Fatima Grande was the victim in My Head's Underwater (Case #2).

Murder Details

Fatima was found tied upside down, her hands bound and her head dunked in a barrel of water.

Ferdinand Amado said that Fatima died of drowning after not being able to tug her head free of the water. He found that Fatima's head was struck with something flat, knocking her out. The rope that tied her up was also tied in a double constrictor knot. This meant that the killer had a great deal of knowledge about knots. Besides that, Fatima also held a ripped up picture of Allison Maximus in her hands, which was only retrieved after the autopsy because of the rigor mortis the body underwent.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be the café manager, Emma Campbell.

After insisting that she did not kill Fatima, Emma gave in after Phoebe exposed every lie she said. She was agitated when she caught Fatima stealing from the cash register of the café. After letting her off, she caught Fatima stealing again and again, almost seventeen times. This almost ended Emma up in debt. Emma confronted her, telling her to stop stealing from the cash register. After Fatima spat in her face, she realized that she could not change her mind. She took a nearby coffee pot, smashed her head, dragged her all the way to the ruins of the cabin, submerged her head in a barrel of seawater, and tied her up so she would not escape.


After Emma's trial, Alden Holmes and the player found proof that Fatima had only stolen from the cash register once. The other times the money was stolen were because of another unknown person disguised as Fatima. Emma showed remorse for her actions after this revelation was presented to her.

Case Appearances

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