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Far Away from Living
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Krause Street
Case # 69
Initial release date 04 VIIII 2020.
Partner(s) Leonidas Lupo
Case Chronology
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When the Empire Fall... End of the Krause Family

Far Away from Living is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 161st case of the game and the 69th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Krause Street, a district of Fario.


After all discoveries the team made and after preparing themselves, the player and Leonidas with Max went to the power plant to secure that no one will do anything bad. While the team approached closer there were approached by a panicking guard Sylvester Podesta who said that he found a body in the power plant and that they need to hurry there. The team quickly rushed inside where they discovered a body pierced against the barbed wire. The team quickly identified the victim as Kevin Swiper, a notorious pimp.

After sending his body to the morgue the team started the investigation by interrogating Sylvester about the night. After the interrogation the team continued to work on the case, eventually discovering that a CEO Adrien Raines has interest in the victim but also found reasons to suspect an undercover agent Kai Stark. After the autopsy, Matilda said that the killer and the victim had a struggle in which the killer won, progressing and saying how the killer pushed the victim on the wire and in the process left a strange substance that ended up to be part of the sauce for chicken fried steak, making her to conclude that the killer had a nice meal before receiving a thirst for murder.

After the team left the morgue and started to recap the case they were approached by Abbi who said that she got a call from Diana, saying that the team quickly need to go to the local factory because of the riots. The team quickly responded to the cal and went to the factory where Diana lone tried to calm the riots down that dismissed after the team started to threat with the arrest and because of the wolf next to Leonidas. The team then decided to look around as they discovered that the victim and Diana well well known enemies before finding reasons to suspect a Krause family member Will Krause. Soon after the team found that Kai spied on the victim due to his illegal activities but also that the victim tried to bribe him that his weak mind accepted. As well they discovered that the victim had a shady deal with Adrien that he refuses to speak about.

The team then spoke about the case as Sylvester slowly approached the team before pulling out the gun, ordering the team to stop the investigation. The team pulled their guns too, asking for the explanation but Sylvester said that is the best if they just go away, saying that is for the best but the team refuses and after the struggle Sylvester sighed and allowed the team to progress. They eventually discovered that Sylvester was under the heavy influence from the victim and that he didn't wanted police to know that he was involved in pimping before discovering that that Diana used to be one of his girls back in Europe but also that Will planned to have victim as an ally but that he betrayed him.

Finally, with all evidence discovered the team was ready to arrest Will. He smirked and said that the team is smart, saying that he indeed killed Kevin but not by his own. He the said that he had order fro Solomon directly to kill Kevin since Kevin was not just a dirty pimp but also LUMIA member who was assigned to together with Roberto Dias find the "best" girls for the experiments of the new human generation and army of supernatural humanity who will let LUMIA to gain control in the city and far more, saying how everything is ready and that humanity only need to be learned to accept this new rules. He then said how Kevin worked his job good but after LUMIA started to break bit by bit thanks to the player's involvements to save the dumb city he thought that is a good way to switch sides like Italy in the second world war and be on good guy sides and that after Joe Picollio he didn't want to stain his hands with more dirty and said to him that if he kill Kevin and stop him from possibly tell everyone about his secrets once he achieve a domination he will be second in command. As Leonidas approached to arrest him, Solomon entered with his loyal guards, saying that time is up and that the team need to leave this district right away and let Will alone unless they want to be dead as the guards pushed the team off the mansion. At the moment they got a call from Esmeralda, saying that Solomon's guards codification her anti-neohuman gun.

Right after hearing that , the team rushed back to the station to see what is happening, seeing hoe the guards taking everything. They then spoke to Esmeralda who said that Solomon's guards appears and took everything and how they say that the things Esmeralda makes are danger for the future and how King Solomon will come soon to arrest everyone and trial them for treason. knowing that they won't have lots of time they needed to work fast as possible to incriminate Solomon. The team went to Kai and said what they have and how growing his power is. Kai showed his concerns and said that FBI already monitor everything but that Solomon is smarter then them before the electricity cut out, as previously said that Solomon will do. Knowing that time is precious they quickly searched the plant, discovering toolbox with a syringe inside. After Karen analyzed everything he said that the serum is sedative mixed with zemiq like in a relaxing mixture who will turn the person slowly into the new human generation and sad how there was the blood on the needle that matched Sylvester. After the team questioned him about it, Sylvester sighed and said that h wanted to belong somewhere and that the best way to do so is to accept to be part of Solomon and LUMIA's order but that he doesn't like that. Leonidas promised him that if he helps he will make sure for him to be safe. Sylvester then confessed that after Solomon cut off the electricity he said that he has uncleared business with the dead. Thinking that he probably went to the victim's studio to get incriminating documents the team rushed there were they found a demolished room ad hole in the floor that hid the briefcase. After searching through it the team discovered that Diana and the victim actually had a truce to take Solomon down on what she said that she never mentioned anything since Kevin was still in illegal waters.and said how she had copies of all documents as she gave them to the player, saying that they should bring justice.

In the meantime, a concerned Adrien arrived to the station, asking the player and Mia Diaz for help. He said how he doesn't feel safe and that he is always watched as he said that he comes from a city called Sangremount an that he holds a deep secret no one should know. Mia told him that if he needs help they need to know. Adrien sighed and showed his fangs, saying that he is the vampire and that he knows how does it sounds but that he seriously need help to find his suitcase. A bit in shock Mia and the player agreed to help, knowing that after Dillan Sullivan they should not question as they asked him where he lost his suitcase. After the were told that it was by the factory the team went there, discovering the suitcase and unable to resist the curiosity search the bag, discovering a strange papers that they send tot he lab. After looking thought hem, Arif found himself astonished by the mysterious city and said that he didn't discovered what is so special bout it. The team then returned the suitcase back to Adrien who in the gratitude gave them a vials with blood.

After everything, the team looked through the documents, now knowing everything and having proof in their hands to arrest Solomon. They got ready and was about to exit when their road was blocked by Solomon's guards who with the evil smirk said that King Solomon is ready to trial them for treason.



  • Kevin Swiper (Pushed on the barbed wire)

Murder Weapon

  • Barbed Wire


  • Will Krause



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer plays golf.
  • The Killer eats chicken fried steak.
  • The Killer gamblers.
  • The Killer has an ink stain.
  • The Killer is a man.

Crime Scenes

Power Plant Bloody Fence Power Plant Bonus
Pimp Studio Secret Lounge Pimp Studio Bonus
Old Factory Factory Gates Old Factory Bonus


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