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This a Transcript for Faith of Criminals

Chapter 1


  • Felicia Desker: Well hello <Name>! Its an honor to meet you!
    • So, there has been some trouble here recently
    • The city of Packnlive has never been this dangerous, some pepole has even moved out of the town becouse of the danger level
    • That is why we have pulled you out of the Police School early.
    • You will still be thought by Lit Bras. One of our elite detectives. She will teach you everything else you need to know
    • But currently she is on a shift at the Cagement. We will pair you up whit Ryan Will II. He is another of Lit's students, and you will be talking on a Case whit him.
    • There has been a murder commited today, outside of the Ingerol. Go there and ivestigate the best you can, if you need any help, dont be shy to ask me.

Investigating Ingerol Tree

  • Ryan Will II: *Rips branches* Dammit woods!
    • Gah, im sorry <name>. I was taking an image of a Green Seagull.
    • Yeeeeah, dont ask me how that is possible, the Blackwoods are a twisted place.
    • So, what did you find?
    • Well, he didnt look like he got a plesant ending.
    • Acording to this ID, his name is Hauser Humphrey. Did you find anything else?
    • A backpack, lets rummage through this, it may have anything that will help you.
    • A torn note? Well, it dose look suspisious, lets see if we can piece it back together
    • Another thing, we should talk whit the Ingerol Cheif, lets do that at some point as well
    • Now lets see how well we can do this!

Atopsy Victims Body

  • Markwhay: Wellcome <name> to my lab! Im Markwhay! The Coroner
  • Ryan Will II: He is a pretty skilled one, I havnt seen so much of what he can do but I've heard great things.
  • M: Thank you! Now onto your victim...
    • The stab wounds was a childs play to registrer! It is defenently a Serliser Dolk!
  • R: Wait? Isnt that what you used to cut flowers whit at the Ingerol to sacrifise to G.O.L?
  • M: Know your religion! Of course it is!
    • The wounds are weak, becouse of the Dolk not being sharp enough to cause sevear damage to someone, the millions of stabs are compleatly logical.
    • But I did find one thing that is defenently not Hausers. And that is some gray fur!
  • R: Gray fur? So you arnt sure its I that comes from
  • M: Nope, it is not the same coulor.
    • Your killer is defenently having Gray Fur, now, if you exuse me. I need to go and have a Drink

Investigate Backpack

  • Ryan Will II: So? What did you find?
    • A Photograph? Let me take a look...
    • Hey! I know who she is!
    • She is Kinshra Abdel! One of my friends that work as a chef over at the Dolkers Hamburgers!
    • Why is her photo in Hausers Backpack tho?
    • Your right! Lets go and have a chat whit her!

Talk whit Kinshra Abdel

  • Kinshra Abdel: Hello there Ryan! What do you want today?
  • Ryan Will II: Im sorry but we arnt here to eat today, we wonder
    • Do you know this man?
  • K: Yes of course, he is one of my best coustomers! He is here every day!
    • He didnt show up today tho, I wonder why
  • R: That is becouse he is Dead, we are investigating his murder!
  • K: Ohh... Well. Thats sad, so you just want to know my releation whit him?
  • R: Yes, basicly
  • K: Well, we just talk when we meet, he comes here every day!
    • By the way, I did hear where he was going off, I dont renember where, I think I wrote the location down somewhere,
    • Here it is, this is where he went
  • R: I have two questions about this...
    • First, do you even know how to spell "Main Ingerol Street"?
  • K: No, its just a problem, you know, dyslexi and all that.
  • R: Aha, so, why did you write this down?
  • K: Dont you find it suspisious when someone sits and wispers to another one where they are going to go?
  • R: You saw who the man he talked whit was?
  • K: Im pretty sure it was a woman, I dont see to well when I just woke up.
    • And I didnt see her face, she wasnt facing me.
  • R: Ok, that was all we need! Thank you!

Examine Torn Note

  • Ryan Will II: So? What dose it say?
    • Konsligirse? What dose that mean?
    • Oh Consligere! This person has some spelling issues.
    • The second word is... what is this?
    • Person! Who spells it personia?
    • Deday soner then yue think?
    • Deathday sooner then you think?
    • My lord this dosnt have good spelling!
    • Lets send this to the lab to see if our Profiler can decipher this!

Analyze Torn Note

  • Weyzen Mai: Wellcome to my Humble Abourd dear <name>!
    • So, you found this note next to the victims body am I correct
  • Ryan Will II: Yes.
  • W: Well then, that made this a lot easier. This was writen by Hausens Killer!
    • I can tell you that the spelling pattern here clearly spells DYSLEXI out in big red letters,
    • Our killer must have either bad eyesight for reading and thinks this is how you spell it or...
    • They cant see how they spell,
    • Its most certain that this is a Dyslexian writing this letter
  • R: Great! We already have a lead!
  • W: Not so fast! I also took help from Jayne, our tech expert, and found that more then 2 persons has touched this letter! We could only detect Hausers and...
    • Angel Destopairs!
    • We couldnt find the third one in the database.
  • R: Why that dramatic pause?
  • W: She is... one of the most watched persons on the polices watchlist, having the possibility of commiting dozens of crimes
    • We still havent been able to charge anything on her.
    • If she relly is the killer, we got evidence
    • But we currently dont have enough evidence. Go and talk to her!

Talk to Angel Destopair

  • Ryan Will II: *Knocks on a Classroom door* She is appearently on History lesson currently, lets see if she is in there...
  • Mr. Ranulph: Yes?
  • R: We are the PNLPD and we are seeking Angel in your class?
  • Mr. R: Oh that little insect, ill be glad if you get rid of her.
  • R: Looks like the police isnt the only one who has a bone to pick whit here.

A few moments later

  • Angel Destopair: But look who finally decided to show up!
  • R: We have no time for jokes, I dont know much about you but we want to know your relation whit Hauser Humphrey!
  • A: Oh, yea so you are investigating his murder I suppose...
  • R: What?! So you know he is dead? How?
  • A: As many coulors that are visible by the human eye, I have ways...
  • R: Oh yeah, youve touched Hausers death note, eh? We can arrest you hear and now!
  • A: But thats you breaking the law if you arrest me, Im not a dyslexian, I dont fit into your profile
  • R: Soooo.... you know about that as well. But we are watching you.
  • A: Theyve already replaced my prime-teacher whit an officer, you dont need anything more then that.

At the School Resturant

  • R: Well, i think we do need more watching over her
    • No wonder she is climbing the watchlist
    • I think we should have a look in her History classroom, maybe there is something worth noting at her desk. Or anywhere shes been for that matter

After Investigating History Class

  • Mr. Ranulph: Sir. Ryan? If you wouldnt mind, but my next class is starting in 5 Minutes..
  • Ryan Will II: Dont Worry! I think <name> has found something!
    • What is that? A history book!
    • Your right, it looks like she is intrested in the Medival Times.
    • Say Mr. Ranulph, are you working whit the Medival Times?
  • Mr. R: Absolutley not! We did that 2 Semesters ago, next time we are doing it is next termine. And I havnt told anyone that.
  • R: Looks like we need to have a closer look at this
    • Hey! Its a note here!
    • "Check out page 55 for more /Lizzeraera
    • Page 55?
    • WHOA! Its about Guilotine Execution!
    • Sir, you know anyone called Lizzeraera?
  • Mr, R: Sorry, but no!
  • R: Lets get some fingerprints from this bad boy and see who she is talking to

Examine History Book

  • Ryan Will II: Great job <name>! Now lets get this to the lab!

Analyze Fingerprints

  • Jayne Cybil: Hello ther <name>. I am Jayne Cybil, but you can call me Cy.
  • Ryan Will II: She is our Tech Expert, and one of the biggest hackers out there.
  • J: But onto the prints you found, they are hard to find in the database, but they do match one person,
    • But we couldnt find there name nor face in the base.
  • R: Really? Thats the second time!
  • J: Well there is a damn good reason for why we couldnt find it in the database this time!
    • It is a match whit the 3rd person touching Hausers Death note!
  • R: Really? Thats great! That must be the killer!
  • J: Becouse Angel is proven innocent, this must be the killers print, and these ones and Angels are compleate OPPOSITES, but I did find a lead to your killer.
  • R: Come on! Tell us already!
  • J: I dont know... Wiiiiiiiiiiiill I?
  • R: Can you... PLEASE... tell us?
  • J: Thats the spirit.
    • I found scraps of metal on these prints, as well on the unknown print on the Note, and they are a special kind of metal called Hopraocium.
    • It is a metal used for Badges, and only Military Badges.
  • R: I think I have one of those at home, but that seals the deal! Our killer owns a Military Badge!

Talk to Kali Raura

  • Kali Raura: Hello dear friends, what brings you to the Ingerol today?
  • Ryan Will II: Youve probobly heard about the murder outside of the Ingerol today?
  • K: Oh yeah I did, now I canceld the reading today. Not that dyslexia allows me to read.
  • R: Do you think you know anything about the murder.
  • K: Well my Serliser Knife is missing, I dont know where it could be.
  • R: Anything more?
  • K: Nope, Ill have to backup todays Ingerol Meeting at the scouts in the devilish blackwood forest.

Chapter 2


  • Felicia Desker: Officers, I need you to do one thing, its urgent.
  • Ryan Will II: Sure, what is it...
    • We still have crossed an dead end on what to do.
  • F: Well I can tell you what to Fu**ing Do!
    • That Angel B***h has been up to some strange stuff lately...
    • I need you to go and Investigate her once again.
    • Also, make sure to go on a lunch break. Youve deserved it.
    • I think you should go and talk to Mr. Ranulph, her history teacher, would be nice to know what she's done.
  • R: Were on it Ma'am!
  • F: Stop.

Talk whit Angel Destopair

At the Water Tower

  • Ryan Will II: What? What are you doing all the way up here?
  • Angel Destopair: Doing some s**t. None of your buisness.
  • R: Oh I think you want to tell us.
  • A: Sure. Im up here looking on that girl down there.
  • R: Who?
    • *Looks down* Oh her. Why?
  • A: Would I snoop in your private life?
    • Nooooo.
    • Would I watch your every step?
    • Nooooo.
    • Would I think your up to no good becouse you walk up on a hill whit a water tower?
  • R (Imitating Angel): Nooooooo!
  • A: So why do you? Buzz off now. I have an important meeting whit Crank Glod

Down at the Bottom

  • R: Crank Glod? Who is that?
    • Lets see if we can find him in Angels School! Come on!

Talk to Crank Glod

  • Crank Glod: And what now? The police? Please dont say I got swatted?
  • Ryan Will II: Nooo? You didnt. We are here to ask you what this "Meeting" whit Angel is all about?
  • C: So that son of a gun sent you here? Well I dont know. She just wanted to see me.
  • R: Really? So she didnt explain why?
  • C: No, I was supposed to go to a Dyslexi Help class but it was cancelled
    • I wonder how she knew it tho.
  • R: *Sigh* Dead end again <name>

Investigate Resturant

  • Ryan Will II: *Eats a Dolkers Burger* These stuff is nutrisious and Delisious!
    • What are you doing? We should eat.
    • A McFlobby Meal? What is that doing here! Those resturants are compleate rivals!
    • Right, we should see what the hell this is all about!
    • Know what? We should send this to the lab, this thing has some weird goo inside of it! Gross!
    • A box? Found that as well?
    • Lets crack that thing open as well.

Analyze McFlobby Meal

  • Lucrietta Jane: Hello <name> and wellcome to my lab!
    • I am the forensic expert, responsible for weird sh*t like the goo in the Flobby meal!
    • Myself enjoy Dolkers more then Flobby, but they dont serve THAT bad food.
    • Whats in this is is Mortal Diptheria bakteria. A decise which poisons their victim and can paralyze them for days.
  • Ryan Will II: Holy Bananas! What is that doing there?!
  • L: I dont know, but its lucky that It couldnt spread. It spreads to humans quicker the flies to sh*t
    • I suggest you going and talking to Kinshara about this now!

Talk to Kinshara Abdel

  • Ryan Will II: Kinshara, me and <name> has some bad news...
  • Kinshara Abdel: No, please dont say that another 15% of my economy is killed.
  • R: Well it wouldve, if it wasnt for us dining here recently!
    • We found a McFlobby meal in your resturant filled whit the Mortal Diptheria.
  • K: WHAT?! Who did that to my resturant!?
  • R: Im sorry but we dont know that, I think its someone who must hate your resturant to spread that desiese here.
    • Were glad to help!

Examine Box

  • Ryan Will II: You cracked that thing open so quick! What is in there?
    • BINGO! A Photograph!
    • This depicts Kinshara and our Victim! And some other girl, who is that?
    • Right! Lets send this to Weyzen! Lets see if he can figure who this is out!

Analyze Photo

  • Weyzen Mai: Well, this person was easy to find.
    • Its a certain Renena Estrilda, she works as a janitor at Northview Coast, the school that I know youve visited a lot recently
  • Ryan Will II: Becouse of Angel?
  • W: Becouse of Angel!
    • She works as a janitor there and is clearly a friend to Hauser and Kinshara. I also found out that she formerly worked at Dolker Kings. AND...
    • She is also a former WIFE to our Victim!
  • R: Well that makes this a whole lot easier! Lets go and talk to this Renena!

Talk to Renena Estrilda

  • Renena Estrilda: So, what brings you here?
  • Ryan Will II: We are here to ask you about Hauser Humphrey, do you know him?
  • Ren: Well yes, he was my former Husband.. But we divorced for 3 Years ago, but we are still great friends.
  • Ryan: So great to have a photo taken whit him and Kinshara?
  • Ren: Well yes boy. I worked there for a long time before quitting to work here, dyslexia dosnt help you read recepies.
  • Ryan: O...K. I guess that makes some sence, becouse I hate to say this, but he was murderd tonight.
  • Ren: So that is why you are here! God if I knew I wouldve said everything I knew!
  • Ryan: Wait, what do you know?
  • Ren: I saw him walking towoards the main Ingerol yesterday whit some girl! I dont know who tho!
  • Ryan: That dosnt really help us, all of our prime suspects are female, but thanks for your help.

Talk to QUASI-Mr. Ranulph

  • Mr. Ranulph: Wellcome again Mr. Ryan!
  • Ryan Will II: No need for that, we want to see where Angel was sitting and studying here today!
  • Mr. Ranulph: Oh ok, over at that timeline poster!

Investigate Timeline Poster

  • Ryan Will II: What did you find?
    • What is that?!
    • Some kind of gun?!
    • Ok, lets get this thing to Cy! Hopefully she will be able to tell what the hell-ck this is.

Analyze Mysterious Gun

  • Jayne Cybil: This thing is outrageous! I cant find a thing in this!
    • But there is one thing, I found the fingerprints! Of the 3rd person on the death note!
  • Ryan Will II: Perfect! Then we got...
    • *Sigh* Angel isnt dyslexian
  • J: I do got evidence to lead us one step closer to our Killer!
    • I found a dye on the print, and it isnt your regular Fur Dye, no, its a perma-Tatoo Dye!
    • This is solid evidence the killer has a Tatto!

Chapter 3


  • Ryan Will II: <Name>! We need to find something incriminating! Something that will expose our killer!
    • We currently have 4 Pieces of evidence, the dyslexia, the Gray Fur, the badge and tatoo, and we have 2 Suspects fitting this.
    • Kali fits it, and Renena fits it, and even Kinshra fits, and dont get me started on the ways Angel can fit.
    • Lets go back to crime scene, maybe we can find something good there...
    • And Since Kinshra has a good fit, lets check the kitchen to see if there is something that we can use.

Investigate Ingerol Gate

  • Ryan Will II: This place dose give me the creeps <name>. What did you find?
    • Oh, a DOLK?
    • Isnt that a Serliser Dolk? The Murder Weapon
    • Yeah! It has blood on it! Plants dont emit blood! Lets get a sample to the lab

Analyze Blood

  • Lucrieta Jane: The blood you found on the serliser dolk, is.. telling, it has 0+ blood on it
  • Ryan Will II: Dose that mean our killer has 0+?
  • L: Im sorry but no... it is the same blood type that our victim has, but I couldnt find any specific genetics
  • R: Soo... we just have an registrerd murder weapon?
  • L: Yes, but it is something good after all.

Investigate Kitchen

  • Ryan Will II: Aaaaand who leaves a blood bottle here?!
    • Thats... Disgusting...
    • Ok, you carry that to the lab... please...

Analyze Bottle of Blood

  • Lucrieta Jane: So, you are telling me that this was found in a kitchen?
  • Ryan Will II: Yes, the Dolker King.
  • L: Well this aint your Hences Ketchup! This blood is an 0+ Blood substance, and it dose not come from your victims body, who clearly is a 0+. Becouse this blood comes from a female!
    • Make sure to note down that your killers blood is 0+!

Arresting the Killer

  • Ryan Will II: Kali Raura, <rank> <name> and I are arresting you for the murder of Hauser Humphrey
    • It did come as a suprise to me... what did he do to you?
  • Kali Raura: Oh yeah, I dont really know why she wanted him dead.
  • R: She? Who is She?
  • K: Well I dont know. Or I do know, but can I awnser?
    • Nooooo!
  • R: Remain Silent, I will take you to the Treat.

At the Treat

  • Judge Aries: Kali Raura, you are arrested for murder of Hauser Humphrey whit a violent Serliser Dolk attack, am I correct?
  • Kali Raura: Yes your Honor. I got oderd to kill him
  • Judge Aries: And what did you get for that, getting oderd must give you something.
  • Kali Raura: I dont know, I havnt gotten anything yet.
  • Judge Aries: Alright, for your inknowlege of your reason for killing, I give you a 50 Spins in Prison whit a 20% of Release.

Outside of the Treat Hall

  • Lit Bras: Hello <Name>! I am Lit Bras, and Ive seen your splending work on this case!
    • I didnt even get to be whit you when the arrest was preformed, I guess pepole can get thaught whitout any teacher
  • Ryan Will II: Aww... Thanks!
  • Lit Bras: So, why dont we go to the CC Store? I pay!

Enemy of the North 1/5


  • Felicia Desker: *Drinks a bottle of wine* Alright *Burp* Great... Job on your recent case... *Hick*
  • Ryan Will II: Are you OK?
  • F: YES! Of course I... *hick* am!
  • R: Is there, anything we can do?
  • F: Well, we need someone to check up on Angel, in case of, you know, trouble.. *burp*
    • Kinshra Abdel also need... our help *hick*
    • I dont... know whit... what but... it seems urgent...
    • Also, check up whit Crank Glod, you know...
    • the guy that was flagged as a... suspect but we later didnt give two shits about?
  • R: Alright, we are on it, but you need some help whit the alcohol.
  • F: Shut.., the f**k up.

Talk to Angel Destopair

  • Angel Destopair: Hello Officers! Thanks for comming!
  • Ryan Will II: Cut the sweet talk, we want to know what youve done today.
  • Angel Destopair: Ive acctully not been doing anything suspisious like every other day
    • However, there is one thing I do need help whit...
    • I lost a box in the history class, and it contains some stuff that I want...
  • Ryan Will II: And why would we trust there isnt anything stupid in it?
  • Angel Destopair: I do have one thing that you officers would like...
    • The Serial Code for the Box is "COP92-oWqW2"
  • Ryan Will II: And what is that?
  • Angel Destopair: Give me the box, I give you a reward.
  • Ryan Will II: This sounds so wrong, but lets still do it.

Investigate History Room

  • Ryan Will II: What the hell is it about this box that is so inportant! I really need to know it!
    • Yeah, Police are allowed to snoop if it is someone suspicious, and Angel is, you think you can crack the box open?
    • No? Gah its to sealed. Ok, lets just see if we got the correct serial number.

Examine Box

  • Ryan Will II: Hey! We got the correct one! COP92-oWqW2!
    • Lets now return this to Angel, and see what she got to offer us,
    • Wait, isnt this bribing?

Talk to Angel Destopair

  • Angel Destopair: Great! Thanks for getting this for me, I will give you the lead now.
    • The One Pack, if you ever hear that name again, be carefull, I tell you.
    • *Walks Away*
  • Ryan Will II: HEY! Come on, how is that going to help us.
    • You know what, Ive had enough of Northveiw. Lets get the heck out of here.

Talk to Kinshra Abdel

  • Kinshra Abdel: Thank you for comming, I need some help
  • Ryan Will II: What do you need?
  • K: Weve gotten complains about the food infecting pepole! Is it another McFlobby?
  • Ryan Will II: Do you mind if we check through your resturant kitchen then?

Investigate Kitchen

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