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Everett Sanderson
Biographical information
Full name Everett Louis Sanderson
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Blue Coasts)
Occupation Police officer, district commander
Affiliation(s) Blue Coasts Police Department
Game information
First appearance A Snob Case
Game stats
Height 5'11"
Age 42
Weight 201 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood A+
Hair Black
They told me you're here looking for info about a case from Townville. I'll tell you something. I want the police investigating this district's crimes, you're not here on holidays!
—Everett meeting the player.

Everett Sanderson is a character in PetersCorporal's second city, Blue Coasts. He serves as the commander of Evergreen Tops in the Blue Coasts Police Department.


Everett is a man with a tough personality who is most of the time looking for attention or recognition but also works hard to get both. His efforts made him reach a very high position in the local police department, since he is in charge of one of the most important districts of the city. He had the goal to become the Chief of the BCPD even though his strategy to do is not the right one. He was eventually incarcerated for implications in a criminal organization.

Role in cases

After the player started investigating Mark Hilton's murder, Everett suddenly stormed into the team's headquarters and demanded to talk to them. He said that he wanted the police in Evergreen Tops investigating the district's crimes and not investigations from other cities, since the player was there to work and not on holidays. George Nearnight said, only with irony, that the next time Everett walked into his station like that he would demote him to traffic control. Everett took it seriously and decided to investigate the murder himself, leaving the player and Jerry Bryar aside.

Jerry found it out and started an argument with Everett in one of the crime scenes. Still remembering the Chief's words, Everett repeated them and said that both him and the player would be demoted to traffic control if they didn't solve the case that day. The team arrested Clive Goldman for the murder that evening. Everett said that he would demote them anyway because Goldman was just the perpetrator who had followed orders from a mastermind to commit the murder. However, Jerry said that it was not fair because they spent less than one day to arrest the culprit and even if they were demoted, Chief Nearnight would promote them back to where they were for solving a murder in less than 20 hours. Everett acknowledged his failure but didn't give up and started looking for the mastermind as well.

His search went terribly since he did not have any results but he witnessed Montgomery Appleton escaping from one of the crime scenes. This led the team to finding out something important about Appleton.

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