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General information
Season 1
Setting Fantasia
Established Unknown
Primary LEA Fantasia Police Department
No. of cases in season 90
No. of districts in season 9
Initial release date December 13th, 2017
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Fantasia is a world appearing as the main setting of Criminal Case: Fantasia. The first season of DARealityTV's Criminal Case fanon.

Criminal Case: Fantasia is a game based on a multitude of fictional worlds, and Fantasia is the hub where all of these worlds collide. The player, along with their allies in the Fantasia Police Department must travel through the fantastical sights, meet a plethora of colorful characters, and deal with the shady underbelly of the lands.


Fantasia has a total of nine zones (which work as districts), each based on a different and unique fictional world. Another gimmick to this season is in each district the player gains a zone specific partner to aid them in their investigations.

Fungai Hills

Fungai Hills

Fungai Hills is a zone of several different kingdoms that have entered into a power struggle with each other. This zone focuses on trying to bring peace between the monarchs and making sure the impending Royal Summit goes off without a hitch.

Cases #1-#10 are situated in this zone.

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