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Explore the Globe
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General information
Season 3
Setting Various
Country Various
Primary LEA International Agent Service
No. of cases in season 90
No. of districts in season 13
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Explore the Globe is the third season featured in Criminal Case. The Player will be traveling with the International Agent Service around the world to solve crime. A total of 13 districts with 90 cases in total are featured in this season.



Case # Country City Case Name
#1 Flag of Ireland Ireland Dublin Blood on Lucky Grounds
#2 Flag of Spain Spain Madrid Holy Waters
#3 Flag of France France Paris Red is a Warm Color
#4 Flag of Germany Germany Berlin Servus Their Heads
#5 Flag of Italy Italy Venice Rivers of Sorrow
#6 Flag of Romania Romania Bucharest Shadow and Shade
#7 Flag of Belarus Belarus Minsk The White East
#8 Flag of Poland Poland Warsaw History is Written

Northern Europe

Case # Country City Case Name
#9 Flag of Denmark Denmark Copenhagen Jeg Elsker Death
#10 Flag of Iceland Iceland Reykjavík Feel the Burn
#11 Flag of Norway Norway Oslo Deadly Impact
#12 Flag of Sweden Sweden Stockholm Work of Art
#13 Flag of Finland Finland Helsinki The Sound of Dread
#14 Flag of Estonia Estonia Tallinn Beauty is Only Skin Deep
#15 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Vilnius Black and White
#16 Flag of Russia Russia St. Petersburg Russian Roulette


Case # Country City Case Name
#17 Flag of Russia Russia Moscow United by Crime
#18 Flag of Russia Russia Krasnoyarsk Reach for the Stars
#19 Flag of Russia Russia Yakutsk Breaching Life
#20 Flag of Russia Russia Khabarovsk Forever Falling
#21 Flag of China China Beijing Barking Up The Wrong Tree
#22 Flag of Mongolia Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Crash and Crush
#23 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Astana Hold Your Head
#24 Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Ashgabat The Gate to Death

South Asia

Case # Country City Case Name
#25 Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan Kabul A Bullet Through Time
#26 Flag of India India New Delhi Never Miss A Beat
#27 Flag of Nepal Nepal Kathmandu Life for the Taking
#28 Flag of Bhutan Bhutan Thimphu A Dragon's Tale
#29 Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh Dhaka You Hold Everyone's Evil
#30 Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Colombo One Step Forward, One Step Back
#31 Flag of India India Nagpur Hatred Never Dies
#32 Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Khuzdar Old Fears

The Middle East

Case # Country City Case Name
#33 Flag of Iran Iran Tehran Bloody Badlands
#34 Flag of United Arab Emirates UAE Dubai Harm Set, Harm Get
#35 Flag of Yemen Yemen Sana'a The More The Merrier
#36 Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Riyadh Heart of the Desert
#37 Flag of Iraq Iraq Baghdad Ready for Conquest
#38 Flag of Turkey Turkey Ankara Lies Don't Travel Far
#39 Flag of Israel Israel Jerusalem A Perfect Storm
#40 Flag of Egypt Egypt Suez Tribal Trouble

Sahara Region

Case # Country City Case Name
#41 Flag of Libya Libya Tripoli No Peace, No Forgiveness
#42 Flag of Niger Niger Niamey The Feeling of Regret
#43 Flag of Mali Mali Bamako Hellish Crime
#44 Flag of Algeria Algeria Algiers The Weak Perish
#45 Flag of Morocco Morocco Casablanca Survival of the Fittest

North America

Case # Country City Case Name
#46 Flag of Canada Canada Montreal Colder than my Heart
#47 Flag of Canada Canada Edmonton Brutality Paid it's Price
#48 Flag of United States United States Bismarck History in Pieces
#49 Flag of United States United States Las Vegas Fabulous Murder
#50 Flag of United States United States Phoenix A Day to Forget
#51 Flag of United States United States Austin Aiming Down the Wrong Path
#52 Flag of Mexico Mexico Mexico City A Cataclysmic Event

Central America

Case # Country City Case Name
#53 Flag of Cuba Cuba Havana Half of My Heart
#54 Flag of Bahamas The Bahamas Nassau Blood on the Beach
#55 Flag of Haiti Haiti Carrefour Voodoo Venom
#56 Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua Managua Pride Comes Before the Fall
#57 Flag of Panama Panama Panama City Embrace the Chaos

South America

Case # Country City Case Name
#58 Flag of Colombia Colombia Bogota King of the Hill
#59 Flag of Ecuador Ecuador Quito The Map That Leads to You
#60 Flag of Brazil Brazil Rio de Janeiro In The Blink of An Eye
#61 Flag of Paraguay Paraguay San Lorenzo Primal Murder
#62 Flag of Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Masks Off
#63 Flag of Falkland Islands Falkland Islands Stanley Killers Can't Fly
#64 Flag of Antarctica Antarctica Unnamed Research Station Ice Ice Killing

Southern Africa

Case # Country City Case Name
#65 Flag of South Africa South Africa Cape Town Dreams Die Early
#66 Flag of Madagascar Madagascar Antananarivo Blood is Thicker than Water
#67 Flag of Zambia Zambia Lusaka Cry in Your Wounds
#68 Flag of Angola Angola Lobito Another Day in Paradise
#69 Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa Stain on Society

Central Africa

Case # Country City Case Name
#70 Flag of Kenya Kenya Nairobi Record Beating Murder
#71 Flag of Central African Republic Central African Republic Bangui No Road Left to Explore
#72 Flag of Nigeria Nigeria Lagos Where Art Thou
#73 Flag of Chad Chad Moundou Dryer than My Blood
#74 Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia Addis Ababa Walk Your Own Path
#75 Flag of Eritrea Eritrea Asmara Hell on Earth


Case # Country City Case Name
#76 Flag of Indonesia Indonesia Jakarta Blood Where No Blood Belongs
#77 Flag of Australia Australia Alice Springs Dead Down Outback
#78 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Wellington First Died, First Served
#79 Flag of Fiji Fiji Suva Tropical Murder
#80 Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Madang When Morning Follows
#81 Flag of Philippines The Philippines Manila Might and Majesty

East Asia

Case # Country City Case Name
#82 Flag of Taiwan Taiwan Taipeh Beginning of the End
#83 Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong Kowloon One Path Crossed and One Lost
#84 Flag of China China Wuhan Great Minds Die Alike
#85 Flag of China China Baotou End of the Line
#86 Flag of China China Shenyang Brace for Destruction
#87 Flag of Japan Japan Tokyo Slayonara
#88 Flag of Japan Japan Fukuoka Shreaking Shrine
#89 Flag of South Korea South Korea Seoul Seoulless
#90 Flag of North Korea North Korea Pyongyang International Breakdown
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