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Endless Battle
Season 2
City Washington D.C
Case Number 6
Date of Release 1/29/21
Preceded by Succeeded by
Falling With Style ???

Endless BAttle is the 6th case of Accross America (AN) and the 66th case overall. It is the final one to take place in the New England district


After learning that the atom gun is in Jerome's hands in Washington D.C, the team heads over to the U.S capitol, where they find the city in flames, alongside a detection of a massive burst of energy. They then found that the energy was from a small mansion on the outskirts.

In this mansion, they discovered the body of Jerome Harvard, who's body was blown into 8 pieces. The team knew they needed to find the culprit behind this case ASAP, and added Georgia Professor Abraham Everett to the suspect list. Afterwards, the team then learned that Jerome had a secret base underneath the Washington Monument, there, the team added wanderer Norman Jeffrys and Office Worker Ava-Maria Thompson to the suspect list.

After all of this, the team detected a second burst of powerful energy, and the team rushed to the scene, where they discovered a cave full of crystals full of energy, and a machine that destroyed many of them. Upon investigation, the team added college student Jonah Rex, Businesswoman Karimi Sahara, and lawyer Maki Nobunaga to the suspect list.

Afterwards the team investigated the lab again, and learned that Norman had a second mission on top of finding the brother of the founder of Solis, he was sent here to also try and destroy Jerome's plans, but when he got to D.C, Jerome alread had the Atom gun, so Norman felt like he had to destroy Jerome, and when he was preparing to do that, the team told him that Jerome was dead, the team also spoke to Professor Everett, who said that Jerome had begun to do some things he couldn't condone, such as looking for a way to live forever. He felt like Jerome was doing things humans weren't meant to do.

After that, the team learned that Jonah had snuck into the crystal cave...


Abraham Everett


Height 6'1
Age 31
Weight 172bs
Eyes Black
Blood Type AB+

Norman Jeffrys


Height 6'4
Age 42
Weight 2l0bs
Eyes Black
Blood Type O+

Ava-Maria Thompson

"Office Worker"

Height 5'8
Age 21
Weight 134bs
Eyes Green
Blood Type B-

Jonah Rex

"College Student"

Height 6'1
Age 28
Weight 179bs
Eyes Black
Blood Type A-

Karimi Sahara


Height 5'6
Age 21
Weight 153lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type AB-

Maki Nobunaga


Height 5'7
Age 20
Weight 130bs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A-



Chapter 1

  • Investigate Mansion (Results: Torn photo, ripped body, blueprints)
  • Examine: Torn Photo (Results: New Suspect: Abraham Everett)
  • Question Abraham Everett about the murder (Results: New Crime Scene: Secret lab)
  • Investigate Secret Lab (Results: Keycard, Pen)
  • Examine; Pen (Results: Gray hair)
  • Examine keycard (Results; New Suspect: Ava-Maria Thompson)
  • Question Ava-Maria Thompson about the key card
  • Analyze: Gray hair (New Suspect; Norman Jeffrys)
  • Question Norman Jeffrys about being in the lab
  • Analyze blueprints: The killer drinks coffee
  • Analyze body parts: The killer takes antidepressants

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

A New Beginning 6/6

Killer's Profile

The Killer drinks coffee

The Killer takes antidepressants

The killer...

The Killer...

The killer...