Liam: Good morning mate, Are you ready to go to the gaming event of the year!
Liam: The Gottingham gaming event has been around since 1971 but they've tried to get it around the world. That didn't work out so well.
Liam: Whoa, look over there mate. There's the French-Canadian team with their team leader, "The Wolf", his eyes aren't really gold, he really has brown eyes
Liam: and, oh OH! Look over there. There's the British team, they call themselves the "Fire bitters". They come from Parinaita!
Jaxon: Good day police. I'm Jaxon Peters and I'm reporting on the event but I've heard about your last two cases and I just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of you!
Liam: Oh thank yo- Wait, did you say Jaxon Peters!
Jaxon: Indeed I did. I work for Ethan Peters, my father, and he wants an interview with you as fast as possible.
Liam: Well it looks like we've gone up in the world, Ethan Peters, one of the most famous people from Berrini.
Jaxon: Indeed, please follow me!
Liam: I'll tell you about him on the way there, better suit up for our interview.

Chapter 1

Investigate Ryan's Street
Liam: Once he did a whole interview with a gang who ran around Berrin-
Jaxon: FATHER!
Liam: Huh? Everything alright Jaxon?
Jaxon: F-Father, please wake up, let me help take them papers out of your m-mouth
Liam: Jaxon...
Jaxon: P-please wake up
Liam: Jaxon, I'm sorry but...your father is dead
Jaxon: (Crying) N-No. He can't b-be, he was alright 5 m-minutes ago
Liam: I'm sorry for your loss Jaxon, if there is anything we can do, just ask
Jaxon: Find his killer...please...I-I don't know who would have done this
Liam: We'll try our best. Please wait over by the doors, we'll ask you questions in a minute.
Liam: You also found a newspaper that may be related to the victim. I'll grab your dusting kit
Liam: Come on mate, let's get to work.

Talk to Jaxon Peters about his father
Jaxon: I-I just can't believe he's dead...He was the best father anyone could ask for
Liam: Can you think of anyone who would have wanted to hurt him?
Jaxon: God no. He was so kind to everyone he ever met and never judged anyone by anything
Liam: Can you tell us anything that would be helpful
Jaxon: Nothing much but I did notice his pocket watch was missing from his body
Liam: Thank you for your help, please wait here and we'll talk later!

Examine Newspaper
Liam: So you've recovered the writing on the newspaper but there seems to be some sort of weird code on the bottom.
Liam: Our code breaker might be able to get though that in seconds. Warning, it's a bit hard to get used to.

Examine code on newspaper
Liam: Wow, you're quite good at that puzzle. Anyway, that code seems to be the location of the victim's newspaper printing company in Gottingham, If their information is correct, they're just down the road. Let's take a look at it right away.

Investigate Victim's printing company
Liam: This is a very nice building for a printing company. Look at the lights, they look like gold
Liam: Oh. Sorry mate, you said you've found a mobile phone, let's unlock it and see what's on it
Liam: And what's that box full of old newspapers, let's go through it and see what we can find in it

Examine Mobile phone
Liam: The phone opened to messages to the victim, how interesting
Liam: One message reads "Meet me outside of the gaming building and we'll talk" and it's signed by "The Wolf"
Liam: Oh yes, that's Luke, let's go and talk to him at once about this text message.

Speak with the Wolf about his messages
Liam: Luke, we wish to have a word with you
Luke: Sure, what is it?
Liam: Well we found your text messages to Ethan about wanting to meet him outside, care to explain
Luke: I just wanted to talk to him about his funding for my team and where we would be sleeping
Liam: Interesting, anything else
Luke: Non, That was all I asked him, now if you don't mind. I'm very busy and need to get back to my game, we'll talk later, okay?

Examine Box of old Newspapers
Liam: You said you've found a locket which belongs to a woman called "Emily Love". Who is this woman and how is she related to the victim, let's go and ask her!

Talk to Emily Love about her locket
Liam: Good day Miss Love, we've found the locket that was in the Peter's printing Company, any was it there
Emily: Oh thank god you found it. I must have dropped it there when I went there to pick up some of my grandmother's posters
Liam: I see. Did you see a man named Ethan Peters there?
Emily: No, sadly I didn't. I was with his son, I believe his name is Jaxon.
Liam: I see
Emily: Why are you asking these questions anyway?
Liam: Because we found Ethan Peters murdered earlier tonight
Emily: A murder you say? I'm sorry for his family for their loss. I'll stay here just in case you wish to talk with me again.

Examine Victim's body
Liam: Clara, anything you can tell us about the body?
Clara: Well the victim air was cut off by the newspapers and I'm judging it didn't take long for the killer to take him down
Clara: But the killer must have been wearing gloves because I couldn't find any fingerprints on the paper
Liam: Oh...Anything you can tell us about the victim?
Clara: Well he drank a lot, he smelled of alcohol and wine
Clara: Also his lungs were as black as the blackboard we used to have in school
Liam: So you couldn't find anything on the victim's body
Clara: Your killer was cleaver enough to clean anything off the body, I'm sorry guys, but I've got nothing.
Liam: It's alright Clara, just more work for us

Later, at the station
Liam: This investigation is a weird one.
Liam: We were going for an interview with Ethan Peters before we found him murdered with newspapers in his mouth
Liam: We questioned his son and he didn't seem to know of any enemy that his dad would have
Liam: Luke seem to only text the victim when he wanted something
Liam: And Emily claimed not to know the victim so well
Liam: If that's not worse, Clara said that the killer cleaned the body after murdering him
Liam: We're stuck on leads and we need some right away
William: Hey guys. I have something to tell you
Liam: Oh, hello William, what do you need
William: I think I may just be a suspect in this case. I was the victim's bodyguard
Liam: Wait what!

Chapter 2

Liam: This investigation is a weird one.
Liam: We were going for an interview with Ethan Peters before we found him murdered with newspapers in his mouth
Liam: We gave 3 suspects who claimed to know the victim.
Liam: If that's not worse, Clara said that the killer cleaned the body after murdering him
Liam: We're stuck on leads and we need some right away
William: Hey guys. I have something to tell you
Liam: Oh, hello William, what do you need
William: I think I may just be a suspect in this case. I was the victim's bodyguard
Liam: Wait what! Are you sure you should William?
William: Yes. I was the victim's bodyguard after all.
Liam: This investigation couldn't get any worse. Please go to the interrogation room and we'll question you in a minute
Liam: I was hoping that this wouldn't happen. Come on, let's question William about his work for the victim...

Question William about his work for the victim
William: First off. I'm sorry for making this hard on you. I just needed to tell you what i knew
Liam: Well it doesn't matter now. Why did the victim hire you?
William: He hired me for his trip to the city, it happened last week but I hardly knew who he was so I talked to his son, which seemed like a nice guy
Liam: What were you going to do with him? What were you even meant to do
William: Protect the victim from any "Right wing crazies" who might want him dead
William: Which confused me at first since we don't have that many people who are right wing
Liam: Yes, that is confusing...Do you have any more information we can use?
William: Well he did book a room in a local hotel. I have the key if you'll need it
Liam: Yes, we'll need that key. Please go home and don't try to leave...just in case we need to speak with you again
Liam: Come on <name>, Let's investigate the victim's hotel room!

Investigate Victim's Hotel room
Liam: That was just horrible, having to question William like that.
Liam: Anyway, back to work. What did you find?
Liam: What is that mini badge? It seems to be faded, Let's recover what was on it
Liam: You also found a ripped letter. Let's put it back together

Examine Ripped letter
Liam: Oh dear. It seems like the letter is faded, Let's recover the writing shell we?

Examine Faded Letter
Liam: You recovered the writing on the letter, let me read it!
Liam: "Don't interview Liam Attender. Whatever you do!"
Liam: Now that's not very nice, who was it from?
Liam: Oh, it was from my teacher, Mr Umbum. He always had a hatred for me in his heart. But I swear I was an angel in class.
Liam: (With devil horns) Come on, Let's go and talk to Mr. Bum still we. I'm still he'll remind you of all the good times we have!

Talk to Mr Umbum about his letter to the victim
Bernard: Oh dear god! You again Liam. I thought I would never see you again after you left school 12 years ago!
Liam: I don't know what you mean Mr. Bum, I think you remember me being an angel
Bernard: If being an angel includes jumping on the table, not doing your homework and being with that Alex boy shouting in every lesson. Then I don't want to go to heaven!
Liam: Oh cheer up. I wasn't that bad. Anyway, we needed to know why you didn't want the victim to interview me, you're angel of the year, your most clever student. Yo-
Bernard: Because I was aferd of this happening. You being annoying to everyone you ever lived with. It's a wonder <Name> hasn't asked for a partner yet!
Liam: Well I'm sorry but that interview won't happen now that we found Ethan dead
Bernard: All for the better if that interview was with you. Now get out of my room or else I'll call your mother!

Examine Faded badge
Liam: You uncovered the design on the badge and you revealed...
Liam: Oh my god. What a dull design for a badge!
Liam: Whoever made this better quit before they blow up the world. Let's send it to the lab and see what Holly can tell is

Analyse Badge design
Liam: So Holly, what can you tell us about the badge design we found in the victim's design?
Holly: Well first off. You better not laugh or say something rude about it. It was made by a cancer patient in America for a Christmas Fair!
Holly: Secondly. I found your victim's blood on it and it seems unlikely that he just pricked himself with the needle on the end
Liam: ........
Holly: Oh, you're staying quiet now that you've learned the badge is from a cancer patient, eh? Holly: Well the badges were made in America which means your killer might just have been to America to sell them
Liam: So our killer been to America...right...anything else?
Holly: I also found faint bits of the sweets "Good Sweets" on the badge, so it seems likely that the killer also eats these sweets.
Liam: So our killer eats "Good sweets" and have been to America. Let's add that to their profile, shell we? Liam: Also let's have another look in the victim's printing company. Maybe it will reveal more leads!

Investigate Printing Machines
Liam: So you seemed to have found a broken printing machine in the backroom. Maybe hacking the code will give us something
Liam: And that tin of Soup seems interesting, BLUH!. It's carrot and Apple soup!
Liam: But you say there's something on it. reveal what it says fast
Liam: And that toolbox might be hiding something, Let's see what's inside!

Examine Broken Printing Machine
Liam: You hacked it and found an email to the victim saying "Give me the money or you'll end up like a wolf's prey!
Liam: Oh my word, I didn't need that image in my head. Anyway, Wolf. Meaning Luke wrote this email. Let's question him about it!

Question Luke about his threat to the victim
Liam: Luke, we found your email to the victim where you said that if the victim didn't give you the money. He would end up as prey. Care to explain
Luke: Oh mes Loups! You found that did you!
Luke: Well my team wanted to come to Gottingham to fight the British to be the winners but someone didn't bother to pay!
Luke: We asked him for 25,000 Canadian dollars and he didn't show up with the money that we needed to get over here
Liam: And you needed the money to get over here?
Luke: Yes. He thought he could outsmart me. But there's something you can't do, you can't outsmart a wolf who is high on them "Good Sweets" and who has just been to New York.
Luke: I didn't kill your victim however. I just merely threatened him!

Examine Apple and Carrot soup tin
Liam: So the message on the tin reads "You look just as good as this...Not good at all" and it's signed by Emily.
Liam: What a weird thing to put on a tin of soup. Let's question her about this as once.

Question Emily about the message on the tin
Liam: Emily, we found the message you wrote on the tin of Apple and Carrot soup
Emily: Oh...You did. Well it wasn't meant for the victim. It was meant for his son, Jaxon.
Liam: Why would you send it to Jaxon?
Emily: Because Jaxon would always try to get with me. He always tried to give me them sweets and send me to America.
Emily: But then he told me why. His father was trying to set me up with Jaxon.
Liam: And did you tell him to stop?
Emily: I tried to tell Ethan but he wouldn't listen.
Liam: Oh. Maybe we should talk to Jaxon about his father's want!

Ask Jaxon about his father's behaviour
Liam: Jaxon, we found out from Emily that your father wanted her to be with you. Is this true?
Jaxon: Oh, you found out about that, Well I'm not surprise. Emily is a year below me...But I never really loved her
Jaxon: But my dad always wanted me to move out and have a family by 26 years old and I've failed him. Me hooking up with Emily was the last hope
Jaxon: Oh well. I'll find someone at some point, there are still plenty of fish in the sea.
Liam: Did you murder your father because of this?
Jaxon: Of course not. My dad was a role model to me and I loved him too much. Now I wish to be left in peace in this hard time...

Examine Toolbox
Liam: What is this strange piece. Let's get it to Holly right away!

Analyse Strange piece
Liam: So Holly, What can you tell us about the strange piece?
Holly: Well I had a look online and it seems to be a piece from a game.
Holly: And I found out that it was from a version of "MoneCash". It's a game where you go round the board and try to get all the houses and make the other players go bankrupt.
Liam: oh yes. Me and my brother play that all the time. We rage so hard when things don't go our way.
Holly: Well the piece has pieces of wet newspaper on it, which confirmed your killer must play this game as well.
Liam: So our killer plays Monecash! Let's add this to their profile

Later, At the station
Liam: So this investigation hasn't gotten any better.
Liam: First we has to question William, who was the victim's bodyguard. I sure hope it wasn't him
Liam: And then we have my old teacher, who seems to be happy to see me again.
Liam: And then we learned that our victim wanted Emily and Jaxon to hook up with else other.
Liam: I wonder what might happen next
Liam: Oh god. What have I done now...

Chapter 3

Liam: So this investigation hasn't gotten any better.
Liam: We have two more suspects and some don't seem so happy with with the victim
Liam: And then we learned that our victim wanted Emily and Jaxon to hook up with else other.
Liam: I wonder what might happen next
Liam: Oh god. What have I done now...
In the chief's office
Liam: What's the matter chief?
Mark: What do you mean what is the matter. I heard you were bugging my friend and your old teacher, Mr Umbum
Liam: But he's a suspect in the investigatio-
Mark: I know that, but you were teasing him about your old days at school. Do I have to remind you how many other person have filed a complain form against you!
Liam: It was just a bit of fun chief
Mark: Oh yes, just a bit of fun when a murder investigation is happening, what fun. I don't think so.
Mark: You better start replying to them complain forms and say sorry to EVERY person you hurt
Liam: But what about the investigation
Mark: I've set Amir on the task, he's waiting outside for you <Rank> <Name>.
Outside the chief's office
Amir: I knew this would have happened one of these days, Liam's a lovely man but he can sometimes over do it.
Amir: I've read your case file and it seems puzzling.
Amir: But we need a lead to carry on with the investigation.
Amir: You want back to the scene of the crime? Come on then. We have a dead reporter and a killer still on the loose, we have no time to lose!

Investigate Box Office
Amir: Strange, what's that ripped piece of paper doing here? I think it's best if we put it back together
Amir: And why in the world is there a target of the victim on the wall!? Was someone planning on shooting the victim!
Amir: Get some of that flaky thing on the target. Maybe it will help us find out who did this
Amir: But really, we have to be fast if we want to get the killer!

Examine Ripped paper
Amir: That's an asylum entrance form. I know one of them because I used to work in an asylum before I lived in Gottingham.
Amir: I couldn't tell you who the form was for, but maybe them fingerprints can, let's send these fingerprint to the lab at once!

Analyse Asylum entrance form
Amir: Hey Holly, we hopped that you could be able to tell us who filed that entrance form and who the fingerprints were for
Holly: Well you're in luck. I managed to look on the database and it seems the fingerprints belonged to a young William Vance.
Amir: Wait, our bodyguard was in the asylum? What for?
Holly: Well the victim was sure that William was crazy and he was worried about William's nightmares where William wished of killing his son, Jaxon.
Amir: Well the asylum can lead up to lots of bottled up anger. We better question him at once!

Ask William about the entrance form
Amir: William, we found out that the victim tried to enter you into an asylum when you were a child, why didn't you mention this before?
William: Because I couldn't...I just couldn't...
Amir: Why couldn't you?
William: Because it drove me crazy man. It really did...I had to eat "Good sweets" and go to America to forget about it.
Amir: And then you became his bodyguard again, did he know who you were
William: No and it's lucky he didn't. I felt so angry when playing Monecash with him that I near tipped the table
Amir: But did you kill him?
William: No Amir, no I didn't. I work for the police and I would never betray the team like that...
Amir: That is to be seen but let's hope your story matches up or else you'll be body guarding your cell!

Examine Target
Amir: What's that, you've got some of the flacks from the target, let's put them under the microscope at once

Examine Flacks
Amir: So the one who fired the shots at the victim's photo is Liam's old headteacher, Mr Umbum.
Amir: I agree, if he's firing shots at the victim's photo, we better ask him about it!

Ask Bernard about shooting the victim's photo
Amir: Bernard, we found out that you shot a picture of the victim, care to explain why?
Bernard: Oh, you found that did you, wondered when you would.
Bernard: Well I better tell you what's going on. That man was a pain to me and the students!
Bernard: He was printing fake news saying that the school was doing worst then it ever did. Stabbings and whatnot
Bernard: He also said that I. I of all people, was beating students with a cane
Bernard: It went so far that the government was threatening to close down the school!
Bernard: I didn't spend years of playing Monecash with Jaxon, Emily and luke that I wouldn't let them close down the school!
Amir: But Jaxon and Luke didn't come from the school
Bernard: The wonders of new tech will teach you something. Would you like some "Good sweets" before you leave the class?
Amir: No thanks and if we find out that your rage for the victim went as far as murder, you'll never be getting out!

Back at the station
Amir: So we have two more motive for suspects
Amir: William was send to an asylum by the victim which nearly drove him crazy
Amir: and it seems that the victim was also trying to close Ember's Parks school by using fake news as a MO.
Amir: We are just missing one part of the puzzle
Amir: I totally agree with you, let's return to the victim's hotel and see what we can find!

Investigate Bathroom
Amir: Be quick, the hotel manager has only given us 5 minutes to get what we want and then we must leave
Amir: You found a broken board game, let's piece it back together!
Amir: And what is that old collection of coins doing there
Amir: You're right! There's blood on them, let's grab some of it!
Amir: Come on dude, we're on a roll, let's grab this killer!

Examine Broken Board game
Amir: I knew that you would be right, this is a Monecash board and if I'm right. Holly will be able to find something on it!

Analyse Monecash board
Amir: Hey Holly, what did you find on the Monecash board that we found in the victim's bathroom?
Holly: Well it was quite hard to get anything from the board...
Amir: Oh god, please say you found something we could use!
Holly: Don't worry Amir, I managed to get some DNA from the board
Holly: And I manage to find out that your killer is 25-years old!
Amir: So our killer is a 1/4 way though their live. Seems only fair that we throw them in jail for the rest of their life!

Examine Coin Collection
Amir: You got some of the blood from the old coin collection, amazing, let's get it to the lab at once!

Analyse Blood
Amir: Holly, we send you some blood hoping that we could get to the killer. What can you tell us about it?
Holly: Well the blood is your victim's and not your killer's, which helps a little bit
Holly: But I did find something that would help you and it was a piece of clothing.
Amir: I guess that would help...but how can we tell anything from said piece of clothing
Holly: Putting it under a dye, of cause.
Holly: After I did this. I find this SOMBRA symbol on the clothes
Amir: Oh god, don't tell me SOMBRA's coming back!
Holly: No they aren't, but I'll tell you what is, you when you arrest the killer. Your killer wears a shirt with the SOMBRA symbol on it!

After getting everything
Amir: A reporter was found murdered in the streets with newspapers in his mouth and now it's time to arrest his killer. let's get them <name>!

Arrest Killer

Amir: Emily Love, you're under arrest for the murder of Ethan Peters
Emily: Hmm? What are you talking about <name>. I hardly knew the man. Why would I murder someone I didn't know?
Amir: We don't know but we did find out that you have been to America and eat "Good Sweets"
Emily: So what? Does it matter if I do that? It doesn't make me your killer
Amir: Maybe not but we did find your ripped clothing on the coin collection
Emily: What about my clothes being ripped? I ripped them when using a knife
Amir: A knife, more like killing the victim. Just admit to your crimes miss and everything will go back to normal
Emily: Normal? What's normal in a world where you are still alive after MY attack last week!
Amir: Wait, YOU sent that terror group to kill us when we arrested Hannah, why though
Emily: Because The Night Terror told me to, to see my grandmother again!
Emily: I was disappointed when you didn't die and so I thought murdering Ethan might get you on my trail and so I took my chance and it worked
Amir: You're doing this because you wanted us dead because the Night Terror told you too!
Emily: Yes. My grandmother needs revenge, she disappeared 30 years ago and was never found...I just want her back
Emily: And them the Night Terror told me that I needed to kill you to get her back so from me and The Night Terror, goodnight
???: NO!
William: (Was bleeding and coughing, he had been shot between the eyes)
William: W-What I was meant to...protect the this really how it ends
Amir: W-William, are you alright...
William: I'll be fine...just a little shot in my head
Amir: We need to get you to the hospital and fast!
William: It's too late for me, just arrest Emily and get it over with
Amir: No, you're not dying on us
William: It's alright, death is just a part of life. Thanks for everything...
William: (Falls to the ground, he was dead)
Emily: NO NO NO NO NO NO! I can't have failed...I had one job
Amir: And you failed that job! You're under arrest!
At the courtroom
Judge Forest: Emily Love, you're in this courtroom today for the murder of Ethan Peters and William Vance, how do you pleased?
Emily: I won't answer to any questions you have for me. Just get on with it
Judge Forest: You've got nothing to say? Why not?
Judge Forest: Very well Miss Love. I sentence you to 50 years in prison without a chance of parole
Emily: What does it matter? I'll never see anyone ever again anyway...
Emily: Wait a second. <name>, the Night Terror sends their love!
Back in the office
Mark: I can't believe what just happened. William was murdered
Amir: I know chief, this isn't good for the team at all
Mark: Indeed. We'll need to do something about it at once
Amir: But there was also a mention of Emily's grandmother. It makes me worried
Mark: I see what you mean by that. It's clear what we must do then. Find Emily's grandmother!

The Beginning of the Night (3/7)

Amir: I haven't heard from Liam since the chief made him write all them letters but that's not the less of our troubles.
Amir: For one William was killed by Emily Love and now we need to find new protection for is this ever happens again
Mark: I say you go and talk with Jaxon Peters. I've heard he interviews someone about this new body armour you can wear under your clothes. Why not talk to him about this?
Amir: And what about the investigation into the disappearance of Emily's grandmother. Where do we start with that?
Mark: I'll help <name> with the body armour side and you take <name> to question Emily about her grandmother. We need answers!
Amir: On it chief. So <name>. Wanna talk to Emily or Jaxon and see what they can tell us!

Speak to Jaxon about the interview
Mark: Right. Young man, we wish to ask you about the body armour.
Jaxon: Oh yes sir. Well it seems that this company is planning to make armour that can keep people safe from knives, guns and whatever else. It's in the beta stages at the minute but I think they'll fully be released to the public by 2021.
Mark: Well that's no good. We need them for the police safety
Jaxon: The police safety? I've heard that you loss your bodyguard. So sorry to hear that
Jaxon: Just be aware that it's very hard to talk to him. Go to my dad's old office and I'm sure I've left some old badges which will let you talk to him.
Mark: Thank you for your help Jaxon!
Jaxon: No problem and thanks for solving my dad's murder. Please take this as thanks.

Investigate Printing company
Mark: So you seem to have found a box that might be hiding them cards.
Mark: Now I hear you're a lot better at digging through things then Liam...Mind showing me your skills!

Examine Box
Mark: Excellence. You've found the badges that Jaxon mentioned. You really are better then Liam. Don't tell him I said that.
Mark: Anyway. Let's meet with this person about the body armour!

Speak with Mr Salt about the body armour
Mark: Hello, Mr Salt, We need to speak with you.
Allen: Come on Mark. You've known my name for years and yet you still call my Mr Salt?
Mark: Wait. You're the multimillionaire! I would never have known that!
Allen: Indeed I am my old friend. Now what do you need and how is old Umbum holding up?
Mark: Mr Umbum is holding on fine. Anyway, we need to know about this new body armour. We've just loss our bodyguard to a gunshot and we need to know if we can have some of them
Allen: That's going to be the tricky part my friend, you see, we haven't started to make any of the suits, they're still in beta mode
Mark: So we've heard. Is there anyway we can help?
Allen: Well I've heard you have a techy person. Maybe you can run my blueprin-
Allen: Oh Hell's Tomotos. I seemed to have misplaced it when I went to Ryan's Street. If you can find the plans and run it past your tech expert. You can get some of them body armour for free
Mark: Don't worry Allen. I'm sure <name> will find them plans in no time!

Investigate Ryan's Street
Mark: Oh dear. You've found the blueprints to the body armour but they're ripped to high heavens. Can you please repair them!

Examine Ripped Blueprints
Mark: Excellence. You've fixed the blueprints and they look as good as new. Let's send them to Holly and see if she can tell us anything!

Analyse Blueprints
Mark: Holly, Did you manage to fix Mr Salt's blueprints and see if it would work
Holly: Indeed I did chief but there were some worrying things on the page.
Mark: Worrying things. Like what?
Holly: Chief...Sorry to ask you but how long have you known the duke, Unbum and Allen?
Mark: Ever since we were in school 60 years ago. Why do you ask?
Holly: Did any of them ever act...strang-
Mark: No. None of them ever acted strange or un-normal. If we did, we used to get the cane.
Holly: Okay...Here are the plans
Mark: Thanks. Let's get them to Allen as fast as possible!

Give the blueprints back to Allen
Mark: Here you go Allen. All your plans updated and seen through.
Allen: I like your timing. Thank you for your help!
Mark: You're very welcome my friend. Do you need anything else
Allen: Not really. The suits will be send off as soon as they can be
Allen: Oh wait. Mark, can you stay behind. I want a word with you and it would make it so much easier if you are here
Mark: Oh course my friend. <name>, please go back to the station!
Allen: And thanks for your help with the plans, please take this donation for your help!

Question Emily Love about her grandmother's disappearance
Amir: Emily, we want to help you find your grandmother or at least find out what happened to her. Can you tell us everything that you know?
Emily: Wait...You want to help me?
Amir: Yes. What can you tell us about what happened on that day?
Emily: Well I know she went missing on the 4th October 1986 but other then that. I don't know much. I wasn't born when she was alive, remember?
Amir: Is there anything we can use to help?
Emily: Well I remember my dad saying that she went to the victim's hotel. Maybe try there?
Amir: Thanks for your help Emily. We promise that we'll try and find your grandmother
Emily: Thank you. Please take my burger. I know it's not much but it's all I have

Investigate Victim's Hotel Room
Amir: That folder you found seems a little weird. Maybe dusting the cover will tell us what it is

Examine Folder
Amir: You've dusted the folder and it seems to be something to do with a police report for Anna's disappearance. Let's get it to Holly and see what she can make of it!

Analyse Anna's Disappearance folder
Amir: So Holly, Did you manage to find anything strange in the folder that we could use in the investigation?
Holly: Well it took some time to find anything from all the notes but I manage to find out something
Amir: And what was that Holly?
Holly: Well on the date. It seems the Anna was seen with another woman on Ryan's Street according to some eyewitnesses.
Amir: Ryan's Street? But that's where the murder of our victim happened
Holly: Indeed. I would suggest having another look round there
Amir: Will do Holly. Come on <name>. Let's have a look around that street one more time!

Investigate Ryan's Street
Amir: You've found an old picture of Anna and a woman. This must have been taken by one of the witnesses. Let's take it back to the station and see who this woman really is

Examine Unknown Woman
Amir: According to our database, the woman in the picture is called Gloria Hancock. So she's the woman who last saw Gloria alive.
Amir: If there's any chance of her being alive. we need to talk to he-
Amir: Wait. Who's calling our name?

A little weird, back at the station
Amir: I hope the whole body armour thing went well but I can't help thinking that the chief wanting a talk with Allen Salt is a little strange.
Amir: I know we shouldn't worry but nothing seem to make sense in this town.
Amir: I agree. We must also look into more of the disappearance of Anna Love. Something is off
Amir: And who is this Gloria Hancock? We'll need to talk to her as soon as possible.
Amir: But where is sh-
???: Sorry for interrupting but are you the police?
Amir: Yes. what's the matter?
???: Someone's threatening to blow up the tube station!
Amir: Wait what!

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