Eva Rose
Biographical information
Full name Eva Rose
Alias(es) Judge Rose
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1982
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Judge
Family Unnamed husband
Game information
First appeared Case #1 Welcome To Laroy Bay
Why are you covering your eyes honey ? I'm the one that has to look at you...
—Eva Rose
Judge Eva Rose,acting as recurring character in 2 seasons of Criminal Case.

She appeared as a quasi-suspect in Lump in your Throat (Case #1 of Return to Laroy Bay) and Give it a Whirl (Case #13 of Return to Laroy Bay).


Eva is 37-year-old judge with short brown hair and green eyes.She wears judge robe with brown tie.Eva is known to be though judge and has unnamed husband.

Age 37
Height 6'0''
Weight 156 lbs
Eyes green
Blood Type A+

Sentences (Season 1)

Name Case Sentence
Daniella Morales Welcome To Laroy Bay 22 years in prison.
Lavinia De Brills Curse of the Bloom Family 15 years in prison.
Jean Connerie Turning the Screw 15 years in prison.
Baxter Demint Six Feet Under Water Life in prison.
Susie Pickley Last Saturday Morning 8 years in prison.
Ognen Radionov Bite the Snake Life improsionment
Marshall Metcalf Virtual Death 25 years in prison.
Katherine Montgomery The Granny Killer 25 years in prison accompanied by a psychiatrist.
Elaine Seabrook Up in Flames 35 years in prison.
Mike Clover Pain in the Vein 30 years in prison (chance for parole in 20 years).
Harold White Into the Future 10 years in prison.
Azraah West Deathcon Life in asylum accompanied by a psychiatrist
Chester Valentine Little Murder on Big Grounds 20 years in prison (chance for parole in 10 years).
Simon Armstrong Don't Let Them in 60 years in prison with psychological counseling.
Jordan Barnlow A Big Axe-ident 25 years in prison.
Mindy Steel Cut and Run 25 years in prison without chance for parole.
Annie Harper No Place for Country Girl 30 years in prison.
Anya Kuzmanov Really Hot Game Life in prison with no chance for parole.
Eleanor Longdorn God Save the Father 25 years in prison.
Sydney Black Death at the Carnival 45 years in prison.
David Rosenberg For Pug Sake 25 years in prison with chance for parole after 20 years.
Adam Bell Trick,Treat or Death Life imprisonment accompanied by a psychiatrist.
Hans Vogel Graveyard Business 30 years in prison.
Baxter Fraser Through My Vampire Heart 10 years in prison.
Adrienna Brassiere Life imprisonment.
Derrick Samuels Deep Waters 20 years in prison.
Hank Buxton Game of Cones 30 years in prison.
Ray Freeman Shot of Duty 10 years in prison.
Wendy Stokes Fishing the Fishman Granted immunity for a crime.
Josh Knight A Shape of Betrayal Life in prison with maximum security.
Lee Dupree Small Bite 28 years in prison.
Amna Reem Wound on my Heart 15 years in prison.
Debby Pembroke Painball 43 years in prison.
Connor Sullivan At the Drop of a Hat 25 years in prison.
Ethan Nock Give Me Your Hand 6 years in prison.
Nathan Hardwin Win the Battle,Lose the War Life in prison without any chance for parole.
Tobias McMinn
Adolfo Arias A Space Case 10 years in prison (later released).
Darci Stone Keeping up with Cindermans 30 years in prison without chance for parole.
Amanda Love Murder by Moonlight 28 years in prison.
Josip Filipovich The Forest Game 8 years in prison with chance for parole in 4 years.
Bethany Lovelace Lights Out Life in prison without any chance for parole.
Kendall Watson Beat your Breast Life imprisonment with psychological counseling.
Tobias Butler The Showstopper Life in prison without chance for parole.
Tony Webb Special Delivery 35 years in prison.
Abby Beaty Head Over Heels 50 years in prison with psychiatric counseling.
Oka Thompson Death,Science and Fantasy 6 months in juvenile detention center.
Sofia Novikova Long Beauty Sleep 20 years in prison without chance for parole.
Martha Price Make Laroy Bay Great Again Life in prison without any chance for parole.
Greg Gibbs Murder By Lakeside 13 years in prison.
Patrick Fishman Up in the Air 15 years in prison.
Coleen Truman Brought to Light 25 years in prison without chance for parole.
Maximus Powell Seed of Doubt Life in prison without chance for parole
Giovanni Costa Set your Heart Ablaze 48 years in prison.
Ernesto Vega 30 years in prison.
Samantha Boulder 10 years in prison.
Kevin Curry National Basketball Murder 20 years in prison.

Sentences (Season 3)

Name Case Sentence
Jax Knox Lump in your Throat 48 years in prison (with psychiatric counseling).
Rosanna Stewart Dark Horse 15 years in prison.
Courtney Magalla From the Ground Up 20 years in prison.
Ekaterine Zurita Star-Studded 45 years in prison (with mandatory counseling).
Stacy Lovely Force of Galaxy 27 years in prison.
Anna Rothkinson High Hopes 30 years in prison.
Celeste Castillo To the West! 8 years in prison.
Averly Worthington It Follows 12 years in prison (parole after 8 years).
Trish Manners Penalty Kick 7 years in prison.
Ruby Astaroth Your Final Word 40 years in prison (with psychological counseling).
Julia Hardwin Run in the Blood Life in mental asylum without any chance for parole.
Calissa Bankston Give it a Whirl 10 years in prison.
Andrew Hunt Game of Mice and Men 10 years in prison.
Rosie Gatewood As High as Sky 23 years in prison.
Brianna Overstone Pale as Ghost 5 years in prison.
Carter Absinthe The Wrong Side of History Life in prison.
Alaina Vega A Leap in the Dark Life in prison without chance for parole.
Adi Neferson Breach of Peace Remanding in custody pending a thorough psychiatric evaluation.
Ralph Carpenter Duke it Out 5 years in prison.
Debby Davenport Out of Step 25 years in prison.
Audrey Hoover Dead and Furious 20 years in prison.
Zara Lowe Play the Field 40 years in prison.
Gérald Madison A Kinky Game Completion of a psychiatric evaluation program.
Ines Herrera All Eyes are On 37 years in prison.
Alfred Follow in Footsteps 30 years in prison.


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