General information
Season 2
Setting Present Day
Established 2000
Country America
City Fayelight
Inhabitants American
Population +12 million
Primary LEA Fayelight Police Force
Key city figures Elliot Holland (Chief of Police)
No. of cases in season 48
No. of districts in season 8
Initial release date April 22nd, 2018
Season guide
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Season 1: The Unscaled Isles Season 3: N/A
Fayelight is the second season of Criminal Case, set in the present day. Following the story about the pirate and their crew, the player was hired by Elliot Holland to join his police force in the new town of Fayelight.


This season consists of eight districts, each with one aspiring aspect of Fayelight.

Sparkling Edge

Sparkling Edge is the first district of Fayelight. It consists of beautiful streets and buildings. There is a recent art thief running around, and the team must stop them.

Cases #1 - #6 are situated in this district.

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