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Fool to Cry
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Aftermark
Case # 62
Initial release date 15. V 2020.
Partner(s) Leonidas Lupo
Case Chronology
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A Brave New Land A Death Will Set You Free

Fool to Cry is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 154th case of the game and the 62nd case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Aftermark, a district of Fario.


Following a shocking discovery of LUMIA's plans an how the dealing of the purple diamonds will be achieved on Marinette Bourgeois' supernatural party. Remembering Marinette's condition that they need to be under the masks Leonidas Lupo decided to dress as a werewolf. As they entered the supernatural ball they were completely surrounded by people in costumes of vampires, woodland spirits, even Egyptian and Greek gods. The team decided to relax a little and talk while trying to detect a person with purple diamonds. As they became thirsty, Leonidas approaches the table to grab a punch but how he raised a ladle he immediately went green, but also made the team to close the party and order everyone to stay inside the big mansion as long this investigation lasts.

The team right after that started to search around where they discovered more guts that they sent to Matilda. The team continues to investigate and decided to first talk with the host, Marinette (dressed like a demon) who was chocked to find out about the murder on her party. As the team progressed the investigation they found reasons to suspect a priest Dorian Silenon but also meet up again with a cheerleader Veronica Krause (who was dressed as a woodland spirit). Soon after that the team got a call from panicking Matilda who told them to stay where they are because the victim carried an unnamed disease and that entire mansion will need to stay under the quarantine until she discover about what is word about. Leonidas, who tried to stay calm, told Matilda to relax and take a deep breath and progress what she discovered. Matilda then told them that she found traces of garlic on the outside side of guts, which only would've been done by the killer.

The team breathe deeply before informing others that the mansion is under the quarantine due to the victim and unidentified disease and told them to stay calm as everyone works hard to bring answers. In that moment a strongman with a cannibal mask o his face attacked Leonidas. As the strongman continued to go on Leonidas the other attendee's and the player moved him away before Leonidas cuffed him and wanted explanation. The strongman, Falcon Bulleye told the team that his occultist friend Pierce Cromwell dared him to attack the smallest on the party to rove the royalty to him. When they asked him where that happened he just replied Marinette's basement. The team told him to not go anywhere because of the mysterious disease as they proceeded to the basement where they found a head. Facial recolonization showed that the head belong to the same mentioned Pierce. The team then found that Marinette knew Pierce and questioned her. She admitted that the Pierce was womanizer and a creep before adding a mysterious wizard wannabe Klement Wizz. The team also approached Dorian again when they discovered that Pierce tried to stake him.

As the team waited to find more about the disease they decided to recap the case before Max ran to Leonidas, having a bloody arm in his teeth. Leonidas quickly took the hand and with the layer exterminated it for the fingerprints and discovered that the arm is Pierce's. After that Max led the team back to the basement where inside the coffin they found a mauled and body body of Pierce. Further interrogation discovered that Klement was mocked by Pierce for his love for magics and being called "boomer". As well the team discovered that again spoke to Falcon who confessed that he uses steroids and that Pierce threatened to expose him before finding that Pierce tried to sneak into the girls bathroom to get pictures of Veronica.

After all that they got a call from Matilda who with a sign of relief said that they don't need to be more in the quarantine as the disease is not deadly at all. With that knowing the team relaxed before running one last search before discovering enough evidence to arrest Falcon. When the team asked him why he did it, he tried to deny but the more the team pressured the evidence on him the more short tempered Falcon became before snapping, telling him that the victim was a lair. Falcon explained how Pierce wasn't just an occultist but has connecting with the Mexican and American drug cartels and some weird organization called LUMIA. Falcon continued, telling the team how the victim told him that they can get him some rare gems that he can later sell to his drug dealer for some drugs. He then said how he accepted the offer and waited this night to have the exchange, now knowing that pierce was a manipulator and also called LUMIA to claim same gems. As he waited, he then noticed him and an unknown person how he gave them all the gems and walking away with the person. Angry at Pierce he to follow them and down in the basement he only noticed Pierce, hiding the gems. He also said how Pierce got a bit upset but also said how he didn't wanted to listen to Pierce's excuse and grabbed katana before opening his chest and poring guts out. Knowing that outside is the party he cut his head of and thew it int he corner, places the body in the chest, cleaned the katana and collected the guts that he later threw in the punch, thinking that the people will think it's a decoration. As Leonidas cuffed him he asked Falcon about the gems location on what he said that they are still in the basement. On the court, Judge Gilmore sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

Right after the trial, the team, know knowing that Pierce is the one that stole all the gems decided to pick them up from the mansion but as they arrived the noticed a smoke and mansion, burning to the ground. As the mansion was burning, Marinette ran to the team saying that they need to turn off the fire as the mansion is an important historical heritage of the city and USA, making the team to remember the destroyed cave As the firefighters arrived the started to extinguish the fire, making the team space to tun to the basement but to find nothing but a dusty footprint that ended u to be Klement's. Klement nervously said that some people wanted from him to cause a short circuit using his magic but that things went wrong. After being questioned who those people are he said that it was an encrypted virtual call from a tablet. He apologized for his act and gave the team a tablet as a sign of redemption. The team unlocked the tablet but the call was encrypted so they sent it to Arif who after analyzed the calls he said that he extracted the IP that led to Veronica's phone. The team then question her and by her they found that her grandfather used her phone while his was long. Suspicious on that they went to Solomon to ask him why he wanted a mansion down. Solomon laughed and said that LUMIA needs to rebuild a history and that they will need to put heritage, monuments and books out of existence and fabricate history for what it will be used purple diamonds that Pierce was supposed to bring. The team then asked him about the missing gems on what he said that they are on a secure place before Leonidas noticed a figure on the Solomon's desk and told the player that they need to return to the mansion's bathroom. As they returned there Leonidas explained how the same figure that was on Solomon's desk used to be here in the bathroom and told the play to search around where they found a broken safe with frozen of class pieces inside. After carefully digging through them they noticed a wet card that after dusting it it was revealed to be victim's ID card for prison visitors. The checked whit the database they confirmed that Pierce visited Alonso. Inside his prison cell, Alonso laughed manically and told the team that they won't get anything from him because he is loyal to LUMIA and that Pierce was a good pawn. They asked him about purple diamonds and Pierce on that Alonso revealed that he ran a page and that Pierce was easily manipulative for the job as well that they are gone, sold to the buyer who will use the power of it to destroy every piece of known history before fabrication starts.

In the meantime, Dorian approached the team and asked the played if they are ready to help him to find his rosary that got lost on the ballroom. The team agree to help him and went to search now burned ballroom. After finding pieces of the rosary and placing it back to together they returned it to him. Dorian thanked the team and wished them a good and blessed fight against the devil before telling the team to come closer as he heard that devil's worshipers plan major attack on the city and the history, something that was already familiar to the team. Before the team left he also told them to never lose hope as in the most rainier day a ray of light can come through the clouds.

After the returned to the station they started to discuss LUMIA's plan and how they need to stop them from destroying history. As the team started to pick the sides and make the plan they remembered that they also need to focus to find the buyer now when Alonso was confirmed to be the administrator of the site Chief Filipovich told them to still be on high alert as LUMIA is not easily predictable and can strike when they least expect. Leonidas remembered Dorian's words and repeated to the team in hope that they will feel better. They then decided to focus to find a buyer before they put all the money into the fabricated history and books.

Two days later, a heavy rain and thunder stroke the city as inside the courthouse a gavel hit the table, making one of the criminals free of charge. As the mysterious criminal exit the prison gates and entered the limo who drove them away from the scene. Soon they arrived to the familiar place, an old construction cite on the Fario Hill where the history of Fario begun. The criminal sighed before letting out a laugh, telling the driver that now when she is finally free, she and Nerocius can burn the city for treason. The driver opened a trunk and pulled out a saber before carefully approached her from behind and stabbed her heart. The woman fall down as the rain continued to fall over her dead body. Driver took the brush and painted on the stone "Aqucius is down" with her own blood.



  • Pierce Cromwell (His guts were found in the punch)

Murder Weapon

  • Katana


  • Falcon Bulleye



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer believes in the supernatural.
  • The Killer has contacts with garlic.
  • The Killer collects old newspapers.
  • The Killer has gold accessories.
  • The Killer is a man.

Crime Scenes

Supernatural Party Ballroom Buffet Table Supernatural Party Ballroom Bonus
Mansion's Bloody Bathroom Bloody Bath Tub Mansion's Bloody Bathroom Bonus
Marinette's Basement Dark Corner Marinette's Basement Bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

After the Smoke 2



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