Ernesto Vega
Biographical information
Full name Ernesto Vega
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1961
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Scientist
Affiliation(s) The Venom
Game information
First appeared Case #49 Murder By Lakeside
Ernesto Vega was the suspect in the murder investigation of geologist Philip Hoover in Murder By Lakeside (Case #49 of Laroy Bay) and scientist Bruce Green in Set your Heart Ablaze (Case #53 of Laroy Bay).He also made minor appearence in Brought to Light (Case #51 of Laroy Bay)


Ernesto is a 57-year-old scientist. He has gray balding hair and a rash on his right cheek. He wears a pale yellow shirt with a red patterned tie under a white lab coat. Furthermore, he donns an ID badge on his left lapel and carried his black-rimmed glasses in the right breast pocket of his lab coat.

Age 57
Height 5'6''
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Black
Blood Type AB-

Murder By Lakeside

Ernesto became a suspect after team found out that he worked with Philip Hoover on one big project.Ernesto said that Philip was good friend of his and that he would never harm him.

Ernesto was spoken to again after team found message to The Venom's leader where he asked them to fire Philip.He said that Philip was a jerk who was planning to take his place because he was younger and smarter.When team asked him who is the leader,he said that it's not that important and that he can't tell them.

Ernesto was found innocent after team arrested Dr. Greg Gibbs for murder.

In AI,team asked scientist Ernesto Vega about illegal work at The Venom's cave,but Ernesto said that Greg is lying and that none of this is true.Team investigated their cave,but didn't found any babies,however they still decided to keep an eye on them.

Set your Heart Ablaze

Ernesto was interrogated after team found his coat on crime scene.He said that he was going home and stopped at gas station for an coffee.Team put him in custody because Ernesto tried to kill Diane in earlier investigation.

Ernesto was spoken to again after team found his Bruce'swallet in Ernesto's briefcase.He said that Bruce was a thief and wanted to frame Ernesto for stealing so that he could take his place in The Venom.

Ernesto was found innocent after team arrested Giovanni Costa for murder.

In AI,team arrested Erneso because he was responsible for experimenting on babies and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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