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Evergreen Tops is the first district in Blue Coasts to be investigated by the player. It contains seven cases, just like every other district in Blue Coasts. After this district is finished, the player will move on to South Coast. The main themes in this district are MAFIA and the Evergreen Tops Security Breach.


Case #1, A Snob Case:

A Snob Case

  • Victim: Mark Hilton
  • Murder weapon: Insecticide
  • Killer: Clive Goldman

Case #2, Corpse Within The Dead:

Corpse Within The Dead

  • Victim: Clive Goldman
  • Murder weapon: Kitchen knife
  • Killer: Nevada Hill

Case #3, Conquest Of Paradise:

Conquest of Paradise

  • Victim: Samuel Reece
  • Murder weapon: Firecrackers
  • Killer: Gordon McSteve

Case #4, Manhunt:


  • Victim: Kevin Noah
  • Murder weapon: Rifle
  • Killer: Jordi Mills

Case #5, Hollywoods:


  • Victim: Mandi Joyway
  • Murder weapon: Concrete mixer
  • Killer: Frank

Case #6, Snow Bunnies:

Snow Bunnies

  • Victim: Anton Summer
  • Murder weapon: Binoculars
  • Killer: Lucy Del Valle

Case #7, Slip Of A Tongue:

Slip Of A Tongue

  • Victim: Nevada Hill
  • Murder weapon: Dagger
  • Killer: Carmela Johnson