Fayzah Jawab
Biographical information
Full name Fayzah Jawab
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1977
Nationality Flag of EgyptFlag of USA Egyptian-American
Residence Grimsdale, U.S.
Partner(s) Zachary Horvath (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #8: Holy Shoot! (S1)

Fayzah Jawab was suspect in the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Zachary Horvath in Work It Out! (Case #10 of Grimsdale). Prior to that she made a minor appearance in Holy Shoot! (Case #8 of Grimsdale). Later on, she was arrested for the murder of her boss, Philip Hoover., and masterminding a robbery in A Priceless End (Case #12 of Grimsdale) and later on appeared in Release Me From Death (Case #52 of Grimsdale) and Let The Battle Begin (Case #61 of Grimsdale). Additionally she appeared as a quasi-suspect in The Big Escape (Case #58 of Grimsdale)


Height 5'6"
Age 42
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes green
Blood AB-

Events Of Criminal Case

Holy Shoot!

While Mia and the player were interrogating Philip, Philip started to have trouble in breathing, where Fayzah came and gave him and inhaler. After the team asked Philip what the victim worked as, he didn’t know so he asked Fayzah, which she also did not know, but she saw in one of the tills, confirming that she was a bank cashier.

When Mia and the player were interrogating Hamida, after they caught her stealing from the tills, Fayzah offered to give them cups of pink lemonade.

Work It Out!

Fayzah became a suspect, after the team found a photo of her and the victim kissing, when informed of her boyfriend’d death, she froze, making Mia and the paper to give her some space.

She was later interrogated again, after Clay showed the player and Mia a viral vid of her turning down the victim proposal and breaking up with him. When asked why she did so, she told the team that this wasn’t the first time he proposed to her, and he have been doing so every few weeks, she finally had enough when he decided to do so publically, trying to push her into saying yes, in order to prevent looking like a bitch.

A Priceless End

After the team investigated Hoover’s office, they went to speak to Jawab, and inform her of Hoover’s death.

After watching a footage of the victim telling Fayzah to come with him in the sewers, where he was killed. Diego and the player interrogated her again.

Diego and the player later were called by Hamida where she told them two woman were fighting in the junkyard, who turned out to be Fayzah and Molly.

The killer turned out to be Fayzah Jawab, upon arresting her, she was pointing a gun at Diego and the player, threatening to shoot, they confronted her with evidence, where she said that she will take them as hostage to force the police into giving her the money back, but what she didn’t know, that Hamida was right behind her, and she placed a knife into Fayzah’s throat, threatining to slash it if she doesn’t drop the gun. The judge sentenced Fayzah to life in prison

Release Me From Death

Fayzah became a suspect after Diego and Hamilton discovered that she and the victim worked together at the prison’s kitchen. Fayzah claimed that Chelsea was a great partner and that she’s sad she won’t be working with her anymore.

Fayzah was spoken to again after Diego and Hamilton fixed her torn menu. Fayzah reveales that Chelsea ripped it off, and told the duo that Chelsea was a nightmare to work with, opposing what she said earlier, and that they argued a lot over the cafeteria menu.

Fayzah was found innocent, but was spoken to again, in order to see whether she noticed Chelsea being secretive. Diego and Hamilton went to speak to Fayzah. When she was asked whether she realized that Chelsea was hiding something, she revealed she found her placing things in some sort of safe, which she hid at the kitchen. The duo investigated the kitchen where they found the safe Fayzah was talking about, which they searched and found a pile of stabled documents labeled “Anoterous”. Diego and Hamilton sent the booklet to Yoyo, who told them that she skim-read the documents, and noticed that most of it spoke about meetings in the “Fuck-Strip-Kill” a nightclub/brothel that played a huge part during the team’s mission in the Industrial District. Diego and Hamilton then remembered how the nightclub’s owner, Steve Liveman allowed two Anoterous’ to hide in the brothel section and deduced that he must be afflicted with them. The duo then went to speak to Gail Vangsness, whom they discovered had the ability to detect demigods, and informed her that they’d like her to investigate the club.

The Big Escape

Kelemen and Mia went to speak to Fayzah, who told them that she heard about what have been happening outside and offered to help free the prisoners with them, but in exchange she wants a reduced sentence. The duo were tempted to refuse the offer, but they knew they needed as much as they wanted, and since Fayzah isn’t that dangerous, they agreed. The duo then investigated the Warden’s office where they found a police owned tablet, which they assumed most be where the prisoners’ details are. Kelemen and Mia sent the tablet to Rozetta who managed to hack into Fayzah’s files, and is now able to change the sentence. The duo went to Fayzah, and told her that they will reduce her sentence to 30 years, but instead she insisted she wanted 10 at most. The duo and Fayzah started arguing until they agreed on 15 years.

Let The Battle Begin

While searching the prisoners’ yard, Vicky and Hamilton found a broken spy gear which belonged to Fayzah, who for some reason was still in the dome, even after the prisoners escaped. Fayzah didn’t recognize the duo at first, die to their disguises, but after they revealed themselves as Vicky and Hamilton, she tried to make an excuse about why she was in the dome, but the duo suspected she was stealing from the New Olympians and forced her to get out. She was then spoken to again after the duo learned she tried to steal the victim’s dagger.

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