Ethan Garrett

Ethan Garrett is Tristan Eagle's husband.


Ethan is a 30-year-old photographer with his own business. He normally wears a grey and black striped cardigan with a brown-orange shirt underneath. Ethan also has bright blue eyes, a chiseled jawline, and brown hair with blue streaks at the top.



Ethan was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Clearford to supporting, understanding, and loving parents. He never liked school and thought the education system was stupid. He changed his mind about it in high school when he first saw the new student, Tristan Eagle. Ethan felt a feeling he never experienced before - something in his chest expanding. He had already told his parents that he was gay but was scared and ashamed to come out to his school. When Tristan was ambushed by a group of homophobic students on his fourth day at school, Ethan defended him and chased the students away. They became best friends after this incident. Ethan learned that Tristan was into science and the origins of his name which piqued his curiosity. When Tristan mustered the courage to confess his feelings to him, Ethan reciprocated the feelings by kissing him. Ethan finally came out and was supported by the students and faculty of the high school, even when they transitioned to university. Among those supporters were Gale Pearson and Evelyn Corbett, who all happened to be in the same grade and went to the same high school in Clearford.

After they graduated university together, Tristan made the move of proposing to Ethan, to which he ecstatically accepted. Now a happily married man, Ethan pursued his dream job of becoming a photographer which eventually led him to starting his own photography business.

Notable Events of Criminal Case

Living in Clover

Ethan called the team to report a dead body he stumbled upon at the Vocation City lakeside.


Case Appearances


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