Name Eurrera
Type City
Founded by ???
Established 1960s
Country America
Inhabitants Americans
Populations 8,000+
Primary LEA Eurrera Leisure Kilo Corporation
Key figures Vivian Baldwin (Police Chief of ELKC)

Joy Kane (Mayor)
Annabelle Sing (Deputy Mayor) Johnathan McMynn (Admissions Director)

Appearance(s) Season 6: Eurrera

Eurrera is the main setting for the sixth season of Criminal Case.

Eurrera is a city a lot smaller and less populated than the enthralling Fluxford. Like Fluxford, Eurrera is filled with beautiful meadows, booming cities and vivacious piers. Many conflicts arise and the Player and the new team needs to work together to do great.


Eurrera holds nine (eight normal, one holiday-themed) districts. All districts (excluding the holiday-themed district) hold six cases.

Widow's Creek

Widow's Creek is a special district in Eurrera. This district contains elves, pumpkins, fireworks, and other holiday-related themes that the Player will have to monitor and observe.

Case # Case Name
01 A Scream Set In Stone

Eve's Meadow

Eve's Meadow is the first district of Eurrera. It contains farms, blooming meadows, and a rare flower that can only be found in this district of Eurrera.

Case # Case Name
1 Hitting The Hay
2 Pricks And Thorns
3 Out of the Nest
4 Horse's Play
5 Blood Bloom
6 Unnatural Habitat

Heart Ridge

Heart Ridge is the second district of Eurrera. This district holds famous movie sets and the more luxurious houses. Here, the Team deals with finding that flower and a serial killer known as The Heart Holder.

Case # Case Name
7 Skin in the Game
8 Above The Line
9 Center of Attention
10 Everyone's A Critic!
11 Volt From the Heart
12 Defrosted

Fable Peaks

Fable Peaks is the third district of Eurrera. This district features various witch-like activities like lynching and foggy forests. The team travels here to discover the curse of the Sings.

Case # Case Name
13 Tricks Up Your Sleeve
14 Laying Low
15 The Road of Sorrow
16 Me and my Broken Heart
17 Under a Spell
18 Admission to Die

Centennial Banks

To be revealed..

Case # Case Name
19 ???
20 ???
21 ???
22 ???
23 ???
24 ???

Flintlock Roads

To be revealed..

Case # Case Name
25 ???
26 ???
27 ???
28 ???
29 ???
30 ???

Night Marsh

To be revealed..

Case # Case Name
31 ???
32 ???
33 ???
34 ???
35 ???
36 ???

Brine Peaks

To be revealed..

Case # Case Name
37 ???
38 ???
39 ???
40 ???
41 ???
42 ???

Charred Canyon

To be revealed..

Case # Case Name
43 ???
44 ???
45 ???
46 ???
47 ???
48 ???
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