Felix Sinnett
Biographical information
Full name Felix Sinnett
Gender Male
Status Alive*
Birth 1845
Nationality Flag of IrelandFlag of United States Irish-American
Residence Dublin, Ireland
Evergrace, United States
Past profession(s) Sports Announcer
Family Horatio Sinnett (father)
Partner(s) Elias Stanford (husband)
Evergrace Justice Division
Rank Chief of Police
Senior Detective (formerly)
Game information
Appears in Sinner's Enigma
First appearance Case #1: Right on the Nail (s1)
And there’s a score for the French! I still remember when I was an announcer for sport games as a past profession of mine, what do you think? Am I still good like those old days?
—Felix Sinnett

Felix Sinnett is a main character featured in Sinner's Enigma where he served as the Evergrace Justice Division's Senior Detective before he became the Chief of Police following his predecessor's exit from the Division.

He appeared as a suspect in the murder investigations of stripper Faustina Marx in Little Red Bleeding Hood (Case #24 of Sinner's Enigma) and bank owner Bernadette Monaco in Heist of the Century (Case #47 of Sinner's Enigma).


Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Felix is 45 years old and serving as the Senior Detective in the Evergrace Justice Division. He has chin length brown hair under a black bowler's hat with a red band and two golden buttons, as well green eyes concealed behind a pair of golden lensed glasses. He is seen wearing a white collared shirt with an light grey vest and a medium grey ascot under a dark grey suit jacket. He is also seen with a brown mustache, some stubble on his chin, a police radio and a grey handkerchief in a suit pocket. It is known that he is an eager person who is known to be street smart and very fashionable with anything he can find.

Height 6'4"
Age 45
Weight 194 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A+

Notable Events of Sinner's Enigma

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The player may choose Felix to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any Sinner's Enigma case he teams up with the player) and provide hint bonuses. He is available as a 5-hint, level-50 partner.

Case appearances

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