Expaei Ties
Edward case 1 mugshot.png
Biographical information
Full name Expaei Ties
Edward Xoilin (Altered present)
Alias(es) Edward Xoilin
Gender Male
Status Alive
Deceased (Altered Edward)
Birth 3998
Death 2019 (Altered Edward)
Cause of death Blunt force trauma (Altered Edward)
Personal information
Nationality United Kingdom British
Residence Parinaita, Yorkshire
Family Knox Ties (Brother)
Jax Nero Ties (Brother)
Harry Ties (Father)
Harriet Ties (Mother)
Cherry Ties (Sister)
Viktor Von Ties (Brother)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #1: The Boat of Blood (s1

Expaei Ties (initally appearing as Edward Xoilin) is a main character in Doctor Bonnie's series of The Secrets of Parinaita and also in The City of Crimes

He was a suspect in the murder investigations of traveller Kimberly Diart in The Boat of Blood (Case #1 of The Secrets of Parinaita), his cousin, young man Larry Xoilin and banker John Edgeheart in End of an Era... (Case #6 of The Secrets of Parinaita). His alternate version appeared as a suspect in the murder investigations of Edwin Brickenden in The Rose of Death (Case #19 of The Secrets of Parinaita) and his real father, Harry Ties in Broken Family Ties (Case #28 of The Secrets of Parinaita). He has also appeared as a quasi-suspect in many cases throughout the seasons. His Alternate version was the victim in Murder Back Home (Case #39 of The Secrets of Parinaita).


Edward is a 20-year-old. He has short, spiky ginger hair with a curly bit of hair coming down and blue eyes. He wears a golden american T-shirt and jacket with a pocket watch hanging from his neck.

He is seen wearing a golden red glitter mask in his first appearance and it is revealed that Edward takes anxiety pills and does crisscross. It was also revealed that he had autism.

Events in Criminal Case

The Boat of Blood

Edward became a suspect after the team investigated the decks again, after finding the body of Kimberly Diart, in the interview, Edward seemed very scared until he revealed that he had autism. Nothing useful was found because no attributes were found yet.

The next time they talked to Edward, they had found his camera with the footage of him finding the killer with the murder weapon, a fire axe. It was then revealed that he took anxiety pills and in a later analyse, it was revealed that Edward did Crisscross.

Later on, Edward came and told the team that the killer moved the murder weapon away from the secret passage. Edward was found to be innocent after the team incarcerated Amy Wells for Kimberly's murder.

Afterwards, Edward was reunited with his cousin, Larry Xoilin, but he had misplaced his book on the family. The team found it and gave it to Edward, he offered to give them hot chocolate for helping him find Larry and his book.


  • Edward is based on Doctor Bonnie, the writer of the Secrets of Parinaita series!
  • If you look at Edward's shirt. You can see that it keeps switching from a purple shirt to green.
  • Edward is the only character, who isn't a main, to appear in every case of the series.
  • Edward's appearance changed after the release of the series so he looked a bit more like the writer himself.
  • In his first appearance (On his suspect board). His coat is sightly broken, which was a developers oversight.
  • He's one of the only characters to appear in two districts of The Secrets of Parinaita
  • He's one of the main characters to appear as a quasi-suspect 11 times.

Case appearance


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