FEAR is a criminal organization featured in American Edition. The organization holds an evil alignment against the American Police Department as the story progresses.

Events of American Edition

The APD learned about the organization FEAR ever since they have been showing up in the recent crimes of the country. They discovered their plans that they are going to control America under their power. Later on, Chief Andrea ordered Adison and the player to head to the docks after Sarah Harnes told them about her boyfriend's murder. The two found the dead body of Dylan Smith, who the killer was revealed to be his mother, Teresa Smith. She revealed to the team that she was blackmailed by the criminal organization. In a lounge, Dante and the team discovered the dead body of Ryan West and found out that his brother, Ethan West, killed him. In a surprising turn of events, they found Adison being kidnapped by FEAR and threatened the team to stop disturbing them or they will hurt her. They got a new lead which led them to the docks, only to find Sarah's dead body. The team managed to incriminate Maria as Sarah's killer, but she escaped from them using a smoke bomb. Dante shoots her before she can escape, and was immediately taken to the Court and was sentenced to life in jail. When she was interrogated why she tried to escape, she told them that she needs to destroy a nuclear reactor somewhere in the country.

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