Fleur Harrison
Biographical information
Full name Fleur Harrison
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1969
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Residence Stonemoor, Scotland
Winnipeg, Canada (formerly)
Past profession(s) Medical Resident
Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers
Rank Head of Forensics
Game information
Appears in Stonemoor
First appearance Case #1: An Unhappy Greeting (s2)
I may look prissy and sound like a spoiled brat but I know the difference between what can kill you, what can injure you and what can leave you completely unharmed.
—Fleur Harrison

Fleur Harrison is a main character featured in Season 2 of Criminal Case, appearing as the Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers's Head of Forensics.

She was a suspect in the murder investigations of sommelier Myra Jabari in When the Clock Strikes Midnight (Case #42 of Stonemoor) and beat cop Todrick Cole in The Balance of Power (Case #60 of Stonemoor).


Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, Fleur is the 51-year-old Laboratory Chief of the Stonemoorian Justice Enforcers who served as a medical resident for the local hospital prior to her tenure in the police. She has black hair in two separate buns braided with gear and pearl accessories, as well green eyes with dark eyeshadow. She is seen wearing a pale collared shirt with a black knotted ascot under a white lab coat. She is also seen wearing a necklace with two rubies, one of them set in a flower-like charm. It is known that she can be sassy about her intelligence and that she's willing to fight against crime despite her posh exterior. It is known that her favourite animal is a beaver.

Notable Events of Stonemoor

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Case appearances

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