Fatima Al-Mansoori
Full name Fatima Al-Mansoori
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1984
Nationality Flag of United Arab Emirates Emirati
Residence Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Family Khalid Al-Mansoori (Husband)
Profession Housewife
Appearance(s) Stabbed in the Dark
Fatima Al-Mansoori (Arab: فاطمة المنصوري) was a suspect in the murder investigation of her husband, famous architect Khalid Al-Mansoori in Stabbed in the Dark (Case #10 of World Edition).


Fatima wears a dark green hijab with small diamonds encrusted on the head. She had black strands of hair poking out of the top. She also wears a teal sweater. It is known she plays golf and is superstitious.

Role in Case(s)

Stabbed in the Dark

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