Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

Take care of the killer now!
Silvano: You? It was you?! You killed Katrina! You're the Reaper!
Angelica: I don't believe I heard you correctly, me? A serial killer? You're more stupid than you look Silvano, I'm disappointed in you.
Silvano (furious): Then how can you explain the traces of wine on her shoe?! Or that note you wrote!
Angelica: I am your mother, Silvano Novelli Macerno! I don't have to answer these nonsensical questions! Cease with your accusations!
Silvano: Answer me now!
Angelica: ...fine! I killed that little brat, I gave her every ounce of pain she deserved!
Angelica: My "hobby" had piqued that girl's interest, she was obsessed with finding out who the Reaper was!
Angelica: I couldn't let one girl bring down my glorious empire! I had to do something!
Angelica: So I told her to meet me outside town, somewhere discreet.
Angelica: When her guard was down, I pounced! Carving her body up like a pumpkin with the scythe I'd hidden there earlier that day.
Silvano (teary): How could you?! She was innocent, pure as the driven snow!
Angelica: Is that a tear I see? You were always a weak boy, just like Katrina was a weak girl!
Silvano (pulls out gun): You monster!
Angelica (laughing): Don't even try to threaten me, I know you won't pull the trigger. You lack the courage to do what is necessary!
Silvano (crying): ….you're right. I can't pull the trigger. It's not what Katrina would want.
Silvano (wiping tear): Let's handcuff this psychopath, <Name>.

Evelyn (shocked): Ms Macerno, I see you're charged with the murders of over ten people, spanning the last decade! What do you have to say for yourself?!
Angelica: I only did what was necessary your Honor! I built my empire, piece by piece, body by body!
Angelica: Fear is the strongest weapon, all I had to do was make those gullible worms believe I was from the other side!
Angelica (laughing): Once I did that, I was Queen! The most powerful person in Mystic Banks!
Evelyn (angered): Your twisted hunt for power has led you down a dark path...
Evelyn: …I see no other option. For your murderous reign of terror, I sentence you to life imprisonment in solitary confinement! Court is adjourned!

What Goes Bump in the Night (6/6)

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