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Evan: I voted, <Name>! Who did you vote for? With the candidates we have, I decided to vote the Educative Party. I hope they win!
Evan: I'm so hungry... Why don't we have breakfast in a bar nearby? It's just half past ten!
Evan: I know what we can do. Let's go to "The Station". That's the bar where I started dating Linda.
Evan: Do you agree? Ok, let's go have a meal there!

Evan: Oh, <Name>, there's Paul Waters! Remember him? The head of the Capitalist Alliance! We met him in that case in the bank, and you met him with the Chief during the case of the murder at the city hall.
Evan: Oh my! He's choking! Paul is choking, <Name>! Let's help him!

Evan: Paul was taken to the hospital. I hope it doesn't end up like our previous case.
Evan: But what happened to him? Why did he start choking? I think we should take a look at that table where he was eating.

Chapter 1

Investigate Bar
Evan: Yes, this is Paul's meal. It looks like roasted pork, I think. I'm not sure.
Evan: Let's send it to the lab and see if they find anything weird.

Analyze Food
Sabrina: I'm not surprised Paul Waters fell sick. I found some detergent in the sauce!
Evan: Ok, <Name>. So Paul's attacker uses detergent. We have to talk to the bar cook.
Sabrina: Wait, that's not all. This is not pork as you thought, Evan. This dish is human meat!
Sabrina: WHAT?! So this is a double murder?
Sabrina: No! Paul isn't dead, and he's surely going to survive. And I don't think this cannibal was aiming for Paul's life.
Sabrina: Someone killed a person and cooked them. But I don't know who...
Evan: Alright, so this killer uses detergent. Let's tell Paul what happened to him and let's interrogate the bar cook, fine?

Evan: Hello, cook! Are you here?
Linda: EVAN?!
Evan: LINDA?!

Tell Paul what he ate
Paul: This just happened to me on the elections day... It's a murder attempt! I'm sure it was a socialist.
Paul: <Rank> <Name>, please find the culprit!
Evan: In fact, you just accidentally ingested some detergent. It was no murder attempt.
Evan: At least not against you. What you were served is human meat!
Paul: What?! I can't believe it! What kind of psychopath could do this?
Evan: We're going to find this crazy killer, don't worry. Good luck on the elections!

Talk to the bar cook about the murder
Evan: Why are you working here?
Linda: I lost my job, didn't I?
Evan: You should've told me... Nevermind. Linda, you served human meat. And as you cooked it, you're the main suspect!
Linda: Human meat? Don't joke, honey! I mean, if I had killed someone, my clients should have heard some noise. And that did not happen.
Linda: Maybe my preseller gave me that meat to get rid of his murder's evidence!
Evan: Preseller? Oh no, you don't mean Val Zenodia.
Linda: Yes, I do. But I don't think he could kill someone.
Linda: And as I'm a suspect and that person was cooked here, you can take a look around, please.

Interrogate Val Zenodia
Evan: Val, you sold goods to the bar called "The Station", didn't you?
Val: I think I did. Why? There's been another murder. Am I wrong?
Evan: No, you're not. A person was cooked and served as a dish there. And maybe you sold that meat.
Val: No, I didn't sell human flesh! I'm sure about that. I'm not a criminal and you know it.
Val: But... a murder on elections day is really suspicious. I'm really sure the Comunists are getting revenge!

Investigate Kitchen
Evan: <Name>, maybe that dish was prepaired in this pan. See, there's some of that sauce left.
Evan: And besides taking a sample of that, why don't we look into that fridge? Maybe there are more pieces of our victim.

Examine Pan
Evan: This sauce sample could tell us something about the murder, <Name>. Let's send it to the lab.

Analyze Sauce
Sabrina: <Name>, in this oil there was a bit of the sauce used in that human meat.
Sabrina: And along with some little meat dices I found calcium carbonate. Your killer might have left it on the victim's meat before it was cooked.
Sabrina: With some of this substance being ingested, you can get gastric irritation and a sore throat. All of these symptoms were found in Paul Waters.
Evan: So the killer also tried to poison him?
Sabrina: No, it must have been an accident. Calcium carbonate can be found in pearls. Your killer wears pearls and they dropped it on the meat!

Examine Fridge
Evan: What did you find, <Name>? Meat slices? Well, it's the only meat inside that fridge.
Evan: Ok, let's try and send it to the lab.

Analyze Meat slices
Daniel: These meat slices also belong to the victim, <Name>. I'm afraid you're dealing with someone creepy.
Daniel: I found some damaged hairs on the meat. And the little DNA that was found does not show a victim with brown eyes.
Evan: What means the killer has brown eyes. Thanks very much, Daniel!

Back at the station...

Evan: <Name>, I can't believe it. This murder is really hard to solve.
Evan: We have a psycho on the loose who might be having a human barbecue right now. That person killed someone and somehow the corpse got to Linda's kitchen.
Evan: There could be our victim's meat at many more bars or restaurants! And the worst thing is that we don't know who OUR VICTIM IS!!
Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, Mayor Loas has gone missing!

Chapter 2

Alan Smith: How many times do I have to repeat it, Evan? The Mayor just went missing!
Evan: Chief, if we have a murder on the elections day with an unidentified victim and the Mayor, who is a candidate, goes missing... Would that mean he's our victim?!
Alan Smith: It's probable. But I don't know. Just in case, I'll tell Gino to ask the phorensics about it.
Alan Smith: Meanwhile, try to solve this case before the new Mayor is announced!
Evan: <Name>, I can't believe Zachariah might be this victim who was cooked! What should we do?
Evan: You're right. If Val is who gave Linda our victim's meat, then we must ask him where he got it from. Let's go.

Ask Val about the food he sells
Evan: Val, why are you at the crime scene? We've been desperately looking for you!
Val: I'm free to go anywhere. You didn't tell me I should stay at home.
Evan: Whatever. Can you tell us where you get the food from?
Val: Sure! I get it from Newville Inc.
Evan: The shopping malls chain founded by Arnold Eastfield? When did that company become a butchery?
Val: They sell meat too. Haven't you ever seen Newville Meats billboards?

Evan: <Name>, if that's true we have to put Arnold Eastfield in the suspects list again. We interrogated him for first time when Daniel Peterson got killed!
Evan: And now Peterson's boss might be dead. I can't believe it.
Evan: By the way, we could investigate the bar again, don't you think?

Have a chat with Arnold Eastfield
Evan: We're sorry to bother you again, Mr Eastfield. But we're on another murder investigation.
Evan: We found out that a bar served human meat in their dishes. That bar gets its food from a preseller and he gets it from you.
Evan: Maybe the corpse came from your company.
Arnold: Well, as Newville Meats has just been founded, I'm very busy with it so I often go to the plant. But it could have been one of my employees.
Arnold: Maybe you should go there and investigate. I'll give you the adress.

Evan: What do you think abour Arnold's new look, <Name>? His long hair is tied with a pearls hair band, did you see?
Evan: Well, that's not so relevant. Let's go to that cold storage plant.

Investigate Cold storage chamber
Evan: This cleaver is stained with blood, but maybe it's from an animal. Should we take it as a clue?
Evan: You're right. Maybe the person who was in contact with this cleaver might be a witness. Let's examine it!
Evan: And why is a pen here? It has some words on it but they're faded. Can you decipher them?

Examine Cleaver
Evan: You found these fingerprints on the cleaver, great! Let's see who they belong to.

Examine Fingerprints
Evan: The fingerprints belong to Laura Haitt? I didn't expect that! What was the Cleaning Patrol doing in a place like that?
Evan: We'll just know it by asking her!

Talk to Laura Haitt
Evan: Hello again, Laura. We're in another case. We don't know who the victim is yet, but it's presumed that it is Zachariah Loas.
Evan: You have really good reasons to kill him. Also, we found your prints in Newville Meats' plant. What was the Patrol doing there?
Laura: Patrol? The patrol doesn't exist anymore. The Mayor managed to take it down.
Laura: But we're still working undercover. Some of us as public cleaners, others as bromatologists. I am a health inspector. And that's why I went there.
Evan: Just in case, have you been to a bar called "The Station"?
Laura: Yes, just yesterday. The chef called me and I went there. But I didn't find anything bad.
Evan: Then Linda must be innocent, <Name>!

Examine Pen
Evan: "Jade River Bank". So that pen belongs to... someone from that bank.
Evan: Paul Waters? I don't think he has been in a cold storage plant, <Name>. Besides, there are many more people who work there.
Evan: Oh, you're right! This pen looks really expensive! Maybe it's an award for a mayoral candidate.
Evan: We could ask him, why not? Let's go back to the hospital.

Check Paul's presence at the plant
Evan: Paul, is this pen yours?
Paul: Yes, it is. Why? Where was it?
Evan: In Newville Meats' cold storage chamber. Have you been there?
Paul: Just once. Arnold and I are business partners, so I checked his new project.
Paul: But it was a waste of time and money. A waste of Zachariah Loas' money.
Evan: WHAT?!
Paul: Yes! Newville Inc. partially belongs to the Mayor. But today he'll fall down and I will rise!

Evan: We strongly presume the Mayor is the victim, <Name>. It makes Paul even more suspicious!

Investigate Stairs
Evan: Maybe there's some clue in this trash bag, don't you think? Let's search here.

Examine Trash bag
Evan: Daniel has to analyze this. He'll find a way to prove Linda's not the killer!

Analyze Victim's legs
Daniel: <Name>, these legs belong to your victim. The parts of the DNA I found on the samples match.
Daniel: I found some cuts on this person's legs. Maybe this person and your killer fought.
Daniel: With these cuts, I deduced that your killer is 5 feet and 6 inches tall!
Evan: Daniel, do you think Linda could have done this?
Daniel: Well, it's possible. But knowing the legs were found in the bar, it makes her quite suspicious. I'm sorry.
Evan: I understand. Maybe she had this murder in her plans all this time and she just pretended loving me so that we wouldn't suspect her!
Evan: You have to interrogate her, <Name>. We have to. Let's go.

Confront Linda about the parts of the victim you found
Evan: Linda, we found human legs in your trash bag! Why did you have that in your bar?
Linda: I know it looks like I'm the culprit, but why would I leave a person's LEGS in my bar? That's really dumb.
Evan: We've met many killers who wanted to get caught. I just can't believe we're having this conversation, but it's my job. Sorry if you don't feel fine with it.
Linda: I understand. But I can't believe you're finding ways to make me look guilty, Evan.
Evan: No, Linda! I'm just looking for ways to prove you innocent.

At the headquarters...

Lindsey: <Name>, I've got fantastic news!
Lindsey: Sabrina told me to give you this DNA from your victim. With my database, you'll be able to find out who it is in a matter of seconds!
Evan: Let's go, <Name>! I need to know if the Mayor is dead or just missing!

Chapter 3

Evan: <Name>, let's see who the victim really is! Maybe the Mayor is still alive!
Lindsey: I'll leave the sample in the lab so you have time to examine it when you want.

Examine Victim's DNA
Evan: MITCH ANTEUR??!! <Name>, this can't be true! Mitch can't have been cooked!!!
Evan: So it means Zachariah is alive, but where is he? Is the killer planning to do something bad with him? We need to catch them now!
Evan: On the other hand, Linda has now a strong motive as Mitch fired her. But she's not that kind of woman.
Evan: You're right. We have to ask all of our suspects about this. Let's go.

Ask Paul about the victim
Evan: Paul, we know who our victim is. And it's in fact Mitch Anteur.
Paul: Oh, then it was worth it! I'm glad I had the chance to eat that scum's meat!
Evan: What are you saying?!
Paul: Today's Network is really bad to the Capitalists. As Loas didn't have to worry about the Comunists anymore, he started insulting me.
Paul: And I'm sure you know he controls Today's Network. Every time Anteur had a chance, he said something bad about me.
Evan: But you didn't kill him, did you?
Paul: He wasn't worth my time. I'd rather see him suffer alive.

See if Linda knew Mitch well
Evan: Linda, the man you fried is in fact Mitch Anteur. Did you know him REALLY well?
Linda: MITCH?! Oh, God, that's so bad!
Linda: I had a really violent fight with him. And I'm afraid I couldn't tell him I was sorry when he was alive.
Evan: Did you hate him?
Linda: No. I lost my job and it's my fault. I know what I did. I caused your last case!
Linda: I can't believe I'm implied in so many murders. I can't believe Mitch was in my kitchen.
Linda: I'm going to wash everything with detergent. Mitch's dead body won't be here anymore.
Evan: You can't do that. Those are clues, you can't wash them!

Talk to Laura about Mitch Anteur
Evan: Sorry to bother you again. We found out the victim is Mitch Anteur. Did you know him?
Laura: Ha! Of course I did! He was the Mayor's pet. Today's Network only told the population to vote the Socialism and hate the Comunists.
Laura: And as the Mayor wanted to destroy the Cleaning Patrol. I mean, he DID destroy it... Mitch Anteur also said we were going to ruin this city.
Laura: But they will never destroy our ideas. We'll keep doing our job.
Laura: As I always say, just carry some detergent around and do what the Mayor should have done. We're the ones who cleaned the City Hall's windows, did you know?

Tell Val who the victim is
Evan: Here we are again, Val. The victim is in fact Mitch Anteur.
Val: Oh, dear! I never thought he'd die like this! But it's natural. Everyone hated him.
Val: Can you believe he sold the newspapers to me at a higher price because I like the Comunists?
Evan: Did Mitch do that?
Val: Yes, he did! And he said I wanted to betray Townville's citizens, and that I was the worst about the city. Just because he was Zachariah's slave.

Speak of Mitch Anteur to Arnold Eastfield
Arnold: I'm sorry, but I'm really busy so I had to make you come to my office. I can't go to the police station.
Evan: It's ok. We wanted to tell you the victim is Mitch Anteur, CEO of Today's Network.
Arnold: Oh, that man was really good for business. Even better than me.
Arnold: But when he got involved with Leamdres, he turned into an idiot. That's all I have to say.
Evan: It's fine, don't worry. By the way, your office looks as if you lived here.
Arnold: Kind of that. I had lunch here today, but I've already washed the dishes.

Some time later...

Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, it's nearly midnight! What are you going to do?
Alan Smith: Besides, Gino said he found grafittis outside the bar. It's already closed though.
Evan: Grafittis? <Name>, I'm sure it's Doodley! I can't believe he has robbed the bar!
Evan: Yes, but... he had a lawyer and...
Alan Smith: And then I told you to arrest him again!
Evan: His lawyer again... Umm... <Name>, the bar is closed, so why don't we go to the chamber again?

Investigate Room table
Evan: What is this torn card, <Name>? It wasn't here before.
Evan: Well, let's try and restore it!

Examine Torn card
Evan: It's a card from the bar, <Name>! What was it doing here?
Evan: And what is this? "27111918". Is it some kind of code?
Evan: You're right. I don't care if it's closed or if Doodley's hiding inside. We must get into that bar!

Evan: What's that sound, <Name>? A BOMB?
Evan: Oh, it's an anti-theft alarm! Here it is, but it's asking for a code! What do I do? Help me!
Evan: Wait, the card! Let's try... 27111918...
Evan: It worked! I wonder what that number means. But we'll ask Linda some other day. Now let's go to the kitchen and investigate.

Investigate Stove
Evan: First, his legs appear here. Now it's his head. Linda gets more and more suspicious as time passes.
Evan: Maybe it was Doodley! Should we interrogate him?
Evan: Oh, you're right. We don't have time. Let's give this head to Daniel.

Analyze Head
Daniel: Where did Evan go, <Name>? I have to tell you the analysis results!
Daniel: Oh, so he's crying. I understand him. Linda is really suspicious. Well, tell him this.
Daniel: Thanks to this head, I found out the murder weapon. And it is frying oil! The killer put Mitch's face in a fryer with hot oil.
Daniel: I guess you already understand why his face looked like that...
Daniel: It seems that your killer grabbed him by the hair. And they left some traces of the orange juice they'd drunk! Evan: If Linda drinks orange juice? Yes, it's her favorite drink in fact.
Evan: Now you mention it, I remember Paul was drinking some too when he was eating Mitch.
Evan: And Arnold had some bottles of it in his office. Why do you ask?
Evan: The killer? Arrest? Wait, <Name>!

Arrest killer
Linda: <Name>, Evan! Why are you coming to my apartment after midnight?
Evan: To arrest you! We know you killed Mitch. Just because you'd been fired!
Linda: I didn't mind that. I've been feeling guilty for Lafed's death. I couldn't live quietly carrying the responsibility of a death!
Linda: And you never wanted to arrest me. So I turned into this psychopath so that you'd finally catch me.
Evan: You knew Mitch very well. You would've picked a random person if you'd wanted to do that.
Linda: But you would've never suspected me! Now you will take me to jail. And I'll pay for my crimes.
Evan: Why didn't you confess?
Linda: That would give me a shorter condemn. And I am an assassin. I killed two men!
Evan: We've just broken up, Linda. You're crazy. It's late so we'll lock you up and you'll be judged soon.

Esteban Gonzalez: Miss Farren, the elections results have been delayed because of you. You poisoned a candidate!
Esteban Gonzalez: You also killed and cooked a human being. And you claim to be responsible for Joe Lafed's murder.
Linda: Yes, your Honor. I am guilty. I did all those things.
Evan: How could you...
Linda: I plead guilty. You can condemn me as the most cruel murderer you have ever seen.
Esteban Gonzalez: You will spend one year in a psychiatric institution. I think you really deserve that.
Esteban Gonzalez: And after that you will be locked behind bars for the rest of your life. Session adjourned!
Evan: Your Honor, before the officers take her to jail, I'd like to ask her a few questions.
Esteban Gonzalez: Ok, I'll let you. But you have only five minutes.

Linda: It doesn't matter if I'm as mad as hell. I will always love you, Evan. Until I die. And I'm afraid I'll die really soon. I know it.
Evan: Don't say those things, Linda. I will never forget you.
Evan: Tell me, what is 27111918?
Linda: I left that card for you in the chamber. But I'm not who should tell you the meaning of those numbers. It's Dr. Cyanide.
Linda: I know who Dr. Cyanide is, <Name>. And I know why they're doing that. Please stop them before it's too late to do it.
Evan: Then tell us! Who's Dr. Cyanide?
Linda: I can't tell you. I promised them I wouldn't say it.
Linda: <Name>, Zachariah Loas is in my bathroom. I kidnapped him to delay your investigation. I guess I didn't really want to go to jail.
Evan: What about Doodley? What happened with the bar?
Linda: It's a message for me. Only I can understand that grafitti. Doodley and Dr. Cyanide have something in common. You'll find out what it is soon.
Linda: Goodbye, <Name>. Goodbye, Evan. Goodbye forever.

Additional Investigation

Evan: I didn't really sleep last night, <Name>. This case has shaken me. I'll have to forget Linda.
Evan: By the way, I found this torn card in the suspects room. Can you see what it is?
Gino: <Rank> <Name>, Laura Haitt says there's something wrong with the bar kitchen. I don't know what it is.
Evan: I wonder what will happen to the bar. Thank you, Gino. We'll talk to her.
Alan Smith: <Name>, Paul Waters is still in the hospital. He called me because he needs something and he wants you to go see him with Evan.
Evan: I'd rather not work today, but I have no choice. What will we do first, <Name>?

Paul Waters wants to talk to you
Paul: I'm glad you came, <Rank> <Name>! The elections results will be announced today and I can't miss a thing, you know?
Paul: But I missed something. I think I left my suitcase in that bar.
Paul: There are a lot of important things inside there. Could you bring it to me?
Evan: It's alright, we'll look for it. Wait for us.

Investigate Bar
Evan: This suitcase must be the one Paul left here. Why don't we try cracking its code?
Evan: We won't ever have another chance to look at our possible new mayor's suitcase. Besides, it could help me forget about Linda!

Examine Locked Suitcase
Evan: And... it's open! Are you ready to see what that greedy capitalist hides, <Name>?

Examine Suitcase
Evan: So you found a letter? It's not signed, so Paul might have written it. And it's adressed to Lucy Loas!!!
Evan: Let me read, <Name>!

Paul: Lucy, you have successfully won the elections before your brother became the Mayor. You ruled Townville for four wonderful years.
Paul: And I'm sure you can help me do the same. I will pay you whatever it takes to beat your brother.
Paul: As you're friends witht he elections comité members, you won't have any problem.
Paul: Thanks for your help. Be smart or <Rank> <Name> might figure my plan out.

Evan: <Name>, Paul paid Lucy Loas to cheat and win the elections! We can't let him win!!!
Evan: Let's talk to him right now!

Confront Paul Waters about cheating in the elections
Evan: Paul Waters, we found your letter to Lucy Loas. So you wanted to cheat, huh?
Paul: You shouldn't have looked inside my suitcase! That letter was not mine, for you to know.
Paul: It's something I got from Alberto Gandil. He wanted to send it to Lucy. You could recognise Alberto's handwriting there. You can be sure I'm not a cheater.
Paul: I heard Today's Network was bought by Megan Alkala. Now, Zachariah lost his stocks in the company! And no newspaper will praise his name!
Paul: I'll get out of here soon, and you will see me become the Mayor!

Find out what Laura needs
Evan: What happened with the bar, Laura? Is there something wrong?
Laura: Well, I bought the bar actually so I wanted to make sure it was fine.
Laura: But one of the sauces is weird. It smells like almonds, but it contains meat!
Laura: Could it be Mitch's meat? That's horrible!
Evan: Don't worry, we'll take a look there.

Investigate Kitchen
Evan: Laura is right, this pot smells... strange. Why don't we collect a sample, huh?

Examine Pot
Evan: Perfect! Let's tell Sabrina to check if this sauce is alright.

Analyze Sauce sample
Sabrina: So it smelled like almonds, huh? I understand why. This sauce contains cyanide!
Evan: Is it Dr. Cyanide again? Linda knows Dr. Cyanide. Maybe they tried to poison her so that she wouldn't reveal their true identity!
Evan: I'm sure they will call soon, <Name>.
Sabrina: But it was just a bit. The cyanide wasn't enough to kill anybody.
Evan: But maybe it's enough to kill a plant. <Name>, let's tell Laura about it.

Tell Laura about the analysis results
Evan: Laura, we found out that this sauce contained cyanide. You don't know anything about it?
Laura: Of course no! I haven't touched a single thing since I became the bar's owner.
Laura: Do you think it's that urban tale, Dr. Cyanide?
Evan: They're not a tale. They really exist! And they're already coming for humans.
Laura: Don't worry. If I ever feel that scent again, I'll call you.
Laura: And you will be happy to know the Cleaning Patrol has been refounded! We're back and we won't let the new Mayor take over us. Please, have this as a gift.

Examine Torn card
Evan: Oh, God. It's Val Zenodia's ID. But why was it TORN UP?
Evan: It's stained with... blood?! You're right, <Name>, we have to take a closer look!

Examine Val's ID
Evan: It definitely looks like blood, <Name>! But it can't be blood.
Evan: We should take it to the lab and see what it is in fact.

Analyze Red substance
Sabrina: I know you'll find it strange, but what you found in Val's ID is actually blood.
Sabrina: But it belongs to a cow! Isn't it weird?
Evan: So Val killed a cow? Why would he do it?
Sabrina: I'm sure <Name> knows why, don't you?
Evan: Oh, you're right! There are dead cows in Newville Meats' chamber! Let's go there.

Investigate Cold storage chamber
Evan: I don't know why Val's wallet was here...
Evan: And his ID was torn up in the suspects room, but I'm sure he'll be able to tell us.

Return Val his wallet back
Evan: Val, we found your ID and your wallet. Please be more careful with your things.
Val: Oh, I'm glad you found it! I must have dropped my ID at-
Evan: In the interrogation room. And your wallet was in the cold storage plant.
Val: Haha! I don't know how it happened...
Val: Hey, look! These are the new burgers from Newville Meats, try one! And I think I have a bag of chips somewhere in my kitchen...

Later that day...

Evan: So my girlfriend was crazy, <Name>. I don't like to think this way, but thanks to her Today's Network won't be under political influence anymore as it's now part of Jade River News.
Evan: We discovered the Comunist Party wasn't as good as we thought... and the Cleaning Patrol is back.
Evan: The only things that are left is to know who will be the new mayor in Townville and figure out Dr. Cyanide's identity.


Evan: <Name>, it's my phone! Hi?
Dr. Cyanide: I guess it's time to call you again. Hello, <Name> and Evan.
Evan: Were you at the bar?
Dr. Cyanide: Yes, I was. But as you must already know, I didn't try to kill anybody. I just wanted to know what would happen to the person who ate that sauce. But you ruined it.
Dr. Cyanide: Why don't you turn the TV on? The elections results are about to be announced.
Evan: We don't care now! What do you have in common with Doodley?
Dr. Cyanide: Do you think I'll tell you? You would figure my identity out!
Evan: When we asked you why you do this, you said you wanted to know how he died. Who is he?
Dr. Cyanide: Haha... 27111918.
Evan: 27... Uh? WAIT, DON'T HANG!

Lindsey: You look worried, Evan. Come to the lab, we're watching the news. The Mayor is about to be announced! And you won't guess who will announce the results.
Lindsey: Our Chief!
Evan: Alan Smith? Oh, that's great! Let's go to the lab, <Name>!

Alan Smith: I am proud, citizens of Townville, to tell you the new mayor is...
Alan Smith: Paul Waters, from the Capitalist Alliance! Congratulations! Please, come to the podium!
Paul: Thanks to all of the citizens that placed their trust on the capitalism and voted us! I strongly promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Evan: Oh, I wanted Hugo Holland to win. But I guess Paul is ok.
Daniel: Don't worry, Evan. The capitalists are not that bad.
Gino: But Evan was right. Hugo should've won.
Sabrina: Lindsey, where are you going? They're about to announce what the other candidates will be!
Lindsey: I don't mind, only the mayor is important to me. I voted Paul so that's enough.
Evan: Oh, look, <Name>! Each party chose a person to announce what they're gonna be! Let's hear!

Paul: I've just got out of hospital, so these are really good news. Now I'll let the people who have to announce the other results have a word.
Paul: Please remember this was voted by the city councillors and not by me. So, first, the one from the Educative Party.
Wendy: Good afternoon, to everyone. I am here to tell you that Hugo Holland will take the charge of...
Wendy: Education minister!
Hugo: I want to thank the councillors who gave me this great opportunity. Trust me, we will start improving the schools and the universities for this city's sake.
Hugo: And also thanks to my friend, Wendy Ohdie! Now I'll let the United Socialism representant speak.
Robert: Our honorable ex-mayor Zachariah Loas is regreattably not here, but I want to tell you that I'm very proud of him! And Mayor Loas will be our...
Robert: Councillor! Congratulations, my dear friend!

Evan: I didn't know Wendy was Hugo's friend. And Robert Jamin... well, I'm not surprised.
Evan: But why wasn't Zachariah there, <Name>?
Evan: OH GOD!!! We forgot to set him free! He was kidnapped by Linda!

Evan: Well, while you were absent, Mitch Anteur died at Linda Farren's hands...
Evan: Today's Network is now Jade River News and will no longer tell people you're perfect...
Evan: The Cleaning Patrol got back together, you're a city councillor...
Evan: Paul Waters got poisoned, became the new mayor, and Robert Jamin wished you well.

Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, look! The Mayor is here!
Paul Waters: Thanks for all the things you've done for me, <Rank> <Name> and Inspector Evan.
Paul Waters: You must be tired of this stressful district. So I'd like to promote you to a place where people need you more as my first action as the Mayor.
Paul Waters: When I was still just a candidate, I heard there were many problems in the Residential Zone.
Evan: Are we going there?
Paul Waters: Exactly. I hope you can catch the thousands of criminals that hide there, ok?
Evan: Yes, Mayor! 

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