I don't care if don't have european aristocratic blood, i love researching it's history as my favorite hobby
—Fidel Da Costa
Fidel Da Costa
Full name Fidel Da Costa
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birthday 1959
Nationality WE57 Brazilian
Residence International, Sao Paulo
Family Altagracia Da Costa (Wife)
Affiliation(s) World Police Elite
Position in the Agency Historian
Fidel Da Costa is the historian of the World Police Elite in Police World Tour Edition.


Fidel sports a gray big  beard extending to his neck. He wears a 1920 styled cap. He dons a suit coformed by a white buttoned shirt with a purple vest inside a stripped overcoat of a blanched almond shade.

Height 5'8"
Age 56
Weight 168 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood B-


Fidel is very pompous and sometimes, embittered. He loves to share historic facts with the team, mostly with the player, ready to help in every investigation

Notable Events of Police World Tour

Getting a Deadly Virus

During their trip to the Congo in this investigation, Fidel got the deadly virus of Chinkunzika, causing the team to start a countdown race to find the virus cure until it's deadly effects kill Fidel. After discovering the cure , thanking God, Fidel felt better than never, ready for more investigations alongside the team.

Helping against the Sethfreks

During Insular Asia , Fidel managed to discover the modus operandi of the wicked cult. After analyzing the moon calendar and other clues retrieving the region's dark past, the team managed to bring down the Sethfreks.

Trouble in Oceania

Fidel was flagged as a suspect during this investigation after his watch was found at the crime scene. Despite he only said that he lost it during a journey he had there months ago, he was still very suspicious, causing the team to investigate his lounge. During chapter 3, after finding a photo, the team discovered that he helped Dourne to hide the Miracle Necklace. Fidel confessed that Dourne blackmailed him into killing his wife, Altagracia Da Costa, so Fidel agreed to help. Apologizing to the team, Fidel was found innocent after the true responsible of the murder was found to be El Capo Marin


  • He and Milo Grant are the two Brazilian members of the team.
  • He is one of the team members who are flagged as a suspect for pausible reasons

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters Fidel appears in every case of Police World Tour in which a clue needs historical research.

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