Welcome to Flarehigh, this city is famous for its beauty, but also hid a secret beneath crimes, Anyways, [Player] its your new day in this very station, I want you to look out and enjoy the experience, Don't worry, it ain't stinks
—Melanie Jackson

Flarehigh City is the first season of Criminal Case, it was made by a new user Anschlussing Time, a.k.a Bryan, Set in United States, it follows the story of our player who's joining the Flarehigh Law Department, we met an fashioned detective named Morgan Skinner, He introduces himself and the chief, and so the cases began


Flarehigh City is located in the eastern hemisphere of United States, The city is located in the coastal area which consist several island with the main one is the Decker Island, who hosts two districts, and the famous Memorial Island, an island with the statue of the founder, Doug K. Flarehigh, it consists nine districts


All nine districts in this city are:


Located in the west, With suburban areas, and giant exhibitions for the diamonds, and the greeny areas, It consists six cases, It focuses on the stealing of the Flarehigh Diamonds, and tracking the location of the notorious thieves so-known as Blackmask, Case #1 - Case #6 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
1 Only One Beginning
2 Dead Incoming
3 Winds of the Deceased
4 Hang in Hell
5 Blood Hunt
6 The Diamond in the Head

Gold Haven

The biggest district in Flarehigh, with giant skyscrapers and buildings made of glass, it was the richest state all time, Mainly focus on economy crisis in the city caused by a corrupt company, The purpose of hijacking the economy is to make Flarehigh economy destroyed, Also, it revolts the richest man's life who's been spied by someone, Case #7 - Case #12 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
7 Money Maniac
8 Dead in the Show
9 Good People Always Die
10 Simple Game
11 Theory of the Dead
12 Killing Strike

Spruce Village

The district with spruce trees and parks, half of the city consists stores and lakes, Focuses on the criminal who kills several artists and posing them as their paintings pose, Art Slayer, and the mysterious hooded woman who only appeared at funerals, which led to the mystery of those two who connects at the same time, Case #13 - Case #18 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
13 Locked Secrets
14 Art Slayer
15 Cold Heart
16 Relic of the Luck
17 Loving Dead
18 Page and the Script

Red River

The least populated district, filled with small villages and trees, due to its radiation through the forests caused by the deadly scientists, And the decreasing of the rarest and near-extinct animal which only found in Asia and brought to the Flarehigh City for deadly experiments, the Saola's, The scientist behind this massacre is not yet captured, Case #19 - Case #24 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
19 Come as You Are
20 Endangered
21 Over Dead At Nine
22 The Mystery in the White
23 Deadly Mix
24 Up and Shoot

The Woods

An island, with nothing but only deep forests, Filled with campers who want to enjoy survival journeys and forest rangers, it follows the story of a urban legend of a mysterious creature who slain several campers, mostly girls, And following the trail of the mysterious creature that can be a human in disguise, Despite the rumors only introduced 5 years ago, Many campers still came despite the danger, and the rumors were back after one murder occurs, Case #25 - Case #30 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
25 Tragedy at the Road
26 Dead Patrol
27 Old Crimes
28 Killers with Desire
29 Hot Passion
30 True Justice


Place where students study for their future, with wide complex, Famously known for its rumor about the doxxing from the goverment, which caused the university reputation to drop, Which ruined the system because they cost money, Which caused many murders regarding money, A plan to overthrow the mayor were created by the revolting lecturers and students, The mayor admits that he did not responsible for the doxxing which he calls a "fake theory created by mindless kids and teachers", Case #31 - Case #36 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
31 Welcome to the University!
32 Life of an Killer
33 Insurance Crime
34 The Resistance of Truth
35 Downfall
36 Final Blood

Mayoral Center

The political district, After the overthrowing of the mayor, He began to promote a group of mafias to kill the entire FLD members, Which endangered them, and the elections which two canditates will be chosen as the mayor, And it also focuses on unraveling the secrets of the Flarehigh family, which tells that half of it are corrupt, and the visit of a foreign Minister of Defence from the country of Cameroon, Case #37 - Case #42 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
37 Rich People's Demise
38 The Crime Of Secret
39 Political Votes
40 Flarehigh Conspiracy
41 Deadly Visitor
42 Death by the Family

Memorial Island

The famous landmark on the city, it features the statue of the Flarehigh founder, after the votes has finished, the new mayor, ruins the entire city's reputation, by deporting all tourists and immigrants, abolishing social network, and worse, attempting to shut all police divisions and replace it with the military, His corruption caused everyone to riot, by killing eachother, stealing, hijacking, etc, The island is filled with conspiracy and hidden secrets about the entire truth of the Flarehigh family, with politicians and the military, there are seven cases in this very island, Case #43 - Case #49 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
43 A Stab of Justice
44 Hidden Meanings
45 Truthless
46 Sculpting Beauty
47 History of the Dead
48 Bloody Fantasy
49 The Memorial Island's Secret

Polynesian Palms

The final district, Filled with slums, military bases, and the airport itself, It was the poorest district due to the extreme military rules, It also includes Polynesian people who came from ancestry, and focuses on stopping the mayor's regime once again, With all of the craziness, The FLD must work as hard as they can to stop the chaos and fix the city again, With seven cases, Case #50 - Case #56 are situated in here

Case Number Case Name
50 The Encounter
51 Dark Age of the City
52 Voyage of Despair
53 Apart from the Death
54 Hunted
55 Operation Six
56 Last Goodbye
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