"Hah, you think you're the best cop in town? Well you haven't seen me on the field yet." -Felica Deher

Felicia Deher is the Lead Inspector of The Barrington Heights Police Department (BHPD).


Felicia Deher, 43 years of age is the Lead Inspector of BHPD. Felicia has long, wavy black hair and green eyes. Her skin is caucasian. She wears a white floral shirt, and ontop of it she wears a gray leather jacket. In her left pocket she has a pen. Ariound her left arm she is wearing a golden bracelet. Felicia also wears a pair of black nerdy glasses. Felicia's favourite animal is a salmon and her favourite food is chocolate cake. Felicia is known to be Busy, Adventerous and Brave.

Height 5'6"
Age 43
Weight 167lbs
Eyes Green


Personal Life

It is known that Felicia was born in Vienna, Austria.

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