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Arrest the killer now!
Leonard Butler: Omar, we know you killed professor Willows, it's time to confess!
Omar Al-Hashim: <RANK> <PLAYER>, I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't kill her!
Leonard: But how come we found your skin cells on your lab gloves?
Omar: How will that prove that I killed someone? I touched the gloves, of course there will be traces of me on it!
Leonard: Touche, but how can you explain black fibers from your hoodie on the container you used to move the piranhas?
Omar: Those crazy mutants? I never understood what Miss Willows made them for but I'm sure murder wasn't the intention.
Leonard: This is related to the Brotherhood isn't it? You guys worked on something in the lab and didn't want anyone to discover it, is that it?!
Omar: Our entire plan would have been ruined if I hadn't killed her, do you understand?
Leonard: No, I don't. How about you tell us why?
Omar: Goddamnit... Why did I give in so easily...
Omar: The truth is, we stole a bunch of supplies and chemicals from the lab and gave them to some of our comrades across the city.
Leonard: Across the... What do you mean? Are there even more of you psychos outside of this district?
Omar: Wait you hadn't even figured that out? You guys really suck huh?
Omar: Well anyways, that crazy teacher caught me trying to steal some of her piranhas because our boss wanted to have a look at them.
Omar: She was acting insane, screamed at me and even hit me!
Omar: Long story short, we ended up fighting and I pushed her into the aquarium.
Leonard: I'm still very confused by all of this. Your comrades across the city, your boss... How does this all relate to the brainwashing?
Omar: Is that still all you're worried about? Well if that's the case Our Angel will have a nice surprise for you soon!
Leonard: Look kid I have no idea what you're talking about but it doesn't matter now, you're going to prison!

Judge Anemone: Another murder huh? Ever since <RANK> <PLAYER> arrived in Parkwood there's been more of you here than ever!
Omar: Not for long, me getting arrested is just a martyr for the future of this pathetic city! Our Angel will initiate the plan and then we'll see who's laughing!
Judge Anemone: Never say never Mr. Al-Hashim. Make sure you can back up your threats with facts first!
Judge Anemone: Omar Al-Hashim, for the murder of Jenny Willows this court here sentences you to life in prison without parole. Court adjourned!

Loss of Heart and Soul (5/6)

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