“Feed Me Lies”


Feed Me Lies
General information
Season Boyland
City Menodora
District Boreu Bend
Case # 4
Initial release date September 11th, 2020
Partner(s) Bryce Fuller (All Chapters)
Case chronology
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Dead Men Tell No Truths Bound by Secrets
Upon a witness’ report, we investigate a local river to find a father’s life extinguished, freed from his confines! Will you find this heated murderer, before you burn out too?
—Case Teaser

Feed Me Lies is a case featured in Criminal Case as the fourth case of Boyland and the fourth case featured in the Boreu Bend district of Menodora.


Bryce, still visibly upset from his talk with the infamous Tørrent on the previous investigation, takes a deep breath and asks for the player’s help with assessing the witness. Together, they take the young man’s report, who took shaky breaths and explained that his father had left the house for a smoke hours ago. The boy waited for his father to come home but grew worried more as more time passed, and decided to walk along the river stream and see where his father had gone. But when he noticed smoke emitting near the stream, and it came from what seemed to be a body. He told them that while he was too scared to go any further, he had a sinking feeling that what he had seen was the remains of his father, before he broke down into tears, traumatized from possibly having seen his father’s dead body. Bryce reassured the boy and handed him off to Zachary, ordering the beat cop to watch over the kid and call in help. The player left with their partner to the river stream, Bryce taking note on the trail of ashes leading up to the river. The detective then remembered how scared the boy from earlier seemed and said that he felt bad a kid may have had to see his father’s own body, but figured that it was probably just a misinterpretation of young eyes, and wanted to check it out for the sake of reassuring him. He also reminisced about how irresponsible the father was to have left his own son alone for that long and shook his head, saying that it reminded him of his own father, before he gasped, seeing smoke rising as they got closer to the stream. He rushed towards the river, where he saw the body of a man so badly burnt, that nothing about him was identifiable, other than his ashy skin and eyeballs that popped out with his mouth hanging open, staring into the sky.

Bryce covered his mouth and looked away from the body, shaking his head in disgust. He quickly called the team to take care of the body and the crime scene, where they were able to find a scarf near the trees. After examining the scarf, the team found a set of fingerprints, which they then shipped off to Edward, who confirmed that it belonged to seventeen year old Alesandro Stone, the same young boy Zachary had been watching over. Bryce interrogated the young man with the player’s help, who wiped his tears away and told them that it was indeed the scarf of his father, Carter Stone, that they had found. The boy couldn’t face them as he went on about all he knew of what his father had done that day, including the moments leading up to his death. Alesandro mentioned that Carter had been angry after reading a pamphlet that he literally gave the team, and then left for a smoke, when the boy the started to sob, wailing that he was about to leave for college after the summer was over and he was excited for it, but now his spirits have been crushed. Bryce comforted him and patted his back, reassuring the boy that they’d do everything they possibly can to help him and catch his father’s killer. Bryce then noticed the bruises on Alesandro’s face and tilted his head, gently asking where he got them from, but it only seemed to make him cry more. The detective sighed and rubbed the kid’s shoulder one more time, leaving him under Zach’s care.

Afterwards, they examined the pamphlet Alesandro gave them, and revealed the faded text that showed a note and a phone number, addressed to the victim. Bryce recalled the number belonging to Therapist Willow Deleon, the same who they interrogated in their first investigation together, and made note of the text on the pamphlet, which advised the victim to visit her office for her therapeutic services. Once knocking on her office door, the therapist twirled her red hair and finished up with her last patient, before assessing the detectives. Bryce greeted himself to her and asked her how her wound was healing, to which she offered a sincere smile and reassured him that she was doing better and ready to help her patients and the team on whatever they needed. At the mention of the victim’s name, Willow’s smile immediately faded, and she rolled her eyes. Willow told the duo that she had given the victim the pamphlet because of things she wasn’t allowed to disclose, but it never mattered anyway, because the victim refused her services at every turn. To Bryce’s surprise, Willow even looked sympathetic as she asked how Alesandro was doing, handling his father’s death and all, and what they’d do to help after since it was only him and his father, as he was still a minor. Bryce sighed and admitted that he didn’t know, but then asked the therapist if she knew about the victim’s whereabouts during his last moments. Willow shook her head with a scoff, but she did say that the victim probably spent a lot of time at the Gas Station Store a few blocks away, buying a new pack of citrus cigarettes like he always did.

Following Willow’s report, the team had done a sweep of the store, where Bryce pointed out an odd symbol on the shelves after finding a dirty receipt on the floor. The pair had vacuumed the dirty substances away from the receipt, and examined its contents afterwards. Bryce looked shocked as he told the player that it was for a purchase of gasoline for the same day, meaning the killer had been here not too long ago. He cursed under his breath however, as he knew that the security cameras were horrible in the gas station store from experience, and the cashier was always too drunk to remember anything, so they wouldn’t find anything from checking out those instead. They had sent the receipt to Edward, and had examined the symbol instead. After running it through the database, they had found that the symbol has been seen in many cases involving claims of hackings, which Bryce realized that the pattern must be none other than Tørrent’s, angry as he always thought there was something weird with the gas station’s security cameras, and this only further proved his theory that the hacker could not be trusted if he was tampering with clues that could help with their investigation.

Bryce and the player then attempted to call Tørrent back from the same link they had used before, and the hacker immediately answered, adjusting his hood and looking embarrassed, Bryce cut straight to the chase and demanded answers on why he had been hacking systems all over the city, especially the ones in murder investigations, to which Tørrent immediately fixed his posture and mocked Bryce on how riled up he was getting. As the detective seemed ready to try to punch the hologram, Tørrent sighed and explained that whatever they thought he was up to, it certainly wasn’t it, and he only hacked into the system’s around the cities to keep a watchful eye of the city, something the police department was doing a horrible job at. He then attempted to calm Bryce down, mentioning that the detective’s anger would someday lead to his downfall, before he told them to just give him time to finish putting something together, where he then hung up the call.

They later assessed their analyses, and consulted Edward first on what he had found on the receipt, to which the tech expert chuckled, saying that whoever was the cashier did a lousy job. Edward explained that he ran the receipt number through the system, where he had found that along with a can of gasoline, the killer had also ordered some lemonade, which concluded that the killer enjoyed the sour taste of the drink more than they craved watching someone burn. The detectives moved on the their coroner, Griffin, who seemed excited for the autopsy. Griffin whistled as Kelsey perched himself on his shoulder, and told the duo that he had found cinnamon cigarette ash on the victim’s body. He was also able to determine that while the victim did smoke, Carter only ever smoked the citrus flavored ones, and based on the patterns of said cigarette in his system, it seemed very doubtful that Carter would suddenly change what he used, so the cigarette used to burn the victim must’ve came from the killer.

Bryce and the player then recounted their findings in the bullpen, Bryce sighing as he thought over the suspects and who hated the victim so badly that they wanted him to suffer, and what would happen to Alesandro later. As they talked, a deliveryman knocked on the station’s front doors, with a package addressed to Bryce. Bryce raised an eyebrow as he took the package and opened, where inside was another U.S.B. with the same symbol that Aliyah had given them, the detective realizing that this package came from Tørrent.

Bryce sighed and hoped that the package’s contents. hadn’t been another one of Tørrent’s teases, while waving Edward over to analyze the U.S.B. At the end of the analysis, Edward seemed annoyed by how much time they were making him put aside, before showing the pair of detectives what the second flash drive contained. It was a psych report on the victim conducted by Willow, and an appointment and its results that he had with the therapist. Bryce recalled how Willow said that she had never had an appointment with the victim, and agreed that the duo needed to have another talk with the therapist.

At Willow’s office, Willow scoffed at the confrontation, angry that the detectives had gotten unauthorized information on her patients and reports, as they were all classified due to doctor-patient confidentiality. Bryce reminded Willow that while that may be true, it mattered more to catch this killer than whether he had eyes to some files or not, and told her that she still didn’t answer his question. Willow sighed, saying that she didn’t lie, because Carter did refuse her help afterwards. The therapist told them about how Carter was addicted to those citrus cigarettes, and had even gotten his son smoking cigarettes that Willow noted smelt like cinnamon due to her own experience with those as well, and wanted to step in due to how she saw Alesandro’s grades slipping, being the school’s guidance counselor as well. Bryce thought to himself and kindly asked her if they could search her office for any clues that could help them since the victim had been there days before, and she stepped aside to let them due their searching.

The pair had found a photo containing a young victim aside an unidentified woman, holding a newborn in their arms, Bryce wondering if it was Alesandro along with his mother, and they had also uncovered a torn drawing that caught the player’s interest. Bryce asked Willow why she didn’t tell them she had all this stuff, Willow shrugging, answering that people accidentally leave their stuff here all the time. They later repaired the drawing, which revealed it to be signed by Alesandro, and it depicted a crying blond-haired young boy with a monster looming over him, Bryce nervously saying that the monster certainly looked to be representing Carter. Willow suddenly remembered that the drawing was the reason Alesandro had come to her one day before, but ended up chickening out and running away. Bryce decided that this was enough to warrant another talk with the teenager, the therapist then asking if she could come along and stay with Alesandro, providing support and trying to get him to feel better, the detective shrugging and letting her come along, as it would perhaps get Alesandro to talk.

The detectives, along with Willow, approached Alesandro, who sat alone in the Chief’s office, looking scared. As Willow moved to sit beside him and comfort him, Bryce gave the boy a sympathetic smile, putting a hand on his shoulder. He then flashed the drawing in front of Alesandro, asking him why he drew his father as the monster, but Alesandro couldn’t muster a response, only a small whimper. When he spoke, however, he mentioned that he just wants to go home and crawl under his bedsheets, forgetting the rest of the world existed, and Bryce shook his head. Bryce tried to interrogate Alesandro more about his relationship with his father, but Alesandro only sat in silence, and Willow stepped in, deciding that Alesandro needed a breather from all the questions. Bryce, however, ignored her and asked once more about why he drew the drawing, making the therapist angrily snap at the former martial artist, asking them to leave the poor boy alone, as he already witnessed enough to traumatize him for a lifetime. She then reassured the high school student and asked him if he wanted to go out for lemonade, the boy nodding as she walked out the station with him.

Bryce let out a tired breath as he then moved on to the photograph, asking for the player’s help with running the woman’s face through the database. Upon doing so, it revealed the info of bartender Mira Rogers, who Bryce pointed out looked like Alesandro a bit, exclaiming that the woman must be his mother! They visited the bartender and asked her about the victim, to where she brutally and honestly admitted that she was glad to hear he was dead. Bryce seemed shocked and asked her why she thought so, and the bartender admitted that Carter was a douche-bag, cigarette addicted creep who only cared about himself, and was glad that she left him a long time ago. Bryce put a hand over his mouth and told her that while she may have left Carter, she had also left her son behind, and asked the mother if she even kept in touch with Alesandro after all that time. Mira smoked a cinnamon cigarette as she admitted with a deep sigh that she had not heard of her son for a decade and a half, and the last she saw of him, he was a two year old who could barely speak. She also admitted that she didn’t want to know of him, as she was too ashamed to face him, and was happy with her life now. Detective Fuller put a hand on his forehead and shook it, unable to believe her actions, making Myra scowl, saying that they didn’t know what it was like to live with a man who only cared about his addictions more than his own family, and she even hired a social worker that last decade, who proved to be useless. Bryce then asked her if she remembered who the social worker was, and she mentioned that she only remembered a name, Craig Raines.

They afterwards tracked down the social worker, who was now a middle-aged man with brown hair, and the suspect checked his watch, asking what the detectives wanted as he was running on limited time. Bryce asked Craig about the victim, and the social worker shrugged, saying he didn’t remember who Carter Stone was, as he surely had a bunch of other more important cases to worry about. The detective raised his eyebrow and showed a picture of the victim, but Craig didn’t even show a shot of recognition or care in the picture shoved in front of his face. Craig then sighed, asking Bryce if the child of the victim was currently in any danger to himself or anyone else, Bryce shrugging and saying that he supposes that Alesandro isn’t. The social worker then shook his head, asking that they didn’t need his help anymore, and he had to get going as he had to get lemonade with a client and a talk about their current case, and he waved goodbye to the player.

Bryce then thought about the multiple clues in the investigation, and although they had no leads to go off of now, he suggested that they try to search the river again, in case they had missed anything their first initial sweep. The second proved to be a success, as the detectives found a note attached to a tree, and a footprint along the shoreline, one that looked a bit too big to be the victim’s, according to Bryce. They first analyzed the note and sent it to Anthony, who sipped at his coffee and seemed satisfied at the note. Anthony flipped his hand through a book and mentioned that the note’s handwriting tied to the multiple hackings across the city, and it came from none other than their troublesome hacker. What the profiler found interesting though, however, was that the note was addressed to the victim, and Tørrent warned the late father that they were watching his every move, and told him that he’d regret it if he continued with his behavior. Bryce growled and said that he grew untrustful of the hacker the more they learned about them, and decided that it was time to finally put some weight on the hacker’s shoulders.

As they reconnected with Tørrent, Bryce looked angry, as he threatened the hacker on what he’d do to them if he ever found them, and he’d put in all of his efforts to find them, before Tørrent, for the first time, faltered and sighed, telling Bryce to calm down as they readjusted their mask. Bryce, satisfied with knowing that he shook Tørrent up a bit, then proceeded to ask the hacker about the note they left the victim, Tørrent shaking their head and letting them know that it wasn’t what it looked like. They had done some digging on Carter’s past and were shocked to find what he did, before they kept an eye on him for his son’s sake, but before they could gather any real dirt on Carter, they spilled lemonade all over their keyboard. They then explained that the note was only to startle the victim so that he’d hopefully stop treating his son horribly, but that it didn’t matter anymore, as he was dead. Bryce narrowed his eyes and warned Tørrent that he’d keep an eye on them and he didn’t trust them a bit, before letting them go.

The player and their partner examined the footprint left on the shoreline, which had been examined, where the team had found scraps of leather left on the sand. They shipped it off to Lab Chief Tan, who analyzed the leather and confirmed that it belonged to cowboy boots. Considering that the victim wasn’t wearing boots during his death or that no one else supposedly had been around, it could only have come from the killer, which confirmed that they wore cowboy boots as they committed the gruesome act.

Alesandro had returned to the station with a cup of lemonade as he took a seat inside the Chief’s office again, telling the detectives softly that Willow had to make a quick errand, but she’d be back soon. Bryce then let him go with a smile as he turned towards the player, scratching his head and admitting that he was lost on who could have possibly killed Carter. He spent the next half hour reviewing the case to possibly gain any new leads, before a pair of detectives walked through the front door of the station, the lead one shaking Bryce’s hand as he introduced himself as Senior Detective Blake Harrison, and asked the detectives, who he called lousy, to step aside. A confused and shocked Bryce only stood in silence as Blake moved him aside and walked into Chief Freeman’s office. Before they knew it, Blake had pulled Alesandro out of the room and handcuffed him, saying that he was under arrest for his father’s murder. Bryce tried to step in during the arrest, but Detective Harrison assured Bryce that they had not made this arrest with baseless information, and were able to solve this case quicker than the MPD ever solved one. He chuckled and escorted a scared and crying Alesandro out of the station, bidding adieu to the detectives.

After Detective Harrison and his group left, Bryce slammed his hands on the desk, as he admitted that he truly didn’t know where to take this case anymore, before realizing that the player was right and he needed to take a deep breath and re-evaluate the situation. He nodded and suggested that the only way they could really further investigate is to try to talk to Alesandro, but the only problem would be getting through Detective Harrison and his crew, before figuring it’d only be best to talk his way through, knowing that Blake was a part of an FBI agency that could step in at any moment they wanted to, so really, they had no authority other than to kindly ask.

Once finishing a conversation with Blake, the FBI agent let them have five minutes with the high school student, and they found the boy with his eyes red and puffy, huddled up in a corner. Bryce shared his sympathies with the boy, but pleaded with him to talk, so that they could help him. Alesandro then whimpered and admitted that they had found his journal that he threw out in the garbage, in which he wrote that he wished his father was dead, and sometimes wanted to kill him and cause him pain. Bryce sighed and asked the boy why he’d write that, but didn’t answer, only saying that one day, after going hiking, Alesandro got his cowboy boots covered in mud, which sparked an argument between the father and son. Blake then knocked on the door, letting the detectives know their time was up, before Alesandro told them that he swore he didn’t kill his father, and begged for them to help him, as Bryce and the player were escorted out the room. Bryce glared daggers at Blake and asked him if treating an underage boy like a hardened criminal was really necessary, and Blake shrugged, telling them that if they knew what else Alesandro wrote in his journal, then they’d understand the precautions taken, as Alesandro seemed to be a possible danger to anyone else, before having someone lead the detectives on their way out the door.

Going back to the station, Willow waited for them in the bullpen and seemed angry, asking what happened with Alesandro. Bryce, in attempts to reassure her and calm her down, offered her a glass of water, and the therapist refused, explaining that she only went to return the cowboy boots she ordered for horse riding, and when she came back, Zachary had told her that Alesandro had been taken by the FBI. Bryce sighed and said that Zachary was right, but they were doing everything they could to exonerate Alesandro. Their hands were tied, however, as the FBI had way more power than they did and could do whatever they wanted, but promised that they wouldn’t stop until they found the truth. Willow calmed down and thanked the detectives, before telling them that they were allowed to search her office for anything that Alesandro or Carter may have left behind, as she recalled she kept some of their stuff in her drawer for when she saw them before. Bryce asked her what happened to her preaching about patient confidentiality, and the therapist let them know that this was more important now than some policy. The detective nodded and turned to the player, letting them know that her office was their next destination, as it was their only shot at finding more leads.

Investigating Willow’s drawers, the detectives uncovered a locked box with Carter’s name, and a torn photo beside him, seeming like printed text messages between people. They decided to take care of the box, and used their lockpicking skills to unlock it, which revealed a small and wide piece of paper, though the text on it faded. Bryce took out his powdering kit, usually what he used for making himself look pretty, and mentioned with a wink that it wasn’t easy to look as fabulous as he did. After rubbing powder over the paper, it was shown to be a check by Carter written to someone, but the name of the person it was directed to was crossed out in blank ink. It did leave behind an order number, however, which they sent to Edward to analyze. The Tech Expert adjusted his glasses as he ran it through the database, where it was revealed that the check had actually been written to Craig Raines, where the victim had told the social worker that it better had been enough to have Craig leave him alone. Bryce remembered that Craig acted as if he never remembered the victim or didn’t meet him, and agreed that hopefully this would be enough to confront him in his lie.

Once approaching the social worker (who smoked a cinnamon cigarette) and flashing the evidence in front of his face, he tried to deny any wrongdoing and ignored them, before Bryce grabbed Craig’s color and mentioned that the victim’s son had been arrested by the FBI for his murder, and something told Bryce that Alesandro wasn’t the one to kill his father. Craig shook his head and finally admitted to receiving money from Carter. He explained that he was the social worker assigned to Carter’s case fifteen years ago, and Carter had paid the social worker handsomely in order for him to report that nothing was wrong in their house. Craig hung his head in shame and said that while he didn’t want to look the other way, it was a large amount of money for him, and he definitely needed the money in order to pay his rent on time, since he had wasted money to buy himself a pair of expensive cowboy boots he used for going to a cowboy themed party. Bryce narrowed his eyes at Craig, looking conflicted, before letting the social worker go.

The player and their partner then pieced together the torn paper, which depicted text messages between Carter and Mira dating back to last week. They then went to ask Mira about why she talked to Carter about meeting him, and the bartender rolled her eyes, explaining that her real intentions were to try to get close to him so she could get to know her son better. She even invited him over for lemonade or to hike through the dirty woods wearing cowboy boots like he loved, but Carter was aggressive the moment they actually met in person. The bartender then told the detectives that she told him off and to go to hell, and had not heard from him ever again, nor did she want to. Once Bryce told Mira about her son’s arrest, she sighed and mentioned that she was too ashamed to face him now or do anything to help, but asked the pair to help her son be proven innocent, if he actually was.

Bryce admitted that he ran out of ideas after all their interrogations back at the station, before they got a message from Tørrent through their computer, telling the detectives that they better head to the Gas Station Store quickly, because Blake and his team were heading there to clear out the crime scene, right as a map appeared on the screen and a marker pinpointed the FBI agents’ locations. Bryce’s eyes widened and told the player that they had to make sure that nothing was left there that couldn’t help them prove Alessandro’s innocence, before rushing to the store.

Luckily, the detectives had arrived first with Tørrent seemingly directing traffic in the FBI agents’ location, and made quick of searching through the store. There, they found the can of gasoline Bryce suspected was used in the murder as the cashier drunkenly said that the person who bought it returned it without taking their money back for some reason, and a bottle of lemonade right next to it. Sending these clues off to be analyzed, they were soon able to find all the evidence they needed to ice out the killer, who turned out to be social worker Craig Raines.

Bryce and the player confronted the social worker as he immediately confessed to the murder, running a hand through his hair in panic. They questioned him on why he’d kill the man in such a gruesome way, before Craig admitted that he wanted Carter to suffer. Bryce asked him why, and Craig told them that he had enough of sitting by and watching Carter hurt Alesandro, which were the reasons for the boy to have the bruises he did now. The social worker explained that he felt bad enough in looking the other way the first time, standing by as he let the boy get abused in front of him, and admitted that he never really kept his word in not keeping his eye on the Stone family. Craig would watch over them from afar and watched the way Carter mistreated his son, both physically and emotionally, and one day, exactly around a week ago, witnessed Carter beating his son so harshly it left a bruise on his eye and his neck. With a sigh, he said that he was too scared to report Carter as he knew the father would mention how he paid Craig off, so he acted out on his own emotions instead. He had bought gasoline and lemonade the day of the murder, and watched as Carter left his house for a smoke. There, he trailed the abuser all the way to the river stream, before getting caught, which led to an argument between the two. Craig said that he had tried to get Carter to change his ways and be a better father, but Carter only mentioned how much of a failure he had as a son, which caused Craig’s anger to boil up as he began to punch Carter until he was down on the ground. Craig then said how he kicked Carter down every time he tried to get up, and doused him with gasoline all over his body, before lighting a cinnamon cigarette and feeding it to him. The social worker watched as the abuser was set ablaze and struggled for his life, screaming in pain, and Craig confessed that he hoped Carter felt much pain the minutes leading up to his death to make up for the years of pain he caused his own son. Bryce himself was speechless, but let out a deep breath, saying that murder was still not an answer, and only caused Alesandro more trauma, before taking him into custody. At the trial, Judge Davis reviewed the information and exclaimed that he was disappointed to be locking away such a pretty face, and then proceeded to sentence Craig to fifteen years in prison with a chance of parole in twelve.

After the trial concluded, they were met with the face of none other than Detective Harrison, gruffly saying that he had something to say to the detectives. Bryce coldly assessed him and told him to make it quick, before Blake sighed and said he wasn’t looking for an argument. Blake admitted that he had received reports on how the Police Department was doing a terrible job, proven by how one of the previous killers attempted to kill herself, and the other refused to talk, and still refuses to do so. Bryce fumed silently, and rebutted his insults, saying that at least he and the player were able to solve and catch Carter’s true killer. Detective Harrison shrugged and told them that while that was true, the evidence he and his team had found was enough to incriminate Alesandro, and they’d understand if they saw what he did. As Bryce questioned where he could see said evidence to judge for himself, Blake assumed that it was probably at the gas station, where his team was reviewing evidence for the case, and began to sarcastically thank the duo for their time as he began to walk away. Bryce asked him if he was even going to apologize to them or Alesandro, before Blake said that he didn’t have to apologize for doing his job, and left.

Going through the station store once more had instead made them find a man who looked to be looking for help. Bryce asked him what he needed help with, to which he said it looked like the detectives had been busy, and if they wouldn’t mind, to see him when they were done with their tasks. Bryce nodded and continued to look around until they found the journal Blake was talking about, Bryce determining it was Alesandro’s based on the initials A.S. on the journal cover. When he opened it however, a lot of the pages were faded, Bryce assuming that Blake must not have even read through the whole journal before acting on impulse, and then helped the player reveal the faded text. Once the pages were restored to their former glory, they flipped through the pages which recounted the years and years of pain and hurt Alesandro had felt throughout his childhood, and it made Bryce sympathize with the young man, who suggested that they check up on since last he heard, Willow took Alesandro in for the time being. Once finding them in Willow’s Office, the teenager looked upset, and was relieved at the sight of the friendly officers. Willow thanked the duo for their help, but sighed upon remembering that while she wanted to help Alesandro, she was in no position to be his guardian due to personal reasons, and was trying to talk Alesandro into considering getting a job and emancipation, but was unsure if he could attend college the upcoming year as he wanted to. This clearly bummed Alesandro, making the therapist shake her head and suggest that for now, they go out to get themselves a treat, before she patted herself down and realized she misplaced her glasses. She turned towards the detectives and asked if they could help her find them, to which they gladly accepted to help.

They helped Willow find her glasses, but they found it broken, Willow exclaiming that she couldn’t be able to afford new glasses, before Bryce winked at her and reassured her, assuring that the player was skilled at making things look as if they were never broken. The player repaired the glasses and gave them back to the therapist, who smiled gratefully and then left with Alesandro to make him feel better, inviting the player out to come as well if they wanted.

They afterwards met up with the man from before, who introduced himself as Jordan Fernandez, and asked him what he needed help with. Jordan winked at Bryce and started to flirt, before admitting that he walked along the river stream as he was visiting town for only a few weeks with his best friend for the summer, and was looking for a gift to give him, such as nice flowers. However, he noticed a weird odor and substance emitting from the flowers, and had heard of the belladonna situation before, so he thought it was something the detectives needed to know. Bryce nodded and headed to the river stream with the player, where they took a sample of a flower and sent it off to the lab. Eugene analyzed said substance and confirmed that it was just nature taking its course with a smirk, and by that, he clarified that he meant it was simply deer urine, so unless the deer was some sort of radioactive one that released the same toxicity, it was nothing they needed to worry about. Jordan thanked them for their help anyway once getting the situation explained to him and figured that he may as well just buy a bouquet from the store, but knew his friend would appreciate more natural ones. Just as he was about to leave, they were met with Alesandro’s tall figure at the doorway, asking if he could speak with the detectives one more time for the day.

Alesandro sighed, and finally thanked them for everything they did to help him out of his situation, though it was just too much for him to have been able to process at the time. He nervously put a hand on his neck and assured them that he’d be fine, he hoped, and would just try to find a job, and perhaps go to college another year. He wasn’t sure what he’d do about everything else though, when Jordan apologized for eavesdropping but gave Alesandro some advice on how to start on his own. They talked for a while and Jordan said that unfortunately, he had to go meet with his friend, and he patted the kid’s back and kindly gave him some pocket money he could use to help him. He turned to the detectives as he was walking out the door, and winked at them, saying to call him if they ever wanted his services as a male entertainer.

Around a week later, Bryce and the player sat in the bullpen, Bryce taking note on how this was the second time he had to cover for Andrew not being here, clearly annoyed, right as Zachary rushed into the station in panic, exclaiming that a body was reported in the public pool!



Murder Weapon

  • Can of Gasoline




Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks lemonade.
  • The killer smokes cinnamon cigarettes.
  • The killer wears cowboy boots.
  • The killer has a scar.
  • The killer is a man.
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Crime Scenes

River Front Shoreline River Front Bonus
Gas Station Store Shelves Gas Station Store Bonus
Willow's Office Drawers Willow's Office Bonus


Chapter 1

  • Investigate River Front. (Clues: Victim’s Body, Scarf)
  • Examine Scarf. (Result: Fingerprints)
  • Analyze Fingerprints. (03:00:00; New Suspect: Alesandro Stone)
  • Check on Alesandro Stone. (Prerequisite: Fingerprints analyzed; Victim identified: Carter Stone; New Clue: Pamphlet)
  • Examine Pamphlet. (New Suspect: Willow Deleon)
  • Ask Willow Deleon about providing the victim her services. (Prerequisite: Pamphlet unraveled; New Crime Scene Unlocked: Gas Station Store)
  • Investigate Gas Station Store. (Prerequisite: Willow interrogated; Clues: Symbol, Receipt)
  • Examine Symbol. (New Suspect: Tørrent)
  • Confront Tørrent about his hackings. (Prerequisite: Symbol identified)
  • Examine Receipt. (Result: Gas Receipt)
  • Analyze Gas Receipt. (09:00:00; Attribute: The killer drinks lemonade)
  • Autopsy Victim’s Body. (18:00:00; Attribute: The killer smokes cigarettes)
  • Go to Chapter 2. (1 star)

Chapter 2

  • Analyze USB. (Available after unlocking Chapter 2; 06:00:00)
  • Confront Willow Deleon about lying. (Prerequisite: USB analyzed; Profiles updated: Willow Deleon smokes cinnamon cigarettes, Alesandro Stone smokes cinnamon cigarettes; New Crime Scene Unlocked: Willow’s Office)
  • Investigate Willow’s Office. (Prerequisite: Willow interrogated; Clues: Photograph; Torn Paper)
  • Examine Torn Paper. (Result: Drawing)
  • Ask Alesandro Stone why he drew the drawing. (Prerequisite: Drawing restored; Profiles updated: Alesandro Stone drinks lemonade, Willow Deleon drinks lemonade)
  • Examine Photograph. (New Suspect: Mira Rogers)
  • Question Mira Rogers about the victim. (Prerequisite: Mira identified; Profile updated: Mira Rogers smokes cinnamon cigarettes; New Suspect: Craig Raines)
  • Interrogate Craig Raines about his appointment with the victim. (Prerequisite: Talked to Myra; Profile updated: Craig drinks lemonade)
  • Investigate River Stream. (All tasks before must be completed; Clues: Note, Footprint)
  • Analyze Note. (03:00:00)
  • Grill Tørrent about the note. (Prerequisite: Note analyzed; Profile updated: Tørrent drinks lemonade)
  • Examine Footprint. (Result: Leather)
  • Analyze Leather. (09:00:00; Attribute: The killer wears cowboy boots)
  • Go on to Chapter 3. (1 star)

Chapter 3

  • Visit Alesandro Stone. (Available after unlocking Chapter 3; Profile updated: Alesandro Stone wears cowboy boots).
  • Reassure Willow Deleon. (Prerequisite: Visited Alesandro Stone; New Crime Scene: Drawers; Profile updated: Willow Deleon wears cowboy boots)
  • Investigate Drawers. (Clues: Locked Box; Torn Paper)
  • Examine Locked Box. (Result: Faded Paper)
  • Examine Faded Paper. (Result: Check Number)
  • Analyze Check Number. (03:00:00)
  • Question Craig Raines about getting paid. (Prerequisite: Check Number analyzed; Profile updated: Craig Raines smokes cinnamon cigarettes and wears cowboy boots)
  • Examine Torn Paper. (Result: Text Messages)
  • Ask Mira why she met with the victim. (Prerequisite: Torn Paper restored; Profile updated: Mira Rogers drinks lemonade and wears cowboy boots)
  • Investigate Snack Aisle. (All tasks before must be completed; Clues: Can of Gasoline; Lemonade Bottle; Murder Weapon found: Can of Gasoline)
  • Examine Lemonade Bottle. (Result: Skin Cells)
  • Analyze Skin Cells. (09:00:00; The killer has a scar)
  • Analyze Can of Gasoline. (12:00:00; The killer is a man)
  • Take care of the killer now!
  • Go to The Beginning of the End (4/6).

The Beginning of the End (4/6)

  • See what Blake Harrison wants. (Available after unlocking The Beginning of the End)
  • Investigate Gas Station Store. (Clue: Faded Journal Pages)
  • Examine Faded Journal Pages. (Result: Journal)
  • Ask Alesandro Stone how he’s feeling. (Prerequisite: Journal revealed; Reward: Cowboy Hat)
  • Investigate Willow’s Office. (Clue: Broken Glasses)
  • Examine Glasses. (Result: Repaired Glasses)
  • Give Willow Deleon back her glasses. (Prerequisite: Glasses Repaired; Reward: Burger)
  • Ask Jordan Fernandez about his problem. (All tasks before must be completed)
  • Investigate River Stream. (Clue: Flowers)
  • Examine Flowers. (Result: Substance)
  • Analyze Substance. (09:00:00)
  • Ease Jordan Fernandez’s worries. (Prerequisite: Substance Analyzed)
  • Listen to Alesandro Stone. (All tasks before must be completed; Reward: 20,000 coins)
  • Go on to a new case! (1 star)



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