Senior Agent Ethan Cruz is a main character appearing in Season 10 of criminal case, serving as a partner for the player throughout the season as the agent handler, as well as Senior Agent of the A.S.I.


Cruz is the 39-year old senior agent and agent handler of Acropolis Special Intelligence, who is of Hispanic descent. He has messy brown hair, blue eyes covered by a pair of black square smart-glasses, and a five o' clock shadow, he also wears an earpiece in his right ear. Cruz's attire consists of a dark blue shirt under a grey uniform jacket. Additionally, Cruz wears a silver spy watch on his right wrist.

Height 5'7"
Age 39
Weight 165lb
Eyes Blue
Blood B-

Events of Hidden Missions

Meeting Cruz

Agent Cruz meets the player for the first time in Acropolis Airport as he was given the task to meet and welcome the player into the city, as well as introducing them to the Acropolis Special Intelligence team. The player and Agent Cruz were immediately assigned to an investigation when they were approached by air marshal Scott Emery to report the murder of Claudine Lewis.

Case Appearances


Agent Cruz is a playable partner in the game, bearing only one hint for the player. However, he is only playable when he appears as the main investigative partner for the player in the case.

Author's Notes

  • I changed his name from Eric Wayne to Ethan Cruz because I wanted to make a Mission Impossible reference. Cruz's name is a play on Ethan Hunt, the main protagonist of the Mission Impossible series, and Tom Cruise, the actor playing Hunt.
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