Father Novello Cappelanio appeared as a suspect in the murder of divorcee Lorena Esposito in A Devastation Of Love (Case #3 of Toomeswood) and kindergartner Michael Merowitz in Too Young To Die (Case #4 of Toomeswood). Prior to that, he appeared as a minor character after the events of To Pay A Deadly Price (Case #2 of Toomeswood)


Novello is a 64 year old priest with short slicked back gray hair underneath a black quasi-Pilgrim hat and black eyes. He wore a black priest collared shirt underneath a black cotton trenchcoat. He was also seen holding a grey clay crucifix that was decorated with a red rose and additionally sported a silver cross rosary.

In his first suspect appearance, he ditches the silver cross rosary and replaces it with a gold cross. He was discovered to eat communion wafers, be allergic to seafood and insomniac.

In his second suspect appearance, he ditches his quasi-pilgrim hat and his gold cross is now replaced with a wooden rosary. His outfit changes to a short sleeved white high collar dress shirt. It is discovered that Novello rides a bike, knows how to tie knots and sweats profusely.

Height 6'1"
Age 64
Weight 191 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood AB-

Events of Criminal Case

To Pay A Deadly Price

Novello appeared after the events of the case's additional investigation to alert the team of a physical altercation between the divorced Esposito couple.

A Devastation Of Love

Novello became a suspect after intervening in Miguel Esposito's arrest for assaulting border control officer Sam Kauffman, insisting that he be placed in the chapel custody so that he could find Lorena and try to peacefully settle things between the couple so that their daughter Elanna could be placed in proper care as he felt the victim was not a good fit to be her custodial parent due to being mentally unstable.

Novello was spoken to again when the team found a threatening message that was written by the victim on a piece of parchment. He revealed that Lorena had made some obscenely unrealistic demands such as having her ex-husband deported back to Mexico for being in a relationship with Darcy Keller while she was single. When the priest refused her outrageous request, she blackmailed him by threatening to expose his seafood allergy to his superiors as he was also responsible for church suppers.

Novello was found innocent after the team arrested Veronica Hernandez for the murder.

Novello with the team's findings of an old bloody paddle, dug up evidence about Veronica murdering Lorena's therapist, Dr. Harry Betts via asphyxiation. After Jane and the player found his body in Granden River, Tazia confirmed that he was murdered by Veronica. Novello along with the team confronted Veronica about the murders she committed. However, she countered that she murdered her daughters to save their immortal souls. She also revealed that she killed Dr.Betts because of being the therapist Lorena was romantically involved with, which Veronica of course found to be sinful and felt the romance would tempt Lorena away from God. Novello didn't hesitate to share his disgust with Veronica and even went so far as to blame her for the actions that transpired after murdering the therapist.

Too Young To Die

Novello became a suspect when the team found an angry message from the victim. Novello told the team that he highly believed that there was no such thing as a bad boy, a feat which the victim disagreed with. He also revealed that he was the one to provide Jordan with the antidote that saved his life after being attacked by Veronica Hernandez.Novello also informed the team about the victim being pen pals with escaped serial killer Alden Black.

Novello was spoken to after the team found a voodoo doll of the priest. He explained that the victim made that after Novello made him write a 250 word essay on how he could improve his behaviour and become a model student. When asked about that, he explained that the nuns were getting infuriated and upset by his behaviour although he did not condone their insults.

Novello was found innocent for the second time after the team incarcerated Julianna Gideon for murder and corruption.


  • Novello resembles Bartemius Crouch Sr. from the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire portrayed by the late actor Roger Lloyd Pack
  • Novello is one of the characters to appear in two consecutive cases

Case Appearances

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