Errol Mitanio
CCProfilePic ErrolMitanioPrototype001
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth September 9
Nationality Spanish - American
Profession Pirate
Appearance(s) Starting New Recruit
Errol Mitanio is suspected of a murder of Simon Scamwell (New Recruit), but was the killer of Cornelia Stolf (Stolf's Remains).


Errol Mitanio is a 43-year old man. He has brown eyes, brown hair and wears pirate outfit. He is known of being pirate recently came back (as stated on New Recruit's Additional Investigation). Errol's blood type is B-, and weighs 243lbs.

Role in Case(s)

New Recruit

Errol Mitanio is suspected of a murder of Simon Scamwell because of Simon's tattoo containing Errol's face on it. Though, he stated that he recently came back from the other lands after a good ol' days of fighting other pirates, and he managed to survive from the onslaught. Errol was found innocent as Thomas Carlton is jailed instead. In Additional Investigation, he came to get a better sword from Lorelei Cortonith, one of the famous blacksmiths in Tripea Bay.

Stolf's Remains

Errol is suspected of a murder again since he is one of the two recent customers at the B&S Inn (along with Ross Hikera). Though he managed to rob the chest, he is found to be the killer of Cornelia Stolf. Errol's presence forced to reveal the mysterious woman's true identity-- as Lilith Darklust, shocking the two co-owners as they witnessed her. Errol admitted that he stole the chest, and he admitted that he killed Cornelia Stolf so that he could get the chest for his own, but he didn't realized that it is actually owned by Lilith. Errol faces life in jail with a chance of parole in 25 years. Errol is immediately ganged-up with the police ambushing against him. To prevent Lilith enraging, he is brought to jail before Lilith harms anybody and placing the chest at the right place. Thus, Lilith vanished.

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