Emilio De Santis
Biographical information
Full name Emilio De Santis
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1992
Nationality Italian-American
Affiliation(s) Gillenati
Game information
First appearance Case #41 Lights Out
Emilio De Santis was a suspect in the murder investigation of electrician Tristan Soders in Lights Out (Case #41 of Laroy Bay)


Emilio is 26-year-old actor dressed up in costume for his new movie.He has short black hair and green eyes.He wears skeleton costume and skeleton makeup.

Age 26
Height 5'6''
Weight 176lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type AB+

Lights Out

Emilio became a suspect after team found autograph he wrote to the victim.He said that the victim was his fan so he took a picture with him.

Emilio was spoken to again after team found out that he is a member of Gillenati.Emilio said that he was a member since he was 15 and that Gillenati is good organization and that New Laroy Bay Order was just a phrase.

Emilio was found innocent after team arrested Bethany Lovelace for a murder.

In AI,profiler Giulietta Gimondi managed to identify the person who sacrifised a cat on the video.That person was actor Emilio De Santis and he was immediatly arrested for his involovment with the cult and animal abuse.

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