks!

Investigate Motel Room.
Jessica: How didn't we notice this open window before? Our killer obviously used this to escape since there's no other way out of here when Curtis was checking up on Russell!
Jessica: I am on a ROLL, aren't I? All right, we should also take a closer look at that torn letter as well!

Examine Open Window.
Jessica: What did you collect off of this window? An unknown molecule? Oh, let's send that to Kimberly and she'll be able to identify what this molecule is in no time!

Analyze Unknown Molecule.
Jessica: So what's this molecule that <Name> extracted from the window that the killer utilized to escape?
Kimberly: I see you added more words to your vocabulary, Jessica. Well done, I'm impressed!
Kimberly: I managed to identify this molecule and I'm happy to tell you that the molecule comes from hairspray!
Jessica: Hairspray? Well, let's write this down on the Killer's Profile!
(After analysis results) Jessica: Let's see, who do we know who wears hairspray? Let's think carefully on this one.
Jessica: I remembered Karen having that scent around her and I think I recognize it: hairspray! Also, Gwen wears some since I kept holding my nose during her interrogations because she put on WAY too much!
Jessica: And then there's Caroline! Let's write this down! Jeez, I'm getting annoyed by saying that.

Examine Torn Letter.
Jessica: So the letter you repaired turns out to be a death threat! Quick, let's read it!
Jessica: "Pay your damn debt to me or you'll regret it!" So it seems the victim was in debt with somebody. Quick, get the carbon powder out and let's reveal some fingerprints!

Examine Death Threat.
Jessica: All right, I knew you could do it! Let's get this to Annabel and she should know who sent this death threat to the victim!

Analyze Fingerprint.
Annabel: The fingerprint you found on the death threat belongs to Alvin Daniels!
Jessica: The chipmunk?! We should have known that a guy like him would be greedy just like that bodyguard that you arrested in your last case, <Name>.
Jessica: Well, Alvin has some explaining to do. Come on, <Name>, let's go!

Question Alvin Daniels about the death threat.
Jessica: Well, Alvin, it seems that you threatened Russell about a debt that he owed to you. Care to explain what happened between you two?
Alvin Daniels: What do you think? Russell kept BORROWING my hookers and didn't even pay a goddamn cent for them!
Alvin Daniels: I sent Russell that letter to warn him about his debt to me. That idiot never sent me the money and I'm glad that he's dead!
Alvin Daniels: Look, I am getting tired of repeating myself. I did not kill Russell and you can't prove that I did because I DIDN'T!
Alvin Daniels: Jesus, you guys keep making me so angry that my damn asthma's acting up!

Investigate Sewers Conduit.
(Before investigating)
Jessica: <Name>, could you... search the sewers instead of us doing it together? The water smells horrible and I can't stand the stench!
(After investigating)
Jessica: What are the chances that this asthma inhaler might belong to the killer considering that they left the murder weapon here?
Jessica: Could you possibly extract some fingerprints off of this inhaler while I go get some fresh air?

Examine Asthma Inhaler.
Jessica: Wow, you were so fast that I didn't even make it outside!
Jessica: Now, can you compare this fingerprint to our database and find out who left their inhaler here?

Examine Fingerprint.
Jessica: So the fingerprint on the asthma inhaler belongs to Karen Fox! What was she doing at the sewers?
Jessica: At least we know that Karen is asthmatic and let's ask her what her inhaler was doing in the sewers.

Question Karen about her presence at the sewers.
Jessica: Karen, we found your asthma inhaler in the sewers where Russell's killer hid the murder weapon! Care to tell us how your inhaler ended up in the sewers?
Karen Fox: I can explain, <Rank> <Name>! I heard on the news that there was a box that consisted of a very rare and expensive ruby. I went to see if it was true but it wasn't there.
Karen Fox: Believe me, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't go in the sewers to hide that murder weapon!
Jessica: At least we know that you're asthmatic, is that right?
Karen Fox: Yes, of course. Now I have to get back to my job, if you don't mind.

Matthew Clark: <Rank> <Name> and Officer Campbell! Could you please explain to me why you haven't caught Russell Welch's killer yet?!
Jessica: Well, Chief, we haven't gotten any new leads yet but we're SO close to catching the killer though!
Matthew Clark: Then head back to the murder scene and find something that will catch the killer NOW!

Investigate Motel Room.
Jessica: How did we not notice this bloodstained carpet just like the window? Whatever, let's just collect a sample of blood for analysis.

Examine Bloodstained Carpet.
Jessica: Excellent work, <Name>! Now, let's get that sample to Kimberly immediately!

Analyze Blood.
Kimberly: It's a good thing you got that blood off of that carpet in the motel room because this is NOT your victim's blood!
Jessica: Really?! Oh my gosh, <Name>, we have the killer's blood! So... where does that lead us now?
Kimberly: Since your victim's blood type was A-, your killer's blood type is O+!
(After analysis results)
Jessica: Now if I'm correct, <Name>, we have enough evidence to arrest this killer.
Jessica: I'm right? Sweet! I'm getting good at this. You're a good tutor, you know that? Anyways, let's go arrest my first killer!

Arrest Killer.
Jessica: Caroline Walsh, you're under arrest for the murder of Russell Welch!
Caroline Walsh: It seems that you're smarter than I thought you were, <Rank> <Name> and Officer Campbell. Go ahead and arrest me if you want to.
Jessica: But why, Caroline? Why did you kill Russell?
Caroline Walsh: Why? I'll tell you why! That abusive bastard never showed any respect towards me! I was at Russell's room a few times and he always hit me!
Caroline Walsh: Alvin didn't give a sh*t what happened to me, as long as he got his money which Russell didn't even pay! Like I said before, it's utterly UNFAIR!
Caroline Walsh: A few hours ago, Russell wanted me over. I didn't want to go but Alvin forced me. I don't know why since Russell never paid to see me.
Caroline Walsh: He was getting rough with me. I told him to stop but he wouldn't listen! I hit him back after he gave me a slap but then he just got aggressive!
Caroline Walsh: He started punching and kicking me saying how I was such a dirty wh*re. You want to know what I did after?
Caroline Walsh: I grabbed one of my heels and stabbed that moron to death! I have done what any woman would have done if they were being attacked by a madman! That's why my sentence won't be long.
Caroline Walsh: Some of my blood ended up on the carpet and I used the window to escape after I heard footsteps coming my way. Afterwards, I fled to the sewers and hid the heel so you wouldn't catch me.
Jessica: You clearly underestimated us, Caroline. You're under arrest! Anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law...

Honorable Henderson: Caroline Walsh, you are brought here today to--
Caroline Walsh: Your Honor, I already explain--
Honorable Henderson: I'm talking! I speak, you listen, and then I'll allow you to respond! Do you understand?
Caroline Walsh: Oh, now it's my turn to talk?
Honorable Henderson: You've heard the saying: speak when you're spoken to or otherwise, shut up! 
Caroline Walsh: So that's how this goes? All right...
Honorable Henderson: I don't have time for this. For the murder of Russell Welch, you're hereby sentenced to 35 years in prison! Court is adjourned!

Jessica: Whoo, we solved our first case together! You know, I would rather work with you than Robert since he's always mean.
Jessica: Let's go back to the Police Station and go order some doughnuts! Robert would prefer some beer but I can't stand the stuff. 

Additional Investigation

Jessica: Oh no, <Name>, something terrible has happened!
Jessica: Slammin' Donuts is closed! How are we going to celebrate our first arrest together?
Jessica: Oh well. We can go get some Slammin' Donuts some other time. So, what do we do now after we arrest someone? Do we just... sit around? Wait for a call?
Curtis Reid: Oh, <Rank>, you're here! Thank goodness, I need your help right away!
Jessica: What's wrong, Mr Reid? And if you ask me for my number again, I will scream so loud, your eyes will bug out.
Curtis Reid: Please, Officer Campbell, all I need is your help. Meet me at the motel and I'll tell you. Please, come as soon as you can!
Jessica: So that's what we do! We help our citizens out! Seems kind of boring, don't you think, <Name>? Anyways, let's go see Curtis.
Karen Fox: <Rank> <Name>, I need your help right away! Could you meet me at the motel parking lot? I'll explain when you get there. Just, please come!
Jessica: ...Okay. We'll meet you there as soon as we can.
Matthew Clark: <Rank> <Name> and Officer Campbell. A certain Gwen Duncan has requested your assistance.
Jessica: All right. We're on it, Chief. Come on, <Name>, let's go help those three guys out!

Help Curtis Reid.
Jessica: Alright, Curtis. Why did you want us to come here? Is there a lost cat stuck in a tree?
Curtis Reid: No. I called you over here because... I want to make sure that the crime scene is safe. I don't want to rent out a room where people know that a person died there!
Jessica: So you want us to basically search the motel room just to make sure it's okay for you to rent out the room?
Curtis Reid: That's precisely what I just said. Please, do this for me.
Jessica: All right, all right. Let's go, <Name>, before Curtis starts slobbering snot all over our shoulders.

Investigate Motel Room.
Jessica: Um... I never noticed these bloody glasses before? Were they Russell's or Caroline's?
Jessica: The only way to find out is to get a blood sample off of this. You're better at this than I am so work your magic, <Name>!

Examine Glasses.
Jessica: Great! Now let's send that blood over to the lab and we'll know whose blood this is!

Analyze Blood.
Kimberly: The blood <Name> extracted from those glasses indeed belongs to the victim!
Jessica: Really? Well, let's tell Curtis that we're now done with this investigation.

Reassure Curtis Reid.
Jessica: Curtis, there's no need to worry. <Rank> <Name> found a pair of bloody glasses in the motel room and we managed to identify that it's Russell's blood. We're done with our investigation so there's no need to worry anymore.
Curtis Reid: Really? All right, thanks a lot, you two. And Officer Campbell, I just wanted to apologize for hitting on you earlier. I just... get lost sometimes when I'm around attractive women.
Jessica: Attractive? Thanks, Curtis. At least you'll be able to rent out the room now. Have a nice night, Mr Reid.

Help Karen Fox.
Karen Fox: Thank you for coming here, <Rank> <Name> and Officer Campbell. I called you over here because I lost my car keys.
Karen Fox: I remember pulling into the parking lot and going inside the motel. I retraced my steps but I can't seem to find my car keys. Could you please search the motel's entrance while I search the parking lot?
Jessica: Sure thing, Karen! We'll look at the motel entrance very thoroughly to find your keys.

Investigate Motel Entrance.
Jessica: You think Karen's keys might be in the trash bag? I'm kind of confused. How can Karen's keys end up inside a trash bag?
Jessica: This is the sewers all over again! Eugh... can you search this trash bag for me?

Examine Trash Bag.
Jessica: You definitely found keys all right but we don't know if these are Karen's car keys. How can we verify that these are indeed Karen's car keys?
Jessica: Search the database? All right, let's do it then!

Examine Key.
Jessica: Oh my gosh, Karen has the all-new 2014 MWB! That costs like $46,000 though! Whew, that woman must be rich if she can afford this kind of car!
Jessica: I think she'll be VERY pleased to have her car keys back. Come on, let's give them back to her.

Return her car key to Karen Fox.
Karen Fox: Oh, my car key! Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! Where did you find it?
Jessica: Peculiarly inside a trash bag.
Karen Fox: Really?! Hmm, that IS rather peculiar. Anyways, thank you so much, you two. You have to eat something after solving that gruesome murder!

Help Gwen Duncan,
Gwen Duncan: Thank you for coming, <Rank> <Name> and Officer Campbell. I need a little help.
Jessica: Well, what do you need, Ms Duncan?
Gwen Duncan: Please, just call me Gwen. I broke and lost my favorite bracelet in the sewers and I was wondering if you could possibly repair it and return it to me?
Jessica: The sewers? Oh, not again. <Name>, you know what this means. We're on our way, Gwen!

Investigate Sewers.
Jessica: Gwen already told us that this is broken so you should have no problem repairing this! Let's see if you can do it before I count the alphabet! A... B... D... wait, that's C! A... B... C... D...

Examine Broken Bracelet.
Jessica: Oh, you repaired the bracelet before I even got to E! Jeez, you're amazing! Anyways, let's give this back to Gwen. 

Return the bracelet to Gwen Duncan.
Jessica: Here's your bracelet, Gwen! <Rank> <Name> has repaired it for you and even washed that nasty and horrible stench off of it too!
Gwen Duncan: Oh, thank you, <Rank> <Name>! If you're wondering why this is broken, I'll tell you.
Gwen Duncan: Your interrogations made me a little apoplectic so I broke my bracelet and tossed it in the sewers since Russell gave it to me on our first date.
Gwen Duncan: Oh, I HAVE got to reward you with something for finding, repairing and cleaning my bracelet! Take this and be careful out there!

Jessica: Whew, what a day, huh, <Name>? I don't know why I'm tired when you did all the work. It's probably just me anxious to get my hands on some Slammin' Donuts!
Matthew Clark: Jessica, now don't freak out but... Jessica: What? What is it, Chief?
Matthew Clark: Slammin' Donuts is open and I got you two some donuts in celebration of solving your very first case together as a team!
Jessica: YAY! Donuts!
Jessica: Ah... sweet jelly... inside... soft. Mmmh!
Matthew Clark: O... kay... and <Rank> <Name>, after Jessica's done eating, come see me in my office and I'll brief you both on John's current status.
Jessica: Come on, <Name>! You better start eating some donuts before I eat them all!

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