Emerald Heights
Type City
Country Flag of United States United States of America
Inhabitants Culturally diverse citizens
Population 40,000+
Primary LEA Emerald Heights Police Department
Key figures Olivia Campbell (Chief of Police)
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (s1)

Emerald Heights is a city used as the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case.

Located in the United States of America, Emerald Heights is a modern metropolitan city varying from a breathtaking district of golf courses and famous places to a polluted town outskirts sector, just to name a few. There are eight districts and fifty six cases in all.

The Emerald Heights Police Department (EHPD) is the law enforcement agency that serves the city of Emerald Heights.


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The city of Emerald Heights features a total of eight different districts, each with unique scenery and composition.

Steam Circle

As the first district of the city, the player begins their career in the department in the industrial and technological region of the city, home to laboured workers and the brightest inventors.

Gallagher University

As the second district of the city, the university are the eyes set on tomorrow and the haven of college students all looking for their future.

Pristine Prairies

As the third district of the city, this prairie region is where most of the farming economy lay as well the multiple ranches and rodeos.

Idylleae Isle

As the fourth district of the city, the idyllic isle is the home to a series of towns encrusted by a series of myths and tales.

Mini Italy

As the fifth district of the city, the Italian region, home to about eleven hundred people of Italian descent or relation, contains a bundle of Italian heritage.

Arctic Alps

As the sixth district of the city, the mountainous region of Emerald Heights has snow capped peaks, villages of everlasting memories, frozen forests and winter sport locations.

Somber Slopes

As the seventh district of the city, the lonely isolated foothills of the Arctic Alps holds abandoned towns and little ranches and farms across the mass of tragic crime that took place.

Neon Paradise

As the eighth and final district of the city, this district is the home to sunny beaches, partying nightclubs, high stakes gambling casinos and the city's most dangerous secret that the player would ever face.

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