Flarehigh Law Department
Type Law enforcement department
Common name Flarehigh Department
Abbreviation FLD
Headquarters Flarehigh City, USA
General nature Police department
Formation 1943
Founded by unknown
Motto Crime might be everywhere, But they can't fight the law
Appearance(s) Season 1 of Criminal Case
The Flarehigh Law Department (FLD) is an local department in Flarehigh City, USA, as an department, it protects the law and the community, it was the first department the player worked in


As an department, it investigates all crimes in sort, Mostly murder cases, searching crime scenes for clues, interrogating suspects, analyzing clues, until arresting the culprit of the case


Name Age Position Duties Status
Melanie Jackson 45 Chief of Police Reviews the case, supervise the player and the rest of the team, View the other department and information Deceased
Player N/A Detective Investigate cases, solving clues, analyzing evidence, interrogate suspects, and arresting the culprits Resigned
Morgan Skinner 28 Detective Investigate cases and working with the player Alive
Eleana Stevens 34 Lab Chief Analyzes physical and biological evidence, may incriminate the culprit's Alive
Bartholomew Keran 57 Coroner Performing autopsy to dead bodies Alive
Alma Perry 21 Tech Expert Analyzing technical and digital evidence to incriminate the culprit Resigned
Leah Scottins 37 Profiler Analyzes psychological evidence to incriminate the culprit's traits Alive
Peter Doulan 24 Field Officer Helping minor cases, informing situations Deceased
Johann Gerangel 32 Weapons Ballistic Expert Analyzes weapons and assisting players with firearms for protection Incarcerated
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