Elycia Kigbourne
Full name Elycia Lancaster Kigbourne
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1976
Nationality British
Residence Fluxford, California
Profession Detective
Affiliation(s) Fluxford Special Agency
Appearance(s) Season 5: Fluxford
I, Elycia Lancaster Kigbourne, will NOT be touched by that disastrous, non-sanitized hand. Please, fetch yourself some soap and water.
—Elycia, after meeting the Player after the first investigation
Elycia Kigbourne is the killer of Russian diplomat Aleksei Prosperuch in A Plague On Our City (Case #5 of Fluxford). Prior, she was a main character of the fifth season of Criminal Case, acting as one of two detectives for the Fluxford Special Agency.


Elycia is a 42-year-old detective. She has brown hair, braided down her left side. She has green eyes, and wears a red sun hat. She also wears a purple dress along with shining pearl beads.

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