Follow in Footsteps
General information
Season 9
City Laroy Bay
Region Tech Town
Case # 27
Initial release date 22.3.2020
Partner(s) Marcus Young
Case chronology
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Mind-Blowing Reality Lie in Ruins

Follow in Footsteps is a case featured in Criminal Case Return to Laroy Bay. It takes place in Tech Town and it's the 27th case of the game, also the third one to take place in Tech Town.


After Emma Fairchild informed the team that she found out the underwater lab's loaction, Chief Diane Miller sent Marcus Young and the player to meet up with her. After Emma showed them the secret tunnels leading to the lab, the pair went inside. 20 minutes later, they got inside of the lab and immediately started searching around, only to find a body of scientist Alfred Huckabee, who was floating in the pool with his organs sucked out by a pool drain. Disgusted, the pair sent his body to Megan Alan, who said that cause of death is disembowelment by pool drain. Megan also told them that Alfred was knocked out with a sharp object before getting thrown in the pool. The pair searched around the lab and found enough evidence to suspect Hardwin family matriarch Susan Hardwin, scientist Kurt McKormik and Alfred's manmade human Amanda. When they returned back to the main lab, Emma approached them and said that she saw Alfred outside.

Confused, they went to see what's going on, only to see Alfred outside. Confused and shocked, Marcus pulled out his gun and told the man to identify himself. The man panicked and told them that he is Alfred's clone and that real Alfred made him few years ago. They then put Alfred's clone on the suspect list before investigating the lab entrance. A little while later, they added Emma on the suspect list too after they discovered that she fought with the victim. Later, they discovered that Alfred abused Amanda and that he wanted to fire Kurt for accidentally breaking Alfred's laptop. When they got back to the station, Rosie approached them, saying that she found out something interesting about victim's clone.

Rosie told them that victim's clone was a failed experiment since it didn't shared the same traits as real Alfred. Marcus and player then spoke to clone Alfred, who explained how his creator bullied him for being ''too nice'' and how he planned to get rid off him. The pair then searched Alfred's apartment for more clues. After searching the apartment, the duo found out that Alfred harassed and stalked Susan and that he planned to kill Emma since he believed that she is a threat to Howard. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the team arrested clone Alfred for his creator's murder.

Upon admitting to the murder, clone sighed and said that he was tired of Alfred's bullying, but he went too far when he started harassing Susan Hardwin. Clone Alfred proceeded to explain how he and Susan fell in love few months ago. However, Alfred got mad at him and threatened to deactivate him if he doesn't break up with Susan. When clone refused, Alfred started harassing and threatening Susan, hoping to scare her away. After Susan told him what happend, clone Alfred snapped and decided to take drastic measures. He then knocked out Alfred with a glass bottle before dumping him in the pool and setting the pool drain on it's highest, disemboweling him in the process. The pair took clone Alfred to Eva Rose, who sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

Post-trial, Amanda wanted to talk with the team, saying that she overheard Alfred and Howard talking about some creating some kind of virus. Horrified, Marcus asked Amanda to tell them more, so Amanda told them that she stole Alfred's laptop and locked it in her dollhouse. After finding and unlocking Amanda's dollhouse, the pair found Howard's laptop that was sent to Danny, who told them that Alfred has another secret room in the lab and that he found out where it is. Marcus, Danny and player went to the secret lab and found a door behind Alfred's computers. After Danny entered the passcode, the trio got in a room with crimson red walls. After searching around, Danny found a strange folder that they sent to Anastasia. Few hours later, Anastasia called them and told them that Howard and Jordan wanted to make a virus with Alfred's help. Panicking Anastasia proceeded to explain that, after every citizen gets infected, Howard planned to make vaccines out of Julia Hardwin's drug and make everyone obey him and his family. Right then, Howard and his bodyguards came in and screamed at the trio for snooping around. Marcus threatened to shoot him, but Howard laughed and said that, if he does, Mayor Crimson will continue their plans either way. His bodyguard then tied Danny's hands together before dragging him out. As Marcus tried to stop them, one of the bodyguards punched him in the face and knocked him down...

Meanwhile, Clarisse Auger and player went to stop Emma, who attacked Susan with a baseball bat. After putting Emma in custody, the pair questioned Susan, who told them that Emma got a psychotic idea to kill every Hardwin and ''save'' the town from them. Susan sighed and told them that she just wants to spend her remaining days in peace before leaving. The pair then questioned Emma about her plans, who laughed and told them that the only way they can get rid of them is to murder them all. Emma then told them that she and resistance members planted a bomb next to the lab entrance, hoping to kill everyone who enters it. With Sven Torrents' help, the team found and defused a bomb before heading back to the station.

After all of these events, Anastasia started to cry because of Danny, but Clarisse comfored her, saying how they will find him and stop Howard's crazy plan. Right then, the team recieved a call from Emma who escaped prison. Emma smirked and told them that she will finally eliminate Howard herself...



Murder Weapon:

  • Pool Drain



Killer's Profile

  • The killer suffered from coronavirus.
  • The killer knows chemistry.
  • The killer has been to Seattle.
  • The killer has white hair.
  • The killer wears a lab coat.

Crime Scenes

Underwater Lab Bloody Pool Underwater Lab Bonus
Lab Entrance Metal Detector Lab Entrance Bonus
Victim's Apartment Kitchen Counter Victim's Apartment Bonus
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