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Joey Carel - His head was severed and served as a meal in a restaurant.
Identified during: Chapter 1 (after quizzing the waiter over the head)

Murder Weapon

Identified during: Chapter 2 (after examining Trash bag)

Forensic Examining

  • Collect: Bloodstained bottle, secateurs, plastic bag, petunia (4 clues)
  • Find the same: Footprint, fingerprints, blood (3 clues)
  • Reveal: Lipstick, faded writing (2 clues)
  • Restore: Torn note, torn page (2 clues)
  • Find: Trash bag, cutlery case (2 clues)

Forensic Analysis

Killer's profile

Profile Identified by
The killer can cook. Forensic analysis (head)
The killer is a woman. Forensic analysis (bloodstained fibers)
The killer wears white clothes. Autopsy result
The killer has gardening skills. Forensic analysis (green substance)
The killer's blood type is B-. Forensic examining (blood)

Suspect interrogations

Murder investigation:

  • Fabiana Jose (1 time, Chapter 1) (2 times, Chapter 2)
  • Earl Hikee (1 time, Chapter 1) (1 time, Chapter 2) (1 time, Chapter 3)
  • Peter Galley (1 time, Chapter 1) (1 time, Chapter 2) (1 time, Chapter 3)
  • Nadine Victoria (1 time, Chapter 1) (1 time, Chapter 3)
  • Norma Zouday (1 time, Chapter 2) (1 time, Chapter 3)

Additional investigation:

Killer's arrest

Can cook Woman White clothes Gardening B-
Fabiana Jose Yes Yes No Yes No Innocent
Earl Hikee Yes No No No Yes Innocent
Peter Galley No No Yes Yes Yes Innocent
Nadine Victoria Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Guilty
Norma Zouday Yes Yes Yes Yes No Innocent
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