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Evan: Let's go, <Name>! I finally got the time to see that upholsterer to repair my sofa. Can you come with me?

Joseph: Welcome! Choose what you like, feel free to suggest-
Evan: I got the idea. I'm looking for something... like vintage for a small sofa.
Joseph: Look at those leathers. They're nice, right? Tell me if you see something interesting.
Evan: Help me decide, <Name>. Everything's the same for me.

Chapter 1

Investigate Upholstering workshop
Evan: Blood? No, it can't be another murder! I wanted my sofa repaired.
Evan: Excuse me, Mr... upholsterer. We're taking this seat with us. It's a lead in a murder case.
Joseph: A murder? Well, if you say so...

Analyze Seat
Sabrina: Not only blood's what I found in the seat, but a dead man inside! Your killer cut the fabric and stuffed the man in it.
Sabrina: But they repaired it so that no-one would notice him.
Sabrina: Lindsey wanted to take part in the case, and ran the face through the database. Your victim's Uriel Valster.
Evan: So Uriel's killer has sewing skills. Pretty rad!
Evan: <Name>, we must give the body to Daniel for autopsy. And we could talk to the upholsterer by the way.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Uriel's killer squeezed and pushed his nose violently. One of the bones in his face got broken and impacted his brain, which killed him instantly.
Daniel: I have no idea what the weapon could be, but it's surely made of metal, as I found tetanus.
Daniel: I found some beer on Uriel. He'd drunk some, but it wasn't the same quality. Your killer drinks beer!

Ask the upholsterer about the murder
Evan: Did you know a man called Uriel Valster?
Joseph: Yes. He's dating my girlfriend.
Evan: We wouldn't have expected to get you talking so soon, but it's up to you. Who's your girlfriend?
Joseph: Oh, she's Yazmin Lucas. She's an adorable woman!
Evan: Well, now you've talked, we'll tell you Uriel's dead.
Joseph: At last! Now my love will be available just for me.

Talk to Yazmin about the victim
Yazmin: Boyfriend? That old loonie isn't anything to me! He stalks me and thinks I love him.
Evan: And was Uriel Valster your boyfriend?
Yazmin: He wasn't, he IS. And I love him.
Yazmin: Wait... do you mean... is he? Is he dead?
Evan: Yes, but we need you to get info. How did you meet "that old loonie".
Yazmin: One of my friends is his client, Andrew Bolstein.

See if Andrew Bolstein knew the victim
Evan: You are Yazmin Lucas's friend, aren't you? Did you know her boyfriend, Uriel Valster?
Andrew: No, I don't know anything about her. And leave me alone!

Evan: That man is weird! I refuse to believe him, he did know Uriel!
Lindsey: <Name>, I saw the expedients of this case. You added Yazmin Lucas and Andrew Bolstein, right?
Evan: Yes, they're suspects. Why?
Lindsey: Because the seat where Uriel was found belongs to a plane, the BHX-419.
Lindsey: And as Yazmin works as a flight attendant, and Andrew is a pilot... I thought you should know it.
Evan: Lindsey, you're a genius, and I have an idea! We should talk to both, and investigate the airport.

Ask Yazmin about her job
Evan: Ms Lucas, you forgot to tell us you're a flight attendant. And I must let you know that Uriel was stuffed in a plane seat.
Yazmin: I thought you would ask about the ghost plane!
Evan: What ghost plane?
Yazmin: Didn't you hear the news? A plane disappeared, it's not in the airport, it's not anywhere. No-one can find the BHX-419.
Evan: Yazmin, the seat where Uriel was found, belongs to the ghost plane. Anything to say?
Yazmin: Finding the ghost plane might mean finding my boyfriend's killer!

Interrogate Andrew about the plane seat
Evan: We know you're an aircraft pilot, and we found Uriel in a plane seat.
Andrew: I don't want to talk about Uriel, so I'll tell you what I know about seats.
Andrew: I noticed one of the seats was in poor conditions, and I take the time to do everything I can in planes, because I love my job.
Andrew: I would've repaired it myself with needle and thread, but I was busy so I felt it to an upholsterer.
Evan: Upholsterer? This is obviously not a coincidence, you piloted Uriel's plane!

Investigate Working posts
Evan: That computer should be a lead. We'll give it to Lindsey, and we'll know who sat in that seat.
Evan: And someone left some flowers here. A note, there must be a note here...

Analyze Computer
Lindsey: Getting into that computer was a piece of cake. I can even know what happened with the airport workers last night! But this is job, so I looked for info about the BHX-419.
Lindsey: I tried to see who bought the seat, with a serial I found on it. And nobody bought that ticket.
Lindsey: But the seat next to it was occupied during last flight, and Barbara Thacks was there!
Evan: Barbara Thacks? But she isn't even in this city! <Name>, we need to talk to her!

Quiz Barbara Thacks about flying next to the seat where Uriel was
Evan: We thought you wouldn't bother us again, but here you are. Did you miss burglaries in this city?
Barbara: What's wrong with you? I only came to visit my family.
Evan: You might not have come here to steal, but we believe you could be the culprit for Uriel Valster's murder.
Barbara: Name doesn't ring any bell, strike any chord, or what you want. Now leave me in peace.

Examine Bunch of flowers
Evan: Didn't I tell you? Here's a note which says "Yazmin, you're the lantern which enlightens my path".
Evan: A misterious lover, who doesn't even sign. We should give this to Lindsey and see who wrote it.

Analyze Note
Lindsey: I cross-checked the handwriting in the note with the airport workers database. And this secret admirer is Andrew Bolstein!
Lindsey: But that's not all. I found some stains which were confirmed by Sabrina to be beer.

Chapter 2

Gino: <Name>, I've got two things to tell you.
Evan: They're better worth it, Gino. What do you have to say?
Gino: First, I heard about this new case. And I remembered from that case in the Countryside that Barbara Thacks drinks beer.
Evan: You're right! And what's the other thing?
Gino: Some neighbours sued Joseph Gand for disturbing noises. He's the upholsterer, remember?
Evan: Thanks for that, we'll check the place now.

Evan: That man won't open the door, we'll have to give it a kick. Be ready!
Evan: OH MAN!! That-that-that is...
Evan: The ghost plane! It's here, the BHX-419 is here!
Evan (phone): Gino, bring many hooks and ropes, we have to move a plane!

Investigate Plane interior
(Before investigating)

Gino: I'm glad that big metal door is really big! The twenty of us couldn't have got that thing out!
Evan: How do you think someone could have put it inside with a small door?
Evan: Let's open this door, <Name>. The plane must have many things in it.

(After investigating)

Evan: That's the plane license, <Name>! This tells us who produced it, and maybe the corpse was hidden in the factory.
Evan: Anyhoo, it's a bit faded. Could you decipher what it says, and meanwhile take a look at this plastic pieces?
Evan: Look! See who's awake, the upholsterer.

Examine License
Evan: <Name>, this is amazing. Some day I'll take your classes.
Evan: So the company is called Neilplanes and this paper also says the adress. We'll go to that factory, <Name>.

Investigate Factory
Evan: Whoever this laptop belongs to, we're keeping it. Once you've unlocked it, we'll access to important information.
Mark: That laptop belongs to Mr Valster, what are you doing?

Examine Laptop
Evan: Excellent work! Now, let's handle it over to Lindsey, he'll inform us about Uriel's laptop.

Analyze Laptop
Lindsey: This laptop belonged to your victim, Uriel Valster. He used it mainly for work, but I could hack into his e-mail account.
Lindsey: I found thousands of threatens to Uriel. I couldn't trace back to the writer, but those mails were sent from the airport.
Lindsey: More or less, Uriel had to stop seeing Yazmin. Otherwise, he'd be dead.
Evan: I stake the one blackmailing him was Andrew Bolstein!

Talk to the pilot about his death threats to the victim
Evan: Why were you threatening Uriel, Mr Bolstein? Were you in love with Yazmin?
Andrew: How many times do I have to say it? I-don't-want-to-talk-ab-
Evan: STOP IT! Tell us, or you're in jail!
Andrew: NO! I don't love Yazmin, I was in love with Uriel. I was jealous of them.
Andrew: But I would never hurt him. I loved him.
Evan: And what about those flowers and the love note to Yazmin?
Andrew: She asked to me write it, because Uriel wasn't paying attention to her any longer. She wanted him to get jealous.

Talk to the plane builder about the victim
Mark: Mr Valster is my employee. And now you mention him, he didn't show up for work today.
Evan: Uriel is dead, Mr Neil. He was found into one of your planes' seats.
Mark: I doubt some of the other employees could've done that. Their heads are as empty as Uriel's was.
Mark: That dude couldn't even do one thing right! I always had to follow him and mend his mistakes. I would repair the windows, sew the seats...
Evan: It looks like you really liked him!
Mark: I'm free of that scum now. At least I won't fire him!

Examine Plastic pieces
Evan: So what we found is a poker coin. What's one of these doing in a plane?
Evan: We should examine it, see if it has any lead.

Examine Poker coin
Evan: This looks like blood, but... Well, let Sabrina see what it is.

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: What you found in the poker coin is the victim's blood!
Sabrina: You might think Uriel had it when he died, but I found traces of the beer there was in the body. This belongs to the killer!
Evan: So our killer plays poker! We'll let Gino take care of that part.

Question Joseph about the plane
Evan: Joseph, cut the cr*p! You stalk Yazmin, she doesn't love you, and we both know it. But the plane is in your workshop! How would it happen?
Joseph: I'm sure she loves me! I invite her to have a beer in the airport bar every week, and she says no, but I can see she'd love the idea.
Joseph: I've just sewn the jacket she-
Evan: The plane, Joseph!
Joseph: I don't care about that plane, don't even know why it was here.

Evan: So Joseph can sew and drinks beer. Just like our killer!
Evan: I get the feeling Yazmin knows more about the ghost plane. Let's tell her we found it.

Inform Yazmin about the plane
Evan: Ms Lucas, we found the plane. Now we need you to tell us what you know.
Yazmin: That plane is new! It was used just once. I flew in that one and Andrew was the pilot.
Evan: Did you notice anything strange during the flight?
Yazmin: No. Most of the passengers were sleeping. I only sewed a pillow.

Evan: So everyone was taking a nap. What if Barbara seized the day and killed that passenger?

Ask Barbara Thacks about the flight
Barbara: How should I say it? I didn't kill him!
Evan: Do you often take naps?
Barbara: No. Do you care about it? I visit my family, is that a crime?

Chapter 3

Lindsey: <Name>, I checked one thing on that computer you'd found, and Uriel Valster didn't travel. He didn't buy a ticket.
Evan: So he was stuffed in the seat before, or after the flight, but not inside the plane!
Evan: And we didn't find the murder weapon. Why don't we go back to the factory?

Investigate Worker's seat
Evan: Why don't we take a look at this cellphone? Well, if you get to unlock it.
Evan: And also this toolbox may contain important things. Let's search.

Examine Cellphone
Evan: Wonderful! Now let's send this to Lindsey and see what Uriel hid. I hope there aren't more threats.

Analyze Cellphone
Lindsey: That cellphone only had SMS's. And many of them were to Yazmin Lucas.
Lindsey: In conclussion, Yazmin kept his tablet at the airport.
Evan: <Name>, we're off to look for that tablet.

Investigate Arrivals station
Evan: <Name>, this thing is really smashed! It won't work, but we must restore it so that Lindsey can analyze it.

Examine Smashed tablet
Evan: Good! It looks new. Now let's send it to the lab.
Evan: Hey, that's Gino over there!
Gino: <Rank> <Name>, I've got the info you requested.
Gino: Joseph Gand bought a poker kit last week in a supermarket.
Gino: Andrew Bolstein is the president of the poker club in the airport.
Gino: And Mark Neil was seen playing poker in a casino a few days ago. A croupier claims he stole coins!

Analyze Smashed tablet
Lindsey: The tablet was badly damaged itself, but the memory still works perfectly.
Lindsey: The last thing it did was take a photo of someone who wasn't Uriel. I don't know who that person is, but the photo must be of your killer's.
Lindsey: And I saw that they have grey eyes!

Examine Toolbox
Evan: This is a wrench with blood! I'm sure this thing squeezed Uriel's nose.
Evan: We'll examine it for clues, and ask Mark Neil why it's here.

Examine Wrench
Evan: These things are bloody fibers! Let's give them to Sabrina and see if it's useful.

Analyze Bloody fibers
Sabrina: The fibers you found on the wrench belong to your killer!
Sabrina: And it's a special type of wool which comes from Arizona's sheep. So I investigated about Arizona and about sheep.
Sabrina: Those sheep are used by a company that produces scarves.
Evan: Then our killer is wearing a scarf!

Ask Mark Neil about the murder weapon
Mark: Is the murder weapon in my factory? Can I see it?
Evan: No. It's a police lead.
Evan: Lately you look like you killed Uriel. And you didn't get along.
Mark: He was worthless, but we got on well, we used to have a beer together after work.

Evan: <Name>, now we can arrest that plane killer.

Arrest killer
Evan: Mr Neil, you're under arrest for the murder of Uriel Valster and leads substraction during a police investigation.
Mark: I didn't want to kill him, I just wanted to hit him in the face!
Evan: So you squeezed his nose by mistake?
Mark: We were arguing, he did everything wrong. I was angry and put the wrench to his face. I pushed and...
Mark: ...realized he was dead. So I decided to hide him in the plane he was building. When it was finished, I forgot about it.
Mark: But I felt contrition and went to look for the plane. I found his tablet, and dropped it when I saw the flash.
Mark: Whatever. I looked for the seat, but it wasn't there. I asked the pilot what he'd done with it.
Mark: And I left the plane in the workshop so that it'd look like the upholsterer was the killer.
Evan: How did you manage to make a plane fit in a workshop?
Mark: It's easier done than said. I quickly disarmed it a bit and rebuilt it inside.
Evan: You drove a plane in the street. How didn't you get seen? What were you thinking of?

Esteban Gonzalez: Would the defense like to say anything before the sentence?
Mark: What I did wasn't THAT bad.
Esteban Gonzalez: You killed a man! And you were driving aircraft in a small neighborhood. It could've been a catastrophe!
Esteban Gonzalez: Mark Neil, you're sentenced to 70 years in jail with no chance for parole.
Mark: 70 years, life in jail... I'll be dead anyway! What's the point of it?

Evan: I can't bear the thought that if Mark had left the plane in the factory, we would've never found it. And we would've never found him!
Evan: And I cannot believe Andrew hadn't talked to us about Mark!
Evan: Oh, and how did Joseph manage to not notice a man breaking in his place and building a plane there?
Evan: I think I'll not travel by plane again in a few years. I'd think there's a dead man below me!

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: So you've arrested that killer! I'm sorry I couldn't even talk to you during the investigation.
Alan Smith: Barbara Thacks said she was looking for you. Go and see what she needs.
Alan Smith: And visit Ms Lucas too. She loved a man who died, and she can't be fine.
Evan: What about Andrew? He also loved Uriel.
Alan Smith: I'd rather leave him alone. He might cause more problems than what I'd like.

Evan: D'ya remember how started it all? I was looking for Joseph to repair my sofa.
Evan: Why don't I do it once and for all?

Ask Barbara Thacks what she wants
Barbara: Sorry if I'm bothering you but when I flew here, my passport got lost in the airport.
Evan: Are you sure? Why would someone keep it?
Barbara: I remember an employee asked for my belongings. Then I didn't see it again.
Evan: We'll look for it. You can go home and we'll tell you when we find it.

Investigate Arrivals station
Evan: Maybe people's belongings are here. We'll check if the passport is inside this.

Examine Plastic box
Evan: This IS a passport! I can't believe it was left here. But...
Evan: Barbara was a criminal. What if this passport is a false one?

Analyze Passport
Lindsey: This passport is legit, boys. Don't worry, it's not false.
Lindsey: But, one of the pages is missing. Didn't you find it?
Evan: No. <Name>, we ought to return and look for that page.

Investigate Arrivals station
Evan: This is the page, but it's all torn up! We can't let her have her passport like this.

Examine Torn page
Evan: I'm sure Barbara won't notice a thing, <Name>. Let's give it back to her.

Give her passport to Barbara Thacks
Evan: We found it, Barbara! You can go travelling again now.
Barbara: Thanks. I thought I'd never come back to my new home again.
Barbara: And you know what? I'm staying in this city! But I won't cause troubles again.
Evan: Great.

Help Yazmin Lucas
Yazmin: Thank you, <Name>, but I'm alright. I'm a mature woman and I have to face these problems.
Yazmin: It's only that I keep wondering about a surprise Uriel was going to give me.
Evan: Don't worry. <Rank> <Name> and I will take a look at his workplace. He surely left something there.

Investigate Worker's seat
Evan: This must be Uriel's bag. Let's look inside.

Examine Bag
Evan: Look at this notebook, <Name>! Uriel must have written many things here.
Evan: But he took one page out. We should use your powder kit to reveal what was here.

Examine Notebook
Evan: "Yazmin, you won't believe it! I'm building the plane you'll be in next week. And I hid a surprise for you there. Uriel."
Evan: Both the license and the poker coin belonged to Mark. Is there something we were missing?

Investigate Plane interior
Evan: Yay, we found it! The box of chocolates was here all the time and we hadn't seen it.
Evan: Let's give this to Yazmin.

Give the chocolates to Yazmin
Evan: The surprise Uriel had for you was a box of chocolates in the ghost plane.
Yazmin: Really? How weet! I'd have loved to taste them.
Evan: You'll do, in fact. We found the box. Here you are.
Yazmin: Thanks a lot! I keep this from the passenger's food. Why don't you take it?

See what Joseph can offer to you
Evan: Mr Gand, hello again! I'd like to get that leather over there for my sofa.
Joseph: Hmph... That one's for exposition. But you can look around and choose anything.
Evan: Thank you! C'mon, <Name>. You've got taste for these things.

Investigate Upholstering workshop
Evan: This piece of leather looks really nice. Or these pieces of leather I'd say...
Evan: Could you restore it quickly?

Examine Torn leather
Evan: You rock, <Name>! This leather is absolutely restored.
Evan: Do you think we should analyze it? Maybe it's illegal.
Evan: See you, Joseph! We'll come later!
Joseph: I'll be waiting for you.

Analyze Leather
Sabrina: This leather is one of the best in the world. If you want to buy this, Evan, it'll be worth two of your salaries.
Evan: It's a shame. I really liked that one.
Evan: Let's return there anyway. I'll buy something, I swear.

Buy another piece of fabric from Joseph
Evan: We're back, Joseph! We won't choose this leather, we'll take that one!
Joseph: Why were you holding it? Did you take it with you?
Evan: No. I'll bring you my sofa tomorrow, and you'll take care of the rest.
Joseph: Alright, I'll give this thing made of leather. It's what I can give you.