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Type City
Founder ???
Established 1940s
Country Fluxford, California
Inhabitants American
Population 10,000 +
Primary LEA Fluxford Special Agency
Key figures Francisco Fluxford (Police Chief)

Nathaniel Hartsin (Mayor)

Appearance(s) Season 5: Fluxford

Fluxford is the main setting for the fifth season of Criminal Case.

Located in Fluxford, California, the Player arrives here to take up a job as quiet homicide detective, but the crimes he/she faces will make them the talk of the town. From partying areas to fancy buildings, the Player and the team behind him will lead the way into a bigger darkness.


Fluxford contains a total of 10 districts, one district with five cases, seven districts with six cases, and two district with four cases.

Partying Portico

Partying Portico is the first district of Fluxford. This district contains a bunch of parties and festivals. A serial killer lurks this district, luring unsuspecting tourists to their death.

Case # Case Name
1 First Death in the Morning
2 Sip, Swirl, Swallow
3 Vinyl Scratch
4 Fatality!
5 A Plague On Our City

Hellraised Hollow

Hellraised Hollow is the second district of Fluxford. This district contains crypts and caves. The team arrives here to completely abolish a cult and learn about a certain event that is planned to happen.

Case # Case Name
6 Too Drawn In
7 Amidst The Ruins
8 Blood in the Water
9 Hell's New Gift
10 A Gift of Faith
11 Not As I Seem

Frigid Falls

Frigid Falls is the third district of Fluxford. This district contains mountain and many snowy resorts. The team takes a vacation and decides to watch the annual Frigid Falls Skiing Competition. It is a very short district because Bris is angery.

Case # Case Name
12 Withering Weather
13 Cabin Fever
14 Frostbite The Dust
15 Callie Came In From the Cold
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