Senior Agent Eric Wayne is a main character appearing in Season 10 of criminal case, serving as a partner for the player throughout the season as the Senior Agent of the A.S.I.


Eric is the 38-year old senior agent of Acropolis Secret Intelligence. He has a neatly combed fawn hair, blue eyes covered by a pair of circular smartglasses. Eric's attire consists of a black shirt under a grey uniform jacket.

Height 5'10"
Age 37
Weight 165lb
Eyes Blue
Blood B-

Events of Hidden Missions

Meeting Eric

After arresting A.S.I. senior agent Nick Daniels for the murder of private investigating consultant Phillip Daley, A.S.I. Director Jonathan Fellowes asked for the player's help to seek for a suitable replacement for Daniels.

Upon recovering the files that contained A.S.I. agents' profiles, profiler Cecile Benoit had determined that the perfect replacement of Agent Daniels was field agent Eric Wayne. Director Fellowes and the player then approached Agent Wayne to inform him of his recent promotion.

During the conclusion, the team welcomed Agent Wayne, looking forward to working with him. After being briefed about the mysterious activities of neurological research group Cerebrum Clinics, Director Fellowes assigned the team to investigate the research group further in their facility in Greenstone National Reserve.

Case Appearances

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