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Excuse Me, There is a Body in my Soup
General Information
Season -
City Crimestone
District Sinner Groove
Case # 16
Initial release date 08. VI 2021.
Partner(s) Alfonso Calconi (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
(in Silicon Bay)
A Fallen Star from Heaven
With the beginning of the first shots in Sinner Grove, the city is under the fragile peace as the mysterious body of importance was blended and served as a dish was discovered in the Irish cafe... Be fast and don't let police get to you before you find the culprit.. fellow soldier.

Excuse Me, There is a Body in my Soup is a case featured in Criminal Case: Mafia's Secret Diary as the 16th case of the game. It is the first one to take place in Sinner Groove, a district of Crimestone.


After finally fixing their dominance over Silicon Bay the family thought they could relaxed but when Dioleziano updated the family about the beginning of the gang war. Giuseppe put his glass down as he ordered everyone to get their weapons as Sinner Grove won't be an easy place because the name is self explanatory. Taking their most trusted weaponry the family drove off inside the snake's nest as it wasn't needed a lot for their car to be shot at. They all ducked down, as Alfonso shot back at their shooters. As they arrived a bit deeper into safer area they left the car in the shadows of the building as they separated their ways to fight Tortorelli Family's remnants. The player stick with Alfonso as they slowly entered Irish controlled area as they hold their guns hardly. Suddenly they heard the fight taking place in the local small restaurant. A duo decided to check it out in case it's someone from them fighting a remnant. As they entered inside a random customer threw a bowl of soup against the wall, saying that this place is fully cannibal and that he will call the police as Alfonso said that there is no needed as the player is skilled enough uncover the mystery, however Alfonso twisted customer's arm, saying that in-return he wants from him to leave the district if he value life before shouting the same to everyone inside, making them all fly out of the room. Now with heir empty room they were free to search around as the player and Alfonso soon discovered that bowls and chest filled with body parts and insides of the unknown man.

Alfonso and the player put all that in one chest and sent it to Lawrence with a label to enjoy the soup as they began to look for remnants of Macio's group,soon discovering that a local hustler Miranda Valentine before approaching a volunteer worker they met a while ago Jason Holiday who worked together with the Red Cross in saving innocent civilians from the bullet storm. A duo also encounter and talked with a prostitute Roxanne Sphang. After Lawrence analyzed what remained of the victim he said that he still can't identify the victim because there was no fingers in this disgusting chest as he then said that he at least concluded that the murder weapon is a blender before saying that comparing whatever left from the victim he made the profile that they were not so short and slim so that the killer needed to work out to kill them. Lawrence then looked at his shelf, next to the exhibit where once stood Papa Fuchio's hand and said that he discovered the identity of the victim thanks to the partly available fingerprint and said how the victim is one of their own - Calconi family Caporegime Leonardo Bianchi.

Shortly after they left the morgue, Alfonso looked around to make sure no is following and explained how attack on Leonardo was probably organized by Mancio's soldiers just as this gang war in the district and explained how he will shot whoever dares to look narrow at them. He adjusted his fedora as couple of knives from behind the tree started to fly at the duo. Noticing the reflection, Alfonso and the player quickly drew their guns and shot at them with excellent accuracy, making their flight short. Alfonso keeled and picked up one of the knives, noticing the engraving to be the brothel Miranda Valentine was the co-owner of. A duo approached her on what she narrowed her eyes and said that she gave set of throwing knives to everyone in the brothel for protection sponsored by her mobster family from Spain because Calconi family was attitude blinded to fire a first bullet that would lead this district and city into the full fledged civil war before swinging her whip and walking away, saying that she needs to have lunch with her husband. Alfonso clutched his gun and told the player to search around as they did. During the search of the brothel they discovered that Keverlyn Kimberly used to visit the brothel quite often but also that "Irish Pride" gang leader Tom O'Dargan invested lots of money into Irish operated businesses in the district that were attacked first in the open fire. They also discovered how the victim would've often hire Roxanne for a night or two and show disgusting behavior towards her that she said would not tolerate and wished for his death ever since. A duo soon crossed path with the ex-mobster Christopher Rodriguez who came on Malcolm's request to assist him in this crises.

With new discoveries a duo began to walk down the totally empty street surrounded by lots of smokes and blood as a duo then heard gunshots coming from the murder scene. Then then began to rush back and as they arrived they pointed a gun at Tom who was pointing a gun and Keverlyn. Alfonso growled and told Tom to back off he will be dead meat. Tom grinned and as so many people started to form around said that if Alfonso fire a bullet his men will fire back and then and they will lose before returning his gun back in the hostler and started to walk away, stopping past Alfonso's ear and said to keep his people in check to not finish like Leonardo. A duo then talked to Keverlyn who said that she and Camilla came here to collect information on how to win this gang war and that she got a bit distracted and discovered how Leonardo often drank with Irish mobsters. They then turned around and went to speak to Tom who was cleaning his gun not so far away with ten of his men having their hands close to guns. Alfonso said that he just wants to talk about Leonardo and asked Tom why was he so nice to him on what Tom smiled and said that he and Leonardo went way back and that differently from Leonardo he never forgot about the past, the trust and the betrayal. After the finished talking to Tom they soon discovered how Christopher used to send threats to the victim because the victim would've often stalk him now that he is in the connection with the family but also that Jason was called on a duel against the victim that he won but that the victim wasn't satisfied.

Finally after the tiring personal investigation the team identified Leonardo's killer - Tom O'Dargan. Alfonso took his fedora off and tossed it onto the sofa as he approached his shelf and took a revolver from it, saying that he had the feeling all along. He told the player to be ready as things would might get bloodier. A duo then went to the Irish pub where they found Tom sitting alone and smoking a Cuban cigar. Alfonso and the player sit on each of his side as Tom put down his whiskey and said if they finally discovered he is the killer before pointing at each corner of the pub at the people showing their guns and said that they should be careful with their acts. The player then simply asked why as taking this murder so complex was not just for a simple body count or prestige. Tom shrugged and said that his reasons for killing Leonardo weren't easy and are tangled into deeper conspiracy of this district and a city. He said that that this city was too Italian, being founded by Italian mobsters with so much Italian immigrants and families doing whatever they want and making territories that other people need to live under. He took another sip and said ever since he assassinated the Irish prime minister and was on the wanted list he heard of this city as the crime safe heaven but was unable to come, it was 1990s and many things were off limited but said how Leonardo helped him to come here and establish this district as Irish dominated area for his men but that how 2000s arrived he changed to be more and more openly Hibernophobic, to put his men and his people here, open borders to everyone and that his doing are the reason this district was renamed to Sinner Grove and why so many Irish people vanished from this city including his mafia family and got reduced to just a simple gang. He said how he was the one holding this Irish legacy alive with his "Irish Pride" gang. Alfonso then said why he waited for so long on what Tom just replied that he wanted him to lose all respect and that no one would care about him because he has been dead for over a year by now and hearing that Giuseppe fired a shot against Mancio meant that all gangs will turn against them and that now was the time to spread fire more by serving dead Calconi to very same people he brought into this district. He then smiled and stood up, telling a duo to take care as since now Irish and Italians are at official war and that they will be helping Mancio's people. Watching his and his men leave the space, Alfonso hit the bar before a grenade exploded inside the pub.

As the explosion happened and the smoke raised, the player and Alfonso made their way out as Alfonso said that they need to gob back to the base. There they informed Giuseppe about everything on what Giuseppe said that they will then take control on force, telling Alfonso to go and recruit Christopher here before others influence him and how he as the ex-gang member need them in order to win as he also told the team to "convince" Miranda to be their aid in this gang war. Hearing that, Malcolm entered the room and asked to help the player convince Christopher to come with them. Giuseppe rubbed his eyes and just told them to get over with quickly. Malcolm and the player then went to the streets to find where Christopher might be as during their search they found a gun hostler with his name on it. After recovering it Malcolm said that he known where he is as he told player to follow. They soon arrived to the older looking house where they found Christopher inside. He didn't tried to look back and told the group to go away but Malcolm stood in front and told him that he knows what he is doing here and that he would help him avenge the past on what the player looked in confusion. Christopher then turned around and said how this house used to be hideout for his gang when he arrived to this city and how he adored his friend group, saying that they were more then just a gang but that one night without any declaration of warrant police raided this place didn't hesitate to shoot anyone as he sighed and said that police couldn't knew for this place and that some of other gangs probably snitched them. Malcolm then gently put the hands on his shoulder and said that he will help him, together with the player find his pals killers but that they first have to stop the mafia war before police surround this place up. Giving him the old hostler, Christopher looked at the ground before taking the hostler and said that he will join him temporary and advised Malcolm to be safe around Giuseppe. As he and Christopher hugged, the only remaining window broke as the grenade began to flew towards the team as Alfonso, catapulting himself through the broken glass shot it before looking at the lovebirds and said that Giuseppe has to speak with Malcolm and Christopher before looking at the player and said that Camilla will join him at the brother. He then handled the player tear gas and told him to be safe as some officers arrived to the scene.

Rushing out of the house the player armed with defensive weapons made their was close to the brothel where the gun was put on their head by Zeuz Vulz and told them that the property is private. He narrowed his eyes as the player showed their face and said that they are here for business. He smirked and moved the gun away, saying what a detective like them would want on a place like this on what they said how they aren't really detective but a mobster and that need help from Velentine's family. Zeus narrowed his eyes and said that Valentine's family pay to visitors before, from behind, Camilla hit his neck, making him fall unconscious before telling the player that they have to hurry. They rushed inside the brothel and quickly began the search for Miranda, but instead of her they discovered Jason's notes that had tactical plans about the movements of some groups. Camilla and the player looked in the eyes before they sent plans to Ludovica to inspect further as they also discovered pile of clothing that had the piece of the note under mentioning the VIP bedroom and Calconi family. They then quickly changed their clothes from what they found in the closet nearby and presenting as the new members of the brothel asked for some guide. They successfully managed to they towards the room as they heard the sounds coming from the other side. They the carefully opened a door only to see Keverlyn and Miranda talking together. Camilla then smiled and closed the door, asking if she can join only for the pair to separate. Miranda then angrily told them that she works and that is time for the Italians to leave as Camilla approached closer and cleaned against her head, playing with Miranda's hair and asking her for a favor that could play in her goods. Miranda turned her head away but her look drifted back to Camilla who smiled and said that if the Mancio's remnants win this place they will slaughter everyone leaving no survivors because they are dirty animals and that they have police on their side which will means that her brothel will be shut down and she arrested or killed. Listening to her words, she sighed and said that she is tired on this game of cat and mouse Italians have with one another and that the most she can do is giving the aid in weapon and tactics as her family doesn't want to be involved in bloodshed so they can continue their economic frauds.

Then, the team returned to Ludovica for the analyzes results where she said how Jason's noted and plans matches the district blue print and where some of the attacks took place which marking the potentially mobster operated centers. Being surprised and curious why Jason would do that they decided to check that with Jason and see if they can rely on his help in the mafia wars. With the notes in their hands they approached Jason who was doing his voluntarily job in helping rebuilding the district. A duo asked him about the notes and plans on what he scratched his neck, explaining how he just has a bit more free time and decided to make those plans so he can help evacuate people and warn them when they should not go. He smirked a little, eyeing the player before looking at the other side, saying that Mancio's arrest shook the grounds in the city and that citizens has to be safe because the crimes in this city is so big that no one can live without fear, especially here where multiple mafia and gang families fight for every inch of the district. Camilla bit her lip and started to move forward as the player raised their hand, telling her to stand away. They then looked Jason in the eyes and promised that they fight for his cause before leaning closer to his ear, asking him to have his notes so that they can help as well. Jason's eyes looked at the player as he cleared his throat and agreed. With a smile, the player gave him his phone number and told him that they will be in touch.

Having all this done, a duo returned to the mansion of the family and recapped everything to the rest of the family. Cracking his knuckles, Diokleziano said that they can just slam and kill everyone instead of asking for help from civilians like sewer rats but Estella, sliding the tip of the scalper against her coat, said that that the action is too risky as the police could be here every second if things escalate. With a shrug, Camilla sit in her chair with legs crossed and said that at least they secured some sort of aid from Spanish and got the unofficial ally from the outside who is very tactical before the player presented Jason's papers to Giuseppe who looked at them, drumming his fingers against the table. Doors then opened, as Christopher and Malcolm entered inside. Everyone looked at them as they noticed the Christopher's makeover to be subtle. Christopher forced a smirk and said that he just want this to be over with so he can continue to live his normal life. After some looking at papers and analyzing the routes, Giuseppe laid then down and asked for everyone to approach a big table where where he showed his people that Jason has marked Calconi Square, a legacy of Leonardo for the family, as the most dangerous zone at the point and how it could be destroyed. Tipping his fedora, Alfonso said that if anyone of Tortorelli scums wants to touch the legacy they will need to pass over his dead body before Marcus called the family to say how police is surrounding the Square because of murder of the police officer.



  • Leonardo Bianchi (Turned into a soup)

Murder Weapon

  • Blenders


  • Tom O'Dargan


Killer's Profile

  • The Killer reads The Almanac.
  • The Killer works out.
  • The Killer uses chalk.
  • The Killer has a scar.
  • The Killer wears suspenders.

Crime Scenes

Irish Bar Counter Irish Bar Bonus
Calconi Mansion Victim's Room Calconi Mansion Bonus
Brothel Bedroom Crimson Bed Brothel Bedroom Bonus