Fiona Bateman
Biographical information
Full name Fiona Bateman
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1995
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Student
Partner(s) Obsidian Thompson (boyfriend)
Game information
First appeared Case #14 Don't Let Them in
Fiona Bateman was a suspect in the murder investigation of her boyfriend,University student Obsidian Thompson in Don't Let Them in (Case #13 of Laroy Bay)


Fiona is 23-year-old student.She has short black hair tied in two pigtails.She sports black leather outfit and she has blue eyes.

Age 23
Height 5'4''
Weight 124lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type 0-

Don't Let Them in

Fiona became a suspect after team found her love letter to Obsidian.She said that they were highschool sweethearts and that they loved each other more than anything and then she started to cry.

Fiona was interrogated again after team found her necklace with leash,from bondage club.Fiona said that she and Obsidian visited it once or twice and that she became obsessed with it,but Obsidian found it weird so he asked his sister to come with him,but she refused.

Fiona was found innocent after team arrested Simon Armstrong for a murder.

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