Judge Exodus Allegri, more commonly known as Judge Exodus, is the judge of Rocksfellow in Tuxedo!'s cases.


Judge Exodus is of African descent, with brown eyes, dark brown skin, and neat black hair. He wears a black judge robe. He wears a white shirt and a regular black tie underneath as well.


As one of the judges of the province of Rocksfellow, specifically assigned to the player's arrests, Judge Exodus's main job is to sentence killers and criminals, and bring them to justice at the end of the case by assigning a proper sentence. This sentence depends on many factors, such as the motive for the crime, the mental health of the criminal, the severity of the crime, how much false testimony the killer gave, just to name a few.


Name Case Sentence
Emma Campbell My Head's Underwater 25 years in prison
(2025 – 2050)
May Perkins Stay Together, Die Alone 40 years in prison
(2025 – 2065)
Flora Ward The Stakes Are High 20 years in prison
(2025 – 2045)
August Perkins Trial by Fire 50 years in prison
(2025 – 2075)


He has made an appearance in every case except for New Kid in Town and Lighter Than Air.

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