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Father Ross
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Biographical information
Full name Father Andrew Ross
Gender Male
Status deceased
Birth 1967
Death 2018
Cause of death Impaled by a sword
Nationality American
Residence Stanford Bay
Affiliation(s) Stanford Bay church
Rank Father
Game information
Appears in In Criminal Case: Stanford Bay
First appearance The Deadly Sin

Father Ross was the victim in The Deadly Sin (Case #7 of Stanford Bay)


Father Ross was a 52 year old priest in the Stanford Bay Church, the oldest church in Stanford Bay.

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Murder and Details

Father Ross was found dead in the church, with his body impaled with a sword. Allan said that the killer also cut themselves while trying to kill Ross, and their blood type is A+.

Killer and Motive

The killer turned out to be a regular church visitor, Connor Bennet.

Initially denying involvement, Connor admitted to the crime. Connor said that he lied about thinking the victim was a good man, he knew about the victim doing sinful deeds. He once saw the victim in the shark bar, and then followed him whereever he went and found everything about his sinful deeds. He tried to ask him about this, but he ignored Connor. But after a few days later when he saw the victim fighting Habib Romanov in the bar and arguing with Ed Warren about the money, he got angry about it and confronted him about this and asked him how could he do such things despite being a priest. And the victim just laughed at him and told him it's none of his business. When Connor was about to tell him to change his lifestyle or he will have to suffer, the victim pushed him to the ground and told him he had heard enough. This made Connor angry, and he took the sword and killed the victim with it. Connor said he does not regret anything as the victim deserved to die and pay for his sins. Judge Olive sentenced him to life in prison