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End of the Krause Family
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Krause Street
Case # 70
Initial release date 06. VIII 2020.
Partner(s) Leonidas Lupo (All Chapters)
Mia Diaz (Reign of Terror 5)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Far Away from Living For The Higher Goal
(in Starwood)

End of the Krause Family is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 162nd case of the game and the 70th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Krause Street, a district of Fario and it's the final case of the district.


Shortly after the team finally got the incriminating evidences black on white, the team was ready to go and finally arrest Solomon but then the guards crossed their road and with the evil smirk said that King Solomon order the arrest and a trial for treason. Soon after the team found themselves in the locked room with just a tiny window. Everyone tried to think about the way to escape but then a flashing blink showed outside on what Esmeralda said that someone used her anti-neohuman gun, saying that the murder probably happened. In that point a guard appeared and pulled out the killer and Leonidas and pointed towards the exit. They followed and soon after exited the mansion where they then noticed a body of Solomon himself. Guard then said that they have 24 hours to solve this murder or everyone will be executed.

The team sent the body to the morgue as they started the investigation by quickly discovering that Francisco Krause was the last person to interact with Solomon. With their progressive investigation the team soon discovered that a stripper Diana Diaz was following Solomon after she gave documents to the team but also that Morty Vercetti was invited to the mansion. After Matilda finished the autopsy she said that the victim dies from the high energy blast and that Esmeralda confirmed that is in fact her gun that killed Solomon but that the victim and the killer fight had a fight and how she founds the traces of the fresh tobacco o the victim's clothing and how the victim only smoke commercial cigarettes she concluded that the killer crafts cigarette's for themselves.

Back outside, the team tried to recap the case and see what they should do next they got a call from Abbi, saying that she receives a call saying that the bomb is placed in the orphanage. After hearing the news the team rushed to the orphanage and quickly started to search for a bomb, eventually finding it. With the luck the team defused the bomb and exterminated it, discovering that Will Krause planted it here for the revenge because of his family member's death. Disgusted to hear that with nothing to stop them now the team arrested Will and put him in the custody for the later trial. The team then continued to investigate eventually discovering reasons to suspect a delinquent Christopher Romero and another Krause member Veronica Krause. The team soon discovered that Morty stalked the victim in attempts to somehow get to him but also that Francisco was heavily blackmailed by the victim to be evil or he will be kicked out of the house before discovering that Diana attempted to assassin the victim.

Mid-investigating, the team was reading the reports as Abbi told the team that Will has something to confess. Will then said how after all those things he did for Solomon he started to realize how Solomon is not good as he taught and that all this what his family do is bad and how he a bit felt sorry. The team then discovered that the victim had arguments with Veronica and told her how she needs to stop hanging out with the police before discovering that Solomon and Christopher had a fight.

With all evidence the team ready to arrest Veronica. As the team approached her for the arrest them saw her trying to find a way out. Leonidas quickly stopped er and asked why she killed Solomon on what she with a panicking voice that there is no time for that and that guards might come every second. Leonidas then tried to calm her down, letting her to explain the motive where she said how she needed to do it, how her moral learning and concerns about her family and rest of the people made her to kill him and free this city an the family of his tyranny. She said how for generations the family was toxified by the evil, experiments in attempts o make new human generations, the mindless slaves ready to obey everything with the help of the secret organization called LUMIA in hope to once achieve the dream of the scientist who worked for the Third Reich but that Solomon probably was the worse of all and that he forced entire family to follow the sick rules in the games but also that he became the successful with the sick experiments and that she couldn't let that to be. She then explain how after all the experiments everything became ready and he wanted to turn his family into those new human generation but since no one wanted to do then he wanted to do it on force. She then shuddered, saying how the mansion has a secret room with a big TV screen where Solomon would've brainwash the family into thinking that all this is good, saying how he already did that with Cadence Krause and how he planned to have hr and Francisco next since by his definition they were weak links but after seeing what the room made from Cadence she started to distance, making a deal with the police and tried her best to find way to take him down from the inside but after he arrested the team and confiscated the weapon she knew she would need to strike, breaking into Solomon's lair and finding the gun before using it on him. The team was astonished by her bravery but still needed to arrest her. After she was handcuffed the team made their way to the trial where Ferdinand did a double trial, sentencing Will to 50 years in jail while giving 35 to Veronica.

Post trial, the team had two tasks in front of them: Finding what is going on with the mysterious brainwashing room and returning Otto Kessel to the position of the mayor. The team returned to prison facility to speak to Veronica again about the brainwashing on what she said that through years her family built some strange machines, recording weird videos i the purpose of brainwashing but that everything stopped with Solomon's "death" which was only a diversion for the program to run in the background and for LUMIA to reorganize after Illuminated Minds and while the player would've fight LEGION in Europe before saying that for a long time Stella Gibbs would've bee in the mansion speaking to Will about some orphanages. Thinking that it could've been the one Will wanted to blew up the team went there only to diver a deeply dug box with the triple insignia of Illuminated Minds, LUMIA and LEGION with the dozen of recording tapes and USBs inside. that they sent to Arif who soon discovered that many of the content was erased and destroyed but that there is one recording left of the tape that showed Will and Stella talking about how the brainwashing operation will take time to be ready but that once is started everyone needs to be sure that pre-steps such as drug production, experiments and testings into deep Woodlands but as well how puppet enforcers need to be posted in selected parts of districts. Knowing that Stella is not among the living the team visited Will in hope that he will confess. Will laughed a bit before saying how he and Stella did had the plan and that plan was to make movie about how everything of this is good and play it in front of kids who will swallow everything like a sponge and be new pillar of a new world but that Nerocius later said how effecting only kids would be a long process but if they make a movie stronger they would be able to hypnotize the audience and brainwash them faster which could be possible to do on some large events. Will then said how he for a long time supported the plan and worked on it in the rooms that are now known as trial rooms. After the team searched the place up they discovered a suitcase full of recording devices, microphones a strange tape that the team sent back to the lab. After some analyzes, Arif said that the tape was list of names and operations such as productions of Zemiq drugs in university, Roberto's human ground-stone experiments, the puppet enforcement agency in Winter Fields but as well supernatural experiments on human in Woodlands, all nice covered and packaged with the reading on the end that is ready and with a signature from Morty. Morty explained how he worked hard to be able join LUMIA and that he won't let the police to stop his dream He said how he did lots of things to scare the team away and how he was following thm since the very beginning. He then said how he is proud of scaring Celine Sage to shoot the innocent civil from Mia's past and make the department more disturbed before saying how Nerocius always valued his actions and said how h will earn his spot in the organization but after the movie become grand premiered on Starwood Film Awards. Realizing he said too much he three a smoke bomb and flee the scene. Leonidas wanted to go after him but the player stopped him, saying that they have much important things now.

In the meantime, Mia an the player spoke to Diana about returning Otto Kessel to the position of the mayor where she said that she could use her connection to do a quick change in the directories but that they will also need to get the papers from Solomon's archives where he was signed the ultimate ruler. the team decided to search his mansion and in the yard of the mention the team was able to discover a hidden safe in the brick wall. After unlocking it the team found all papers they needed and only thing left was for everything to be fixed. After the hours of exchanging the documents and working in the background the city hall staff was finally returned to normal and the team met with Otto once again who thanked them for saving the city of the rules of terror but that things are not seemingly bright now when LUMIA losing the important layers but they need to fight for the better.

Upon returning to the station the team informed Chief Fillipovich about everything and Mrty's slippery that LUMIA plans to mass hypnotize and brainwash people into their followers and supports of the new order and the human-supernatural experiments who will cause much hard to everyone. He said how they can't allow this to happen and that their next destination is the house of fame and movies - Starwood where they will work hard to find the movie before the premiere but also have eyes open since LUMIA will probably look for the revenge.



  • Solomon Krause (Found dead in his yard)

Murder Weapon

  • Antineohuman Gun


  • Veronica Krause


Killer's Profile

  • The Killer eats tomato soup.
  • The Killer crafts cigarettes.
  • The Killer speaks Spanish.
  • The Killer has blond hair.
  • The Killer has green eyes.

Crime Scenes

Solomon's Yard Falling Tree Solomon's Yard Bonus
Trial Room Benches Trial Room Bonus
Orphanage Bedroom Orphanage Bonus


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